Best Electric Smokers for 2020

Electric smokers are often criticised for not being true smokers or being able to produce great barbecue. This isn't entirely true. Certainly a bit of authenticity is lost when the fire is replaced by an electric heating element, but electric smokers offer a convenience and precision that other types of smoker simply can't. Most electric smokers can be programmed and set to run either for a specific time or to a specific food temperature. This makes it possible to load it up, set the controls, and walk away. A good electric smoker will do this with attention, monitoring and consistently. For those who don't want to deal with charcoal, these are the appliances to consider. I've picked a wide range of electric smokers, some with network or bluetooth functionality, but the truth is, simplier is typically better and much of the technology that has come in recent years reduces the durability and function of these smokers in the long term.

Cookshack Amerique Electric Smoker
Cookshack Amerique Electric Smoker


Cookshack Amerique

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It might not be loaded with the most advanced technology but the Cookshack Amerique can be load with food, programmed to smoke it to the desired temperature and then hold it there until you are ready for it. Cookshack has been making electric smokers longer than anyone and this is their best residential unit. The construction quality is excellent and with a 50 pound capacity, it is more than enough for most anyone. While more expensive than most units, this is truly the best electric smoker on the market.

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Old Smokey

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The Old Smokey has also been around for a long time. This is the simplest, smallest and least expensive electric smoker on this list. It can generally be found for under $150USD. Basically, this is a smoker in a can. Everything is loaded through the top, the lid seals the chamber and it is simply turned on and left to run. You will have to check on foods and the smoke production can be a little light, but for the price it is hard to beat.

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Smokin Tex Pro 1500

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Smokin Tex is the main competitor to Cookshack. In fact, this is a great alternative to the Amerique above, but isn't an improvement on it. The capacity is similar, as is the operation and it generally sells for about a hundred less.

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Bradley 6-Rack Smart Smoker

Bradley has been in the electric smoker business a long time. They use a innovative smoke production system. Their proprietary wood 'bisquettes' are loaded in the side and can be replenished without opening the unit. This model features all the latest technology and its Bluetooth connection allows for monitoring of foods remotely. With this smoker, barbecue can be made without ever opening the door. The biggest drawback is that the wood disks have to be bought from them, making its operating cost a little higher, but smoke production is excellent.

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Masterbuilt Digital Smart Smoker

Like the Bradley above, this smoker has Bluetooth connectivity and all the latest technology. Masterbuilt has been making electric smokers for years and are one of the largest manufacturers. While quality control has been a problem, this unit is pretty well built and virtually foolproof when it comes to smoking foods. It also has a large window so you can see what you are smoking.

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Smoke Hollow Tronix 40-Inch

Like the Masterbuilt above, this electric smoker from Smoke Hollow has the technology and capacity that people seem to be looking for these days. Access to the water and wood pans in this unit is via a pair of drawers in the front, making it very convenient. Like other Bluetooth connected smokers, this unit comes with an app for your smart device. Buy Direct


Big Chief Front Load

For those looking for a smoker in the old European definition, this is the unit to look at. This is a mini smokehouse. It operates at low temperatures and is perfect for preserving foods, not necessarily cooking them. It was designed to smoke fish and produces good smoke quantity. When it comes to making barbecue, however, that will have to be finished off in the oven after being exposed to the smoke in this inexpensive and lightweight unit.

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Char-Broil Deluxe Digital

Not to be left out, Char-Broil also has a Bluetooth connected, computer controlled smoker. Unlike the Smoke Hollow above, the main door of this unit has to be opened to access the wood and water pans. This lets out all the accumulated heat and smoke, but this smoker is powerful enough to come back up to temperature quickly. The large glass door allows you to watch foods cook, but with the associated smart device app, you can comfortably watch temperatures from anywhere.

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