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Best Gas Grills under $250 for 2023

Gas Grills, like everything else in life, obey the rule of, ‘you get what you pay for’. This isn’t to say that you have to spend a lot to get a good grill, let alone a great one, but when shopping for a full-sized outdoor cooking appliance under $250USD, there is not a lot to choose from and those choices are going to be limited in power, cooking capabilities, and ease of use. When shopping for the least expensive Gas Grills avoid anything with more than three main burners, stainless steel panels, or lots of features. Keep it simple and it will serve you better and last longer. Having said that, most of these gas grills won’t take a lot of punishment and they won’t last for more than a few years (generally two).

I have broken this list into two parts, the cheapest and the somewhat improved. Consider the first three, the best value grills under $250, and the second set of three to be the best larger and better-featured Gas Grills in this price range. Properly cared for and kept from the elements these grills should be cooking burgers and hot dogs for a few summers. None of them have even heating or a great deal of versatility, but they are all large enough for most families and powerful enough to do the more basic grilling tasks.

Top 3 Best Cheap and Simple Gas Grills under $250

Huntington 2-Burner

Huntington 2-Burner Gas Grill Model# 24025HNT

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Featuring a cast aluminum body, this is a classic style grill that actually boasts a good deal of power for around $100USD. It is simple, it flares up, and the heat is uneven, but it is solidly built for the price and considerably better than the competition.

  • Model Number 24025HNT
  • 25,000 BTUs
  • 240 Square Inches of Primary Cooking Space
  • 11 Burger Capacity
  • Porcelain Coated Steel Wire cooking grate

Char-Broil Classic 2-Burner

Char-Broil Classic 2-Burner Gas Grill Model 463672717

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Widely available, this Char-Broil is one of history’s best-selling Gas Grills. The body is simple stamped steel that doesn’t hold in heat and will rust if scratched. The heat output is light, but it will be reliable out of the box. Typically available for around $100USD.

  • Model Number 463672717
  • 20,000 BTUs
  • 280 Square Inches of Primary Cooking Space
  • 14 Burger Capacity
  • Porcelain Coated Steel Wire cooking grate

RevoAce 2-Burner Space Saver Gas Grill

RevoAce 2-Burner Gas Grill

Still a two-burner gas grill, but this RevoAce comes in a cart with a little more to offer, even it if is largely appearance.

  • Model Number E3072
  • 24,080 BTUs
  • 300 Square Inches of Primary Cooking Space
  • 16 Burger Capacity
  • Porcelain Coated Steel Wire cooking grate

Top 3 Not as Cheap or Simple

Huntington 2-Burner with Side Burner

Huntington 3-Burner Model# 30040HNT

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Like the smaller, Huntington grill above, this model has a cast aluminum body for better heat retention and it also boasts a powerful heat output for the size and price. Typically around $220USD, this is the best gas grill under $250.

  • Model Number 30040HNT
  • 30,000 BTUs
  • 300 Square Inches of Primary Cooking Space
  • Porcelain Coated Steel Wire cooking grate

Also sold as the Broil-Mate 2-Burner Model# 30040BMT

Char-Broil Performance 4-Burner

Char-Broil Performance 4-Burner Model# 463349917

Generally, I wouldn’t recommend a 4-Burner grill at this price, but this Char-Broil has a modern look, decent heat output, and a lot of space for a very reasonable price (around $200USD). It lacks in quality, but it does look good.

  • Model Number 463365021
  • 32,000 BTUs
  • 420 Square Inches of Primary Cooking Space
  • Porcelain Coated Cast Iron cooking grate

Dyna-Glo 5-Burner

Dyna-Glo 5-Burner DGH450crp

At just under $250USD, this Gas Grill has porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates for better heat transfer and large cooking space. There is also a searing side burner, so this grill offers practically everything. And it does it for under 73 pounds, so a very lightweight grill.

  • Model Number DGH474CRP
  • 48,000 BTUs
  • 473 Square Inches of Primary Cooking Space
  • Porcelain Coated Cast Iron Cooking Grates

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Find all the Best Gas Grills in every price range. Research before you shop and get the gas grill that is right for you.

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