Best Gas Smokers for 2021

Gas smokers are easy to use and though they don't generally provide the kinds of advanced controls that Electric Smokers do, they are reliable. Gas is also a faster and more responsive fuel than electricity, though in many ways gas and electric smokers work very similarly. With a gas smoker, a small burner heats a pan of wood chips and typically a water pan for moisture to produce heat, smoke, and a moist cooking environment. The burner can produce more heat than a heating element, so gas smokers can provide better smoke. On the other hand, the combustion itself doesn't produce smoke so these units won't make the kinds of authentic smoke that a Charcoal Smoker can. Gas smokers are generally reliable though so there isn't a need to tend to them and they can be loaded up and started in minutes without having to worry about building a real fire.

Broil King Vertical Propane Smoker
Broil King Vertical Propane Smoker


Broil King Vertical Propane Smoker

Broil King has been making some of the best gas grills on the market for decades. Recently they entered into the vertical smoker market with models like this one. The price is higher than the competition, but this is a well built gas smoker than has a good sized capacity and is simple to use. Probably the biggest standout feature of this smoker is that among the competition, it is the only one produced in North America.


Smoke Hollow 40-Inch Propane Smoker

Like most of the gas smokers on this list, the Smoke Hollow 40-Inch is a big block of a smoker. It really is simple and it costs around $250USD, but it has great capacity. It comes with four cooking grates that actually gives you the space to do four whole briskets or many racks of ribs. Many gas smokers of this type can't hold a whole rack of ribs without cutting them in half or at least trim them down. This one can. It is simple and no, not built all that well. But cared for, covered, and kept clean it will reliably produce smoked foods for several years. It is also easy to use.


Masterbuilt ThermoTemp 340G

Masterbuilt has been in the little box smoker business for a very long time. Their electric unit is one of the best selling on the market. This new gas powered model has an improved look, glass door and two access points so you can keep the food cooking while replenishing wood and water as necessary. In general, this is a typical gas smoker, but considering the overall quality, it is one certainly worth looking at.


Dyna-Glo 43-Inch Wide Body

This monster from Dyna-Glo has more capacity than any other on this list. In fact, it has nearly twice as much as the next biggest gas smoker. If you need the capacity, it is hard to find a unit larger than this one. Considering the price (typically around $250USD) is is the least expensive per square foot of cooking capacity, so if you need to produce a lot of barbecue, this might just be the perfect unit for you.


Pit Boss Vertical

Pit Boss started life making temperature control equipment for smokers. Now they produce a whole like of grills and smokers. This new gas smoker from them has an access drawer and glass door and a great design. Couple that with an efficient design, good capacity, and solid construction and this looks to be a serious competitor in the gas smoker market.


Cuisinart Vertical 36-Inch

Cuisinart has been expanding slowly into the outdoor cooking industry for years. This new gas smoker with their name stamped on the front has a classic design but no viewing window. It does have a second door for access. It is also the least expensive gas smoker on this list, so that is certainly a consideration.


Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24

Camp Chef is known for their affordable outdoor cooking equipment. This is a very simple and inexpensive gas smoker, but it lacks access to the wood and water pans and the door is a little lightweight. While not a bad purchase, I would seriously consider the smokers above before buying this unit.


Char-Broil Vertical

Everyone knows the Char-Broil brand and this gas smoker from them is certainly competent. While inexpensive, the capacity is low and due to its somewhat narrow design, it can have trouble fitting many of the foods you might want to smoke. At around $200USD though, it is affordable and not a serious investment for someone who wants a small smoker for simple foods.