Best Pork Injection Recipes

One of the best secrets to making great pork on the grill or in the smoker is with an injection marinade. Large cuts can dry out and it is very hard to put flavor right into the center of the meat. In injection marinade is injected straight into the center of the meat, adding moist, flavor and often tenderizing power. Used by pitmasters for decades, the injection solution is key to making great pulled pork barbecue. These recipes are the best iI know for making great pulled pork from pork butts or whole shoulders to the perfect pork loin roasts. Get yourself a meat injector and take your pork to a whole new level.


Basic Pork Injection Marinade

This is an easy "go to" recipe for a pork injection marinade. This will help to keep your smoked pork tender and flavorful during a lengthy cooking process. This injection marinade is the perfect starting point to making great BBQ Pulled Pork.

Try the Basic Pork Injection Marinade


Tropical Pork Injection

Not only does this injection marinade add flavor and moisture to cuts of pork, but the acidic quality of the pineapple juice and cider vinegar act as tenderizers. Use this injection solution on dryer or tougher cuts of pork to maximize not only the flavor, but the tenderness of the meat.

Try the Tropical Pork Injection


Surefire BBQ Pork Injection

For great barbecue pork, the flavor starts inside. This injection marinade balances acid, liquid and fats with simple by rich flavor profile that makes for great pulled pork. This is the perfect injection solution of serious pork.

Surefire BBQ Pork Injection


Smoke and Spice Pork Injection

Take your pulled pork to a whole new level of smoky goodness. This pork injection marinade is packed with flavor and tenderizing power. It adds the perfect balance of flavors, fats, and tenderizers to make sure your pork shoulder or pork butt doesn’t dry out during the longest smokes.

Smoke and Spice Pork Injection


Garlic Maple Pork Injection

Lean cuts of pork can dry out on the grill or in the smoker. This injection marinade puts flavor and moisture inside the meat, keeping it tender and juicy through the cooking process. This injection solution works perfectly with all kinds of pork, but particularly pork loin roasts.

Garlic Maple Pork Injection


Easy Pork Injection Marinade

The perfect injection marinade for smoked pork roasts. This is a simple solution that takes little time to prepare. Next time you're in the mood for pulled pork, give this marinade a try.

Easy Pork Injection Marinade

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