Top 10 Pulled Pork Rub Recipes

The first step in making great pulled pork (after selecting the right meat of course) is choosing the Rub. I have been collecting rub recipes for decades. I never buy rubs. That is a waste of money. These are the Top 10 Pulled Pork Rub Recipes I have. They will get you started on the true journey of barbecue. One of discovery. Barbecue isn't a flavor. It is a tradition and pork is its oldest. These rub recipes draw on those traditions and bring modern flavors into play. Innovation is a big part of barbecue.

The secret of rubs is that you never know how much you are going to need. Most of these recipe are enough for a single pork butt, but doubling or tripling them isn't a bad idea. When applying a rub, you let the meat decide how much it will take. Start by patting your pork dry with paper towels. Only the natural moisture of the meat should be present. Sprinkle the rub onto the meat. What sticks is how much you need. Now pork roasts have lots of nooks and crannies.  It's okay to get the rub in these spaces, but don't leave clumps behind. Even distribution is the key.

For step by step instructions, see my article on How to Make Pulled Pork.


Carolina Pulled Pork Rub

This is a fantastic Carolina inspired pulled pork spice rub. It’s quick and easy but packs a punch.  Alter the amount of cayenne used in this recipe to suit your needs. Amp it up for spice lovers and tone it down for others.  The choice is yours.

Try the Carolina Pulled Pork Rub


Kansas City Pulled Pork Rub

The Kansas City master of barbecue, Chef Paul created this fantastic spice rub to use on pulled pork. The Kansas City Pulled Pork Rub is chock full of spices, herbs, and little sweet from the sugar. This is the perfect rub for low and slow cooking.

Try the Kansas City Pulled Pork Rub


Memphis Pulled Pork Rub

If you know Memphis Barbecue, you know how important the rub is for the met. Memphis style traditionally does not rely much on sauces for flavor. This Memphis Pulled Pork rub is one of the most important factors for a savory, delicious, smoked pork.

Try the Memphis Pulled Pork Rub


Texas Style Pulled Pork Rub

Yes, Texas is famous for its Brisket, but there is so much more going on in terms of barbecue. This Texas Style Pulled Pork Rub is the perfect balance of sweet and heat. This recipe is the right amount for one pork roast. Remember to adjust the amount of cayenne pepper in this recipe to suit your tastebuds.

Try the Texas Style Pulled Pork Rub


Best Odds Pulled Pork Rub

This basic but traditional pulled pork rub that will provide you with the best odds of making a fantastic barbecue pulled pork. It may look like it contains a lot of black pepper but trust me, that flavor will mellow quite a bit during the smoking process.

Try the Best Odds Pulled Pork Rub


Magic Dust Rub for Pulled Pork

This is one of my favorite seasoning rubs for pulled pork. It contains a variety of earthy flavors that are tempered by the sweetness of the sugar.  This Magic Dust Rub for Pulled Pork recipe makes enough for two large pork roasts.

Try the Magic Dust Rub for Pulled Pork


Smoky Pulled Pork Rub

This quick and smokey pulled pork rub, adds a little smoky spiced flavor to the meat. It will quickly become one of your favorite go-to rubs for pork roasts. This recipe will give you enough rub for one pork butt. Double or triple as needed.

Try the Smoky Pulled Pork Rub


No Sugar Pulled Pork Rub

If you’re watching your sugar intake, this is the best pulled pork rub for you.  Keep in mind that this will be more of a savory rub, so find a good sugar-free or low sugar sauce to serve on the side.

Try the No Sugar Pulled Pork Rub


Mustard-Herb Pulled Pork Rub

This wet Mustard-Herb Pulled Pork Rub is perfect for pork roast.  Mustard helps keeps the herbs, spices, and citrus zest in place, while imparting a little Dijon flavor to the pulled pork.  It will not be overpowering, but rather delicious.

Try the Mustard-Herb Pulled Pork Rub


Pulled Pork Garlic Rub

Love garlic?  We’ve got you.  This garlicky spice rub is more like a spice paste.  Slather all over your pork roast and slow cook it to tender deliciousness.  Pulled pork never tasted so good! You are going to love this Pulled Pork Garlic Rub.

Try the Pulled Pork Garlic Rub

Apply your spice rubs like a professional with a spice shaker. This one from Back of House has a heavy build, is machine washable and holds plenty of spice rub. Plus it costs about $7. Just make sure you don't use this to store your rubs. It isn't airtight.

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