Best Cast Iron Cookware Accessories for the Grill

Cast Iron can take the heat that any grill can put out. Durable and versatile, these accessories add functionality to your grilling. Whether it is getting that perfect reverse sear on a steak, cooking pancakes on a morning cookout, or sauteing vegetables to go along with your meal, these accessories will let you do so many more things with your backyard grill. Usable on gas or charcoal (or even pellet grills), good cast iron is an investment of a lifetime.  Best of all the Best Cast Iron Cookware Accessories for the Grill are not an expensive. Take good care of these items and they will be passed down generation to generation.

Lodge Cast Iron Reversible Griddle

Lodge is our favorite supplier of Cast Iron Cookware. This reversible griddle has a smooth surface on one side and a raise 'grill pan' surface on the other. Use the smooth surface for eggs and pancakes and the raised surface to put grill marks on vegetables or delicate filets of fish. Measuring 10 by 20 inches this griddle will fit any grill and on larger models can be placed lengthwise over a single burner, leaving plenty of space on the grill for a wide range of other items. This griddle is a perfect choice for searing meats before or after they go on the grill. Leave the burner beneath off and this is the perfect place for food items you want to hold at temperature while finishing up the rest of the meal.
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Lodge 17-Inch Cast Iron Skillet

One of the biggest problems putting a cast iron skillet on the grill is the handle. It pokes out and gets in the way, particularly of the grill lid. The people at Lodge realized this and recently introduced a line of skillets that have a pair of small handles on the sides instead. This makes this skillet easier for the grill. Remember that cast iron gets extremely hot and it is better to dish food out of it than it is to try and lift it out of the grill. If you do need to get a hold of any cast iron item on the grill, I recommend a good pair of welder's gloves.
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ChefGiant 8-Inch Grill Press

We have all been told not to press down on foods that we grill. Squishing burgers just squeezes out the juices. But there are times when it is important to press foods into shape or prevent them from changing shape. This press is eight inches long, so it has the size to cover a lot of food. It is also 6 pounds so it has the weight to do the job. Which job? How about keeping bacon from curling on the griddle. Or pressing a panini sandwich. This is also the perfect tool for making chicken under a brick without having to find a brick. A good grill press is a must for anyone serious about doing more with their grill.
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Norton 2-Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven

You can grill soup. You can grill most anything if you have the right equipment. This flat bottom dutch oven holds 2 quarts and can be used for everything from warming a pot of beans to, well, anything else. A great way to improve the versatility of your grill is to cook meats and vegetables over a live fire to get the great flavor, chop them right by the grill and throw them into a handy pot. This dutch oven is that pot. Solid and well made, once you have one of these you won't understand how you got a long without it.
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Charcoal Companion Sauce Pot with Silicon Basting Brush

Don't baste with cold mops. It slows the cooking times and when you are dealing with a large cut of meat that has stalled on the smoker, you don't want to make matters worse. This cast iron pot is small, so it will fit in a corner of the grill or smoker and if it is kept away from direct heat, your sauces and mops will stay hot, but not burn. This is the perfect solution for all your basting, mopping and saucing needs. Buy from Amazon

LauKingdom Cast Iron Cleaner

Yes. This is chain mail. It is also the best way to get cooked on gunk off of cast iron, or any other hard surface (it will scratch weaker things). This is the one, must have item for anyone with a lot of cast iron cookware. It doesn't require water or soap, though rinsing helps and the loops of chain mail will scrub even the most stubborn bit away easily. Restaurants who use cast iron cookware use these all the time. This is one investment well worth making. Buy from Amazon

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