Big Green Egg 2XL Charcoal Grill Review

Big Green Egg 2XL


Construction Quality


Temperature Control


Smoking Ability







  • Huge Capacity
  • Excellent Temperature Control
  • Wide Range of Available Accessories
  • Solid Construction
  • Excellent Support


  • Bigger Than Most People Will Need
  • 424 Pounds
  • Not Efficient for Smaller Cookouts
  • 29-inch diameter cooking surface (672 square inches)
  • Top vent cap is cast iron - bottom vent is stainless steel
  • Heavy ceramic shell
  • Improved, easy to lift hinge design
  • Porcelain coated steel cooking grates
  • Glazed interior makes it easy to clean
  • Weighs 424 for the grill without stand
  • Ceramic made in Mexico by Big Green Egg
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Full Review – Big Green Egg 2XL

Big Green Egg did not invent the Kamado Grill, but they did more than anyone to popularize it. They led the industry and not only came up with every possible accessory imaginable, their cunning yet direct marketing made a $800 charcoal grill one of the most desired outdoor cooking appliances on the market. They created the market space and in the past decade the Kamado Grill hasn’t just become popular, it has become a necessity of every outdoor product line. This means a lot of competition.

Competition drives innovation (good and bad) and Big Green Egg hasn’t been quick to keep up. Other Kamado Grill makers have challenged them on several fronts. This all leads to this grill, the largest Kamado Grill on the market. Certainly size isn’t an innovation and Big Green Egg has offered this monster (nicknamed the EGGzilla) previously. Originally labeled the XXL, when it was first introduced it was a limited edition product costing $4,000USD. When it got popular, it became a part of the main product line and the price dropped to $3,000. Relabeled as the 2XL, this model costs $2,000.

So where’s the innovation? The main problem with the XXL was that to lift the lid requires a spring assist hinge. On a grill of this size, using the old design, that hinge was massive, heavy and stuck out the back a good distance. Big Green Egg has now redesigned the hinge to make it smaller and less invasive. They have also included with this model the new top vent cap that is simpler, more precise and intuitive to use. The Big Green Egg 2XL is also compatible with their new EGGspander system.

The EGGspander accessory goes beyond the platesetter of old and allows for a virtually limitless array of accessories. The metal frame will hold a diffuser plate, pizza stones, woks, griddles, multilevel cooking surface and well practically anything. For Big Green Egg, this represents the biggest leap in innovation since they first made a ceramic green grill.

Look for the Big Green Egg 2XL and EGGspander system to begin rollout in May of 2018.