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Big Green Egg Mini Charcoal Grill Review

Big Green Egg Mini
Big Green Egg Mini


  • 64 square inches of cooking space (9 inches diameter)
  • 30 pounds total weight
  • Porcelain-coated steel cooking grate
  • Complete ceramic body
  • Ceramic made in Mexico by Big Green Egg

Before you buy this little kamado grill I recommend you take a look at the slightly larger (and a whole lot cooler) Big Green Egg Mini Max!

Big Green Egg Mini

Derrick Riches

Construction Quality
Temperature Control


  • Table Top Kamado
  • Good Construction


  • Very Small

Full Review – Big Green Egg Mini Charcoal Grill

With a 9-inch diameter cooking surface and just under 80 square inches, the Big Green Egg Mini charcoal grill is barely large enough for a pair of strip steaks. It will cook about four burgers at a time and a whole chicken is a tight squeeze. Weighing about 40 pounds, it isn’t what I would call portable. In fact, it is downright heavy. So the question is, why buy it?

Turns out that restaurants, particularly in Europe love this little charcoal grill. The reason? It is a fantastic steak grilling machine. With high temperatures that rival infrared and direct charcoal fire for authentic flavor, this little Green Egg can be fired up and used to do serious, intense grilling. Consider it a little hibachi-style grill with a lid. Its little vents can be used to control temperatures, but for a grill like this, you want to let it run hot.

I don’t recommend this as a primary grill. It just doesn’t have what it takes to put a whole meal on the table for more than two people. However, as a fun grill that is perfect for so many tiny tasks, it is hard to beat.

Typically selling for around $400USD, this isn’t an inexpensive little grill either, but no other portable tabletop charcoal grill can do what this unit can. It will sear a steak in minutes. Open it up, let it run hot, throw a steak or two on the cooking grate and let it sear for a minute. Flip the steaks and close the lid, vents closed. The steak will finish off and not only be seared to perfection, but will have a light, smoky flavor.

From a practical standpoint, not many people will find a use for this grill, but if you want something fun and flavorful and love a great steak (or anything else small), this is a great little unit to own.



Derrick Riches
Derrick Riches

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