Big Green Egg Prices for 2019

The Big Green Egg is the most popular Kamado grill on the market. The company has been an innovator in this area for decades and continues to be the grill to beat in this space. Big and Green and shaped like an egg, these charcoal grills last for a very long time and are equally good at grill and smoking, which is what has made them so successful. Big Green Egg grills are sold only through authorized dealers, so it isn't always easy to find the prices, which is why I maintain this list. The prices below are the manufacturer's suggested retail price for the grill itself and does not include the accessories or even stands. Individual retailers may sell these grills are different prices and with different packages. I do suggest comparing prices with local retailers to find the best deal. Depending on where you live, there may be many or only a few dealers. Check the Big Green Egg Website to find the dealers in your area.

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Big Green Egg Mini Kamado Grill

Mini – $399.00

The Big Green Egg Mini is a table top version.
  • Grate Measurement: 10-Inches
  • Capacity: Two Chicken Breasts or One Steak
  • Weight: 39 Pounds
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Big Green Egg Small Kamado Grill

Small – $559.00

The Big Green Egg Small can be placed on stand or other mounting
  • Grate Measurement: 13-Inches
  • Capacity: One 12-Pound Turkey or Four Hamburger Patties
  • Weight:80 Pounds
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Big Green Egg Mini Max Kamado Grill

Mini Max – $598.00

The Big Green Egg Mini Max is popular with Restaurants, this is an ultimate Steak Cooking Grill (though only two at a time).
  • Grate Measurement:13-Inches
  • Capacity: Four Burger Patties or Two Steaks
  • Weight:76 Pounds

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Big Green Egg Medium Kamado Grill

Medium – $669.00

The Big Green Egg Medium is perfect for the smaller family or people without a lot of outdoor space.
  • Grate Measurement:15-Inches
  • Capacity: One 18-Pound Turkey, Six Burger Patties or Four Steaks
  • Weight:114 Pounds

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Big Green Egg Large Kamado Grill

Large – $899.00

The Big Green Egg Large is the most popular size model and perfect for high-temperature grilling and low and slow smoking.
  • Grate Measurement: 18-Inches
  • Capacity: One 20-Pound Turkey, Twelve Burger Patties, or Eight Steaks
  • Weight: 162 Pounds

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Big Green Egg XL Kamado Grill

XL – $1,199.00

The Big Green Egg XL is the perfect combination of size and price for those who need a much larger capacity. At about $300 more than the next smaller size, this model offers nearly twice the cooking capacity.
  • Grate Measurement: 24-Inches
  • Capacity: Two 20-Pound Turkeys, 24 Burger Patties, or Twelve Steaks
  • Weight:219 Pounds

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Big Green Egg 2XL Kamado Grill

2XL – $1999.00

The Big Green Egg 2XL is the replacement for the XXL below and is coming to market in limited distribution in May of 2018. At $1,000USD less it is a much more affordable version of this super sized Kamado. Look for full distribution by the end of 2018, but talk to your dealer about getting one on order if you are considering the XXL.

  • Grate Measurement: 29-Inches
  • Capacity: One suckling Pig, 35 to 40 Burger Patties, or 20 Steaks
  • Weight: 424 Pounds

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The Big Green Egg comes with a stainless steel cooking grate, the internal components for holding the charcoal, a top vent cap and a set of three stabilizing feet. The grill needs to be places on a solid, level surface capable of supporting its weight. These grills are heavy and should be places on a metal, brick, tile or other fire proof surface. While the exterior does not generally get extremely hot, burning embers can escape the bottom vent.

Online retailers and big box stores are not authorized to sell Big Green Egg Grills. If you buy a unit through an unauthorized retailer it will void all warranties and support for your grill. When buying a Big Green Egg through an authorized dealer, talk to them about the accessories that you want and see if it is the possibility to bundle the products together. This is your best strategy for getting the best price possible. Frequently, retailers will offer the big green egg next, plate setter and other options at discounted rates with a grill purchase.

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