Big Green Egg Prices for 2021

Big Green Egg Prices

The Big Green Egg is the most popular Kamado grill on the market. The company has been an innovator in this area for decades and continues to be the Kamado to beat. Big and Green and shaped like an egg, these charcoal grills last for a very long time and are equally good as grills or smokers. This versatility is what made them so successful. Big Green Egg grills are sold only through authorized dealers, so it isn't easy to find the prices, which is why I maintain a list of the current Big Green Egg Prices.

The prices below are the manufacturer's suggested retail price for the grill itself and do not include accessories or stands. Individual retailers may sell these grills at different rates and with different packages. I do suggest comparing prices with local retailers to find the best deal. Depending on where you live, there may be many or just a few. Check the Big Green Egg Website to find the dealer in your area.

Recent Enhancements

Big Green Egg has made a number of improvements to their grills recently. Some of these relate to optional accessories, so check with your dealer to see that you get the latest enhancements

  • rEGGulator Cap: In the past if you lifted the lid of your egg, the cast iron vent cap would move, changing your temperature regulation. The new cast iron cap stays in place and has a stay cool handle so you don't need a heat resistant glove to adjust the temperature anymore.
  •  The new Acacia wood handle matches the wood used on EGG Mates tables for durability and direct color match.
  • Easier to adjust side bands.
  • USA Made stainless steel cooking grates.
  •  And best of all, an improved, high-temperature gasket that lasts much longer and provides better connection between the lid and the body.

Current Prices for the Big Green Egg

Mini – $399.00

The Mini is a tabletop version of the Big Green Egg. At 39 pounds it can be considered to be a portable grill provided you are not carrying it very far.

  • Grate Measurement: 10-Inches
  • Capacity: Two Chicken Breasts or One Steak
  • Weight: 39 Pounds
  • Height: 15 Inches

The Mini version of the Egg is very small. If you are considering buying this little grill, I recommend you first look at a 10-inch frying pan. That is how much cooking space you are going to get. It is light enough to take on the road. However, being ceramic and relatively fragile, and 32 pounds, it isn't the perfect choice for a portable charcoal grill. There is one application that makes this little Kamado grill a good idea; it functions as a steak cooker. Yes, it will only cook one steak at a time, but with its high-temperature capability and real fire heat source, it makes a fantastic steak.

Small – $559.00

The small version of the Big Green Egg is large enough for a pair of steaks. This grill can be placed in a stand or other enclosure.

  • Grate Measurement: 13-Inches
  • Capacity: One 12-Pound Turkey or Four Hamburger Patties
  • Weight: 80 Pounds
  • Height: 22 Inches

The Small version is a taller model than the Mini or the Mini Max. However, at only 22 inches tall, place it on a nest or other fireproof stand. The cooking area of this grill is 13-inches in diameter; about frying pan size. It's just a little bigger than the standard twelve inches. This grill can handle four burgers or a pair of steaks. It is excellent for those who don't need to cook for several people. Also, it fits into small spaces. Remember, this is a charcoal grill, so if you are thinking of housing it on your balcony, check your local fire codes first.

Mini Max – $598.00

The Big Green Egg Mini Max has the short body of the Mini and the cooking grate of the Small version.

  • Grate Measurement:13-Inches
  • Capacity: Four Burger Patties or Two Steaks
  • Weight:76 Pounds
  • Height: 19.5 Inches

The Mini Max has the same cooking space as the Small but in a stout little body. This Kamado is popular in restaurants where they grill steaks to order. Capable of generating high temperatures and prolonged burning time, this is one of the best steak machines on the market. When comparing Big Green Egg prices, I recommend choosing carefully between this model and the Small version above. They both have the same capacity, but this one can sit on a (fireproof) tabletop.

Medium – $669.00

The Big Green Egg Medium actually fits the needs of most grillers. For more advanced cooking, a larger size is recommended.

  • Grate Measurement: 15-Inches
  • Capacity: One 18-Pound Turkey, Six Burger Patties or Four Steaks
  • Weight: 114 Pounds
  • Height: 26 Inches

The Large Big Green Egg is not only the most popular model, but it also outsells all other sizes combined. It is the Kamado that revolutionized outdoor cooking. Let me point out, however, that while labeled as large, it isn't a huge grill. On the other hand, it provides ample grilling or smoking space to meet your needs. If you are feeding an army, look farther down on this list. One additional asset to this size, there are hundreds of available accessories out there that fit this specific model.

Large – $899.00

The Big Green Egg Large is the most popular size model and perfect for high-temperature grilling and low and slow smoking.

  • Grate Measurement: 18-Inches
  • Capacity: One 20-Pound Turkey, Twelve Burger Patties, or Eight Steaks
  • Weight: 162 Pounds
  • Height: 30 Inches

The Large Big Green Egg is not only the most popular model, but it also outsells all other sizes combined. This is the Kamado that revolutionized outdoor cooking. Let me point out, however, that while labeled as a large, it isn't a huge grill. On the other hand, this is more than ample grilling or smoking space for most anyone. If you need to feed an army, look farther down on this list. One additional asset to this size, there are literally hundreds of available accessories out there that fit just this size.

XL - $1,249.00

The Big Green Egg XL has the space for much larger cookouts and is ideal for serious cooks.

  • Grate Measurement: 24-Inches
  • Capacity: Two 20-Pound Turkeys, 24 Burger Patties, or Twelve Steaks
  • Weight:219 Pounds
  • Height: 27 1/4 Inches

Just as the Large doubled the capacity of the Medium, the Big Green Egg XL is another doubling. This model can handle two twenty pound turkeys at the same time. It can cook two dozen burger patties. The XL is excellent for smoking and can cook two full briskets easily (more with additional accessories). Considering that the price jump from the large isn't all that much, for those serious about barbecue, it is one of the best Kamados for smoking out there.

2XL - $1999.00

The 2XL Big Green Egg is a monster that can cook a small pig. Only useful for those that need to cook for a very large group, I recommend a smaller size for most everyone.

  • Grate Measurement: 29-Inches
  • Capacity: One suckling Pig, 35 to 40 Burger Patties, or 20 Steaks
  • Weight: 424 Pounds
  • Height: 35 1/2 Inches

Let's be completely honest; this isn't the Kamado you are seeking. Unless you are a country club, event center, or caterer, this grill is too large for the average backyard cook. The 2XL is also a pretty big price jump from the next smaller model. Also, consider that with a simple stand, charcoal, and food, this grill weighs nearly 500 pounds. Many decks will groan under the load. I am not saying that it isn't a great Egg, but it is a specialty product.

Buying Advice for the Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg comes with a stainless steel cooking grate, a top vent cap, and a set of three stabilizing feet. Place the grill on a stable, level surface capable of supporting its weight. It is recommended to set this grill on metal, brick, tile, or other fireproof surfaces. While the exterior does not get extremely hot, burning embers can escape from the bottom vent.

Online retailers or big box stores are not authorized to sell Big Green Egg Grills. If you buy a unit through an unauthorized retailer, it will void all warranties and support for your grill. When purchasing a Big Green Egg through an authorized dealer, talk to them about the accessories. Many will bundle products together at a discounted rate over buying the grill and accessories separately. This is a good strategy for getting the best price possible. Frequently, retailers will offer the big green egg next, plate setter, and other options at discounted rates with a grill purchase. Consider this list of Big Green Egg Prices as accurate, but look for special offers when available.

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  • January 5, 2021 at 7:54 pm

    Hello folks, I bought a xl grill from ace in surprise AZ in july 2020. Like everything in 2020 this is turned out to be a nightmare. The egg wan’t put together, it was not delivered. Reason covid. I order a table that took 2 month to get mean while while my backyard was finished the egg was in the backyard. Backyard gets done ready to put my egg together, and the rings are missing, when back to the store they claim is was in the bottom boxes, the problem the way I picked up was still in the back yard no bottom boxes only plastic wrapped around the pieces. Now it’s being 1 month waiting for the rings, and still 1/05/2021 still no rings, also no one said I needed a bracket for the table for the egg to seat on or it would burned the new table . So as you can read a total night mare, Can you help I’m about one second to return the whole $2000 that I have spend and still no egg. By this Saturday 01/09/2021 if this is not solved I will return the egg and get my money back.


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