Big Green Egg Small Charcoal Grill Review

Big Green Egg Small


Construction Quality


Temperature Control


Smoking Ability







  • Small footprint
  • Very efficient
  • Good construction
  • Reasonable price


  • Not large enough for serious smoking
  • Metal parts could be improved


  • 13-inch diameter cooking surface (133 square inches)
  • Top vent cap is cast iron - bottom vent is stainless steel
  • Heavy ceramic shell holds heat and stops temperature fluctuations
  • Glazed interior makes it easy to clean
  • Spring loaded lid for easy lifting
  • Porcelain-coated steel cooking grates
  • Ceramic shell made in Mexico by Big Green Egg

Full Review - Big Green Egg Small Charcoal Grill

The Big Green Egg Small charcoal grill has all the benefits of a great Kamado Grill in a small, freestanding package. The question you have to ask yourself before you buy this model is, is it too small. The 13-inch porcelain-coated steel cooking grate has about 130 square inches of cooking space. There are portable charcoal grills with more space than this. This is enough space for a large chicken or a very small turkey, a couple of steaks and maybe half a dozen burgers.

Certainly, the grill itself is great. It can reach extremely high temperatures or be dialed down for low and slow smoke roasting. As far as making barbecue though, it would hold two racks of ribs if they were cut in half and stacked into a vertical rib rack. For those looking for a small Kamado, it might be worth it to consider the Mini Max. The Mini Max is a tabletop grill, though it has the same cooking area and it actually costs about $50USD more (check the current Big Green Egg prices to see the comparisons).

For those who don’t need or want more space, this isn’t a bad choice. It can grill at temperatures up to 700 degrees F or roast at temperatures as low as 200 degrees F. Because of the efficiency of the ceramic construction, it won’t use a lot of charcoal either. In fact, this is an extremely efficient little grill so it’s per cookout cost is very low. Personally, I would recommend going bigger, but if you want a Kamado Grill of this size, there isn’t any other competition.

Big Green Egg Small Charcoal Grill Review