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Blackstone Griddles


So, you’re thinking about buying a Blackstone Griddle, but there is so much to consider. First of all, is it worth it? Which size and model should you buy? Is it going to last? What foods can you cook on them? Whether you call it an outdoor griddle or a flat-top grill, this piece of cooking equipment has taken the cooking world by storm, and at the heart of it is Blackstone.

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Images: Blackstone Griddles

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Are Blackstone Griddles worth it?

You can spend as little as $170 for a small tabletop version or up to $2000 for their largest model, bundled with all the accessories you could ask for. And that includes a pizza oven module nestled on top of the griddle surface. Comparatively, Blackstone is quite affordable. Most grill makers offer full-sized, gas-powered griddles. While you might find one cheaper than a Blackstone, I can’t really recommend them.

Which Blackstone Griddle is Right for You?

Blackstone offers over a dozen models of griddles. These flat tops come in five sizes, not counting their new electric versions. Two are small tabletop versions; the others are full-size, standing units. Each size has several configurations and extra features like air fryers, while some have lids and enclosed carts.

When selecting a Blackstone griddle, choose the size that fits your needs. The largest has 769 square inches and can cook (according to Blackstone) 47 eggs or 30 burgers at a time. This is a big area to work with, but also a large area to heat and clean.

Conversely, the 17-inch tabletop has 267 square inches and can cook 9 average-sized burgers at a time. Remember that these are not smash burgers. The cooking surface will be crowded even with smaller burgers.

What Blackstone Units I Recommend.

For the Family:

Blackstone 28-inch XL Gas Griddle
Blackstone 28-inch XL Gas Griddle

The Blackstone 28-inch XL has 612 square inches of cooking area. This unit is large enough for 25 average burger patties, so for most people, there will be room to spare with the option of cooking a large pancake breakfast. This model also has three burners. This puts more heat per square inch and gives you more cooking versatility than the standard 28-inch with only two burners. The Blackstone 28-inch XL sells for $600.

For Tailgating and Camping:

Blackstone 22-inch Portable Griddle
Blackstone 22-inch Portable Griddle

The Blackstone 22-inch with hard cover and carry bag has 361 square inches of cooking surface and is built to be portable. This model is designed to hit the road. This two-burner griddle is big enough for a dozen burgers. This unit weighs 38 pounds, so it is not lightweight. The standard configuration has this griddle running on one-pound disposable propane bottles. It will burn through these fast, so I recommend buying and running the conversion kit on a full-sized 20-pound propane tank.

For the Large Gathering:

Blackstone 36-Inch with Hard Cover
Blackstone 36-Inch with Hard Cover

The 36-inch Blackstone Griddle is one of the largest you can buy. It is a monster with 60,000 BTU maximum output from four burners and 768 square inches of cooking area. It will handle but 30 burgers at a time. This model is too big for most people, but if you need to cook for big events or large family gatherings, you should upsize to the 36-inch unit.

For Smaller Needs:

Blackstone 22-Inch Stainless Steel
Blackstone 22-Inch Stainless Steel

If it’s just the two of you or you don’t need much cooking space, the Blackstone 22-inch Stainless Steel is a great option. It looks nice but doesn’t have any extras. It will allow you to cook for a small family but won’t take up a lot of space. I do recommend buying the conversion kit so you can use a full-sized propane tank instead of the disposable 1-pound bottles. Either way, this is the best unit for those who want to do some griddle cooking but don’t want a full-sized unit.

For Those Who Want it All:

Blackstone n36-inch Combination Griddle

Yes. Blackstone offers so much more. For around $1,400, this fully stocked griddle. It has a standard side burner, so you can now cook soup or sauces. It also has two air-fryer drawers and a warmer drawer. Plus, it comes in a full cabinet, so you have loads of storage space. This is the standard 36-inch griddle with every bell and whistle you can imagine.

Is the Blackstone built to last?

The carbon steel cooking surface is what makes these great pieces of cooking equipment. It is a thick sheet of metal that not only holds a lot of heat but also conducts it efficiently. This surface, however, must be properly seasoned, cleaned, and maintained. Otherwise, the griddle surface will rust. It can be ground back down to the steel and re-seasoned if necessary. Most of the flattop grill is covered and protected from the elements. Also, the other parts are inexpensive and easy to replace.
I recommend a Blackstone with a lid and a cover and that you keep it away from the elements as much as possible. All of this is in addition to being diligent about cleaning and maintaining the griddle. If you do this, a Blackstone should last for several years. The best part is the more you cook on the griddle, the more durable it will become.

What can and can’t you cook on a Blackstone?

Outdoor griddles are great for anything you would cook in a pan. Being outdoors, you can do this without heating up your house. And you can keep the odors outside. Also, these griddles are larger than any pan you can put on your stove. So, all the obvious breakfast items. Owners of these grills have innovated thousands of recipes, and the Blackstone has truly become a viable replacement for the standard gas grill. And yes, you can cook a great steak on a Blackstone.
On the other hand, Griddles won’t roast, bake, or smoke. Yes, you can put a lid over foods to hold in heat, but this is not what the Blackstone is designed to do. It is all about direct contact heat. You will need a traditional gas grill if you want to cook a whole chicken or a beef roast.

About Blackstone

Blackstone Products (aka North Atlantic Imports LLC) Is based in Logan, Utah. Roger Dahle is the founder and CEO. According to his story, Roger Dahle was attending a pancake breakfast and was inspired to buy himself a large backyard griddle. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find one that wasn’t built and priced specifically for catering.
Blackstone is widely recognized as the go-to brand for outdoor griddles. This single cooking device has transformed the way we cook outdoors. The flat-top grill, also known as a griddle, has taken a bite out of gas grill sales and has become the essential cooking tool of our era, with Blackstone leading the way as the innovator behind it all. It gave Roger an opportunity.

At first, Blackstone was marketed for outdoor breakfast cooks, but users quickly incorporated lessons learned at Benihana Restaurants and old-school burger joints. The Blackstone, nearly synonymous with the flat-top grill market, became an all-purpose piece of cooking equipment.
In 2022, Blackstone almost became a publicly traded company. However, after Weber’s IPO failure and Traeger’s underperformance, Blackstone changed course and remains a privately held company, North Atlantic Imports, LLC.

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