Built-in Gas Grill Price List

Grills by Price



RCS Premier Series 26-Inch$866.00
Napoleon LEX 485$899.00
Napoleon Prestige 500$899.00
Bull Steer 25-Inch$997.00
Solaire 21-Inch$997.00
Barbeques Galore Turbo 26-Inch$999.00
Bonfire Premium 28-Inch$999.00
Coyote C-Series 28-Inch$999.00
Summerset Sizzler 26-Inch$999.00
KitchenAid 30-Inch$1,000.00
Summerset Excalibur 32-Inch$1,029.00
Blaze 25-Inch$1,100.00
Bull Outlaw 30-Inch$1,100.00
Sunstone Ruby 30-Inch$1,199.00
Kitchenaid 36-Inch$1,199.99
Broilchef 32-Inch$1,233.00
Barbeques Galore Turbo 32-Inch$1,249.00
Cal-Flame G4 32-Inch$1,251.00
Coyote C-Series 34-Inch$1,266.00
Sole Luxury TR 29-Inch$1,299.00
Summerset Sizzler 32-Inch$1,299.00
Bull Lonestar 30-Inch$1,317.00
RCS Premier Series 32-Inch$1,318.00
Delsol Delta 25-Inch$1,319.00
Bonfire Premium 34-Inch$1,349.00
Napoleon Lex$1,349.00
Blaze 32-Inch$1,349.99
RCS Premier Series 40-Inch$1,384.00
MHP WHRG4DD$1,390.00
Napoleon Prestige Pro 500$1,399.00
Saber 500$1,399.00
MPH TJK2$1,400.00
American Outdoor Grill T-Series 24-Inch$1,422.00
Sunstone Ruby 36-Inch$1,449.00
Cal-Flame G5 40-Inch$1,475.00
Artisan American Eagle 26-Inch$1,480.00
Lion 32-Inch$1,495.00
Solaire 27-Inch$1,497.00
Napoleon LEX 730$1,499.00
Blaze 40-Inch$1,599.00
Coyote C-Series 36-Inch$1,599.00
Broilmaster P3-XFN$1,606.00
Cal Flame P4 32-Inch$1,615.00
Broilmaster R3N
American Outdoor Grill T-Series 30-Inch$1,649.00
Blaze LTE 32-Inch$1,649.00
Delsol Delta 32-Inch$1,649.00
Sunstone 28-Inch$1,649.00
Bull Renegade 38-Inch$1,697.00
Saber 670$1,699.00
Summerset Sizzler 40-Inch$1,699.00
Summerset Sizzler Pro 32-Inch$1,699.00
Bull Angus 30-Inch$1,777.00
Lion 40-Inch$1,795.00
Barbeques Galore Turbo Elite 26-Inch$1,799.00
American Outdoor Grill T-Series 36-Inch$1,809.00
Delta Heat 26-Inch$1,809.00
American Outdoor Grill L-Series 24-Inch$1,838.00
Beefeater Signature Premium 32-Inch$1,849.00
Broil King Imperial 490$1,849.00
Sole Luxury 32-Inch$1,849.00
American Outdoor Grill L-Series 30-Inch$1,880.00
Blaze LTE 40-Inch$1,899.00
Sunstone 34-Inch$1,899.00
Artisan American Eagle 32-Inch$1,900.00
Broilmaster P3-SX$1,937.00
Sunstone Ruby 42-Inch$1,949.00
Cal Flame P5 39-Inch$1,955.00
Delsol Delta 40-Inch$1,989.00
Beefeater Signature Premium 38-Inch$1,999.00
Summerset Sizzler Pro 40-Inch$1,999.00
Blaze Professional 27-Inch$1,999.99
American Outdoor Grill L-Series 36-Inch$2,034.00
Sedona by Lynx 30-Inch$2,049.00
Barbeques Galore Turbo Elite 32-Inch$2,099.00
Weber Summit S-460$2,099.00
Broil King Imperial 590$2,149.00
Delta Heat 32-Inch$2,149.00
RCS Cutlass Pro 30-Inch$2,149.00
Fire Magic Choice 24-Inch$2,156.00
Coyote S-Series 36-Inch$2,199.00
DCS Professional 30-Inch$2,199.00
Summerset Builder 32-Inch$2,199.00
Summerset TRL 32-Inch$2,199.00
Artisan Professional 32-Inch$2,240.00
Bonfire 42-Inch$2,299.00
RCS Cutlass Pro 38-Inch$2,339.00
Caliber Crossflame 35-Inch$2,381.00
Bull Brahma 38-Inch$2,387.00
Fire Magic Choice 30-Inch$2,391.00
Profire Professional Deluxe 27-inch$2,419.00
Sedona by Lynx 36-Inch$2,454.00
Vintage 30-Inch$2,495.00
DCS Traditional 30-Inch$2,499.00
Napoleon Prestige Pro 665$2,499.00
Sole Luxury TR 38-Inch$2,499.00
RCS Cutlass Pro 42-Inch$2,639.00
Cal Flame Convection 32-Inch$2,696.00
Weber Summit S-660$2,699.00
Artisan Professional 36-Inch$2,700.00
Delta Heat 38-Inch$2,759.00
PGS T-Series Commercial 30-Inch$2,771.00
TEC Sterling II FR 26-Inch$2,794.00
Blaze Professional 34-Inch$2,799.00
Luxor 30-Inch$2,799.00
Sole Luxury 42-Inch$2,799.00
Summerset TRL 38-Inch$2,799.00
Profire Professional Series 36-Inch$2,860.00
Caliber Crossflame Silver 42-Inch$2,885.00
Sedona by Lynx 42-Inch$2,889.00
Solaire 30-Inch$2,897.00
Crown Verity 30-Inch$2,946.00
Primo Oval G420$2,987.00
Lynx Professional 27-Inch$2,989.00
Bull Diablo 46-Inch$2,997.00
Coyote S-Series 42-Inch$2,999.00
Summerset Alturi 30-Inch$2,999.00
PGS Legacy Newport 30-Inch$3,014.00
Fire Magic Aurora 24-Inch$3,038.00
Profire Professional Deluxe 36-Inch$3,089.00
Cal Flame Convection 40-Inch$3,161.00
Fire Magic Aurora 30-Inch$3,264.00
Napoleon Prestige Pro 825$3,299.00
Crown Verity 36-Inch$3,315.00
PGS Legacy Pacifica 39-Inch$3,438.00
Barbeques Galore Grand Turbo 38-Inch$3,499.00
Lynx Professional 30-Inch$3,499.00
Summerset Alturi 36-Inch$3,499.00
TEC Patio FR 44-Inch$3,554.00
PGS T-Series Commercial 39-Inch$3,582.00
Texas Barbecues 6000 37-Inch$3,595.00
Profire Professional Series 48-Inch$3,649.00
Viking Professional 5 Series 30-Inch$3,649.00
Luxor LED 36-Inch$3,699.00
Summerset TRL Deluxe 44-Inch$3,699.00
Blaze Professional 44-Inch$3,799.00
Capital Precision 30-Inch$3,840.00
Profire Professional Deluxe 48-Inch$3,899.00
TEC Sterling Patio FR 44-Inch$3,914.00
Crown Verity 48-Inch$3,986.00
DCS Traditional 36-Inch$3,999.00
Luxor 42-Inch$3,999.00
Summerset Alturi 42-Inch$3,999.00
PGS Legacy Pacifica Gourmet 39-inch$4,004.00
Alfresco ALXE 30-Inch$4,102.00
TEC Sterling G3000 FR 36-Inch$4,121.00
Dacor Discovery 36-Inch$4,199.00
Twin Eagles C-Series 30-Inch$4,269.00
Hestan 30-Inch$4,299.00
Cal Flame Top Gun 40-Inch$4,316.00
Fire Magic Aurora 36-Inch$4,397.00
Lynx Professional 36-Inch$4,539.00
Twin Eagles C-Series 36-Inch$4,579.00
Solaire 36-Inch$4,597.00
Wolf 30-Inch$4,670.00
Solaire 42-Inch$4,677.00
Capital Precision 36-Inch$4,789.00
Fire Magic Echelon Diamond 30-Inch$4,904.00
Rockwell by Caliber$4,905.00
PGS Legacy Big Sur 51-Inch$4,945.00
Lynx Professional 42-Inch$4,959.00
Alfresco ALXE 36-Inch$5,166.00
Twin Eagles C-Series 42-Inch$5,198.00
DCS Traditional 48-Inch$5,199.00
Capital Precision 40-Inch$5,201.00
Fire Magic Echelon Diamond 36-Inch$5,223.00
Luxor 54-Inch$5,399.00
Alfresco ALXE 42-Inch$5,403.00
Capital Precision 48-Inch$5,515.00
Hestan 36-Inch$5,549.00
Viking Professional 5 Series 42-Inch$5,609.00
Wolf 36-Inch$5,785.00
Luxor LED 54-Inch$5,799.00
Caliber Crossflame Pro 42-Inch$5,962.00
American Muscle Grill 36-Inch$5,999.00
Capital Maestro 36-Inch$6,028.00
Hestan 42-Inch$6,099.00
Solaire 56-Inch$6,197.00
Capital Precision 52-Inch$6,272.00
Wolf 42-Inch$6,375.00
Lynx Professional 54-Inch$6,589.00
Fire Magic Echelon Diamond 48-Inch$6,704.00
Capital Maestro 48-Inch$6,956.00
Twin Eagles C-Series 54-Inch$7,289.00
American Muscle Grill 54-Inch$7,999.00
Wolf 54-Inch$8,450.00
Alfresco ALXE 56-Inch$8,553.00
Kalamazoo 28-Inch$12,495.00
Kalamazoo 38-Inch$15,495.00
Kalamazoo 51-Inch$19,995.00

Built-in Buying Guide

Find the Best Built-in Gas Grills

About the Prices

The prices listed on the left are the typical sale prices for these products and while I endeavor to keep this page up to date, prices and availability change frequently in this business. These prices are not necessarily the list price, manufacturer's suggested retail price, or minimum advertised price. In this day, prices for products can be a little confusing. Though found to be unscrupulous, some retailers sell products on sale for what is actually the suggested retail price and artificially inflate the 'list price'. I have tried to be accurate with the price you can generally expect to find. The prices listed should be close to what you will actually spend. If you find a price that is seriously out of line with what you are seeing, please contact me.

What is a Built-in Gas Grill?

The first gas grills burned natural gas and sat on posts planted in the ground. As propane became the fuel of choice and more grills entered the market space, they took to existing on carts, which are nothing more than legs to stand on. As outdoor cooking became more of a lifestyle than a pass time, outdoor kitchens became more popular. To fill this market, manufacturers began building gas grills for insertion into custom enclosures. After this, companies that specialized in outdoor kitchens emerged and there are now companies that only build for this need. Simply put, a built-in gas grill is the core of the grill, stripped of side burners, side tables, legs and/or cart. In the industry, these are known as grill heads.

Built-in gas grills can be bought configured to run on propane, but most are sold as natural gas. After all, if the structure is permanent, why not run a gas line from the house. In the long run, it will save money (natural gas is considerably less expensive than propane) and there will be no need to refill those 20-pound propane tanks. This is particularly important in large outdoor kitchen installations where very large grills and a host of additional gas-powered appliances can empty a little tank in a very short amount of time. The fuel decision should be made first since some gas grills cannot be converted between the two fuel types and for those that can, the conversion kit is an unnecessary expense.

Gas Grill Inserts come in many sizes and as you can see from the list to the left in a wide range of prices. While units can be had for less than $1,000USD they can also reach well past $10,000USD. Add to this the cost of additional appliances like side burners, sinks, refrigeration, pizza ovens, smokers, and much, much more and the cost for the appliance alone can reach over $100,000. On the other hand, a minimal installation with a basic gas grill, side burner and perhaps a single set of access doors can be had for well under $5,000.

Comparing Grills

Finding the right built-in gas grill can be a challenge. The list on the left contains nearly 200 models from over 40 brands and nearly 30 companies and the list isn't complete. I have recommendations for the Best Built-in Gas grills in multiple price ranges, but availability can be spotty and most brick and mortar retailers only carry a few brands. Landscape architects, where many people looking for higher-end products will go, generally have exclusive distribution dealers with two or three brands. It is my opinion that the consumer should make the choice that is right for them and not limit themselves to a single retail source. Research first, find the price range you are looking for and then start contacting sources for your outdoor kitchen appliances.

Buy the grill you need, not the one that shines the most. Of course, for most of these grills the construction is going to be stainless steel and once you move above $2,000USD the quality of that stainless will improve. Aside from this, match the size with what you will actually use. There are some monster gas grills out there, but if you are only going to be grilling for a few people, most of that size will be a waste of space. Many units, particularly on the higher end have built-in rotisserie systems and while I am a big fan of this style of cooking, some people are not and this may represent a feature that never gets used. Many grills also feature infrared burners. Some, in fact, are all infrared. While these burners can reach impressive temperatures, if it isn't something you need, don't pay extra for it. On the other hand, it is better to overbuy. Replacing a built-in gas grill isn't a simple process.


There is no standardization among manufacturers of outdoor kitchens. The grill head fits into a cutout section of the enclosure. Cutouts can vary greatly in size even among similarly sized grills. Just because two units say that are 32 inches wide (the typical way these grills are measured), doesn't mean that they will both fit the same cutout. Most manufacturers provide exact measurements for the cutouts necessary for their grills and have them available on their websites. Use these cutout dimensions as a starting point for laying out the outdoor kitchen enclosure.

Of course, the structure for an outdoor kitchen needs to be fireproof. This is not to say that a wood frame structure isn't possible. Many designed start with a frame built much like the average house. A wood frame structure, however, needs to separate the appliances from the wood. This can be done in the construction of the frame, but many manufacturer's offer metal jackets or sleeves for the built-in gas grill to sit in. Typically, these jackets cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000 depending on the size and type of grill. When planning an outdoor kitchen, make sure that this issue is addressed and any additional cost factored in.

Calculating a Total Cost

While the gas grill is the centerpiece of any outdoor kitchen, there is so much more that can be added. These extras are an additional expense that can drive up the appliance price quickly. A basic outdoor kitchen will generally feature a grill, a side burner, and a set of access doors. Most of the companies that represent the products on the left can provide these. For a basic configuration, add about 50% to the grill price and that will put you in the neighborhood of the total appliance price. A moderate outdoor kitchen will add refrigeration (outdoor rated of course) and additional doors and drawers. It might also include a larger, more powerful side burner. This setup will generally double the cost of the gas grill for the total appliance cost. A full feature outdoor kitchen can add pizza ovens, charcoal grills, sinks and a wide range of cabinetry. In this range, multiply the cost of the gas grill by three or four to find the total appliance cost.

Built-in Gas Grills under $2000

Built-in Gas Grills between $2000 and $4000

Built-in Gas Grills between $4000 and $6000

Built-in Gas Grills over $6000