Built-in Pellet Grills

Until recently, if you wanted a custom outdoor kitchen you either had a charcoal grill made for you or you were forced to select a gas grill. These days there are so many more options including pellet grills. These models are built to look like most gas grill inserts all shiny stainless steel and smooth surfaces.

Memphis Pro

Memphis Grill is one of the top of the line manufacturer's of pellet grills. They approach this category with the idea of making a product that looks and works much like a gas grill. They are good looking (the best looking in the industry) and convenient. They are not, however, inexpensive. This particular model runs around $3600USD and it is the smaller of their built-in line. On the other hand, this pellet grill has 562 square inches of primary grill space and direct grilling capabilities. In fact, this pellet grill can put a serious sear on a steak and still be able to smoke a brisket for as long as you desire. It is the perfect balance of functionality, beauty, and performance.

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Memphis Elite

The Mempis elite is bigger and simply better than the pro version. With nearly 850 square inches of primary cooking space, this model comes with full wi-fi capability. This means that this model can be monitored and controlled from anywhere, and I mean anywhere. With a price tag around $4700USD, it isn't cheap, but it is the best pellet grill on the market.

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Louisiana Grills Estate

Louisiana Grills might not be as well known, but they offer a product line larger and more diverse than industry giant Traeger. This built-in unit is a basic pellet grill, but with a large capacity and stainless steel construction, its $2000USD price tag is very reasonable. As the least expensive built-in pellet grill, it offers good grilling and great smoking capacilities without breaking the bank.

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Selecting a Built-in

The first reason why you should consider a pellet grill as your built-in grill is based in the advantages of this style of cooking. Pellet grills burn real wood. That produces real smoke. Because of their ability to hold low cooking temperatures, they make great smokers, as well as good grills. In the Built-in Category, there isn't a lot choose from so far, but as the market expands, I'm certain that other manufacturers will begin adding these to their product line up.

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When considering a built-in pellet grill, it is important to consider their layout. The two units from Memphis grills have rear mounted pellet hoppers (where the wood pellets are added and stored), this means that they must be accessible from behind. This can be something of a design limit, but these are the best built-in pellet grills on the market even considering this limitation and their high price.

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As with any built-in grill, pellet cookers need to be mounted into a solid, fire-proof enclosure. They require electricity so that enclosure must be wired for power and have all the the standard electrical safety concerns for outdoor installation considered. Since they do not require gas, this is a way of avoiding extra plumbing when building an outdoor kitchen.

It is worth noting that pellet grills are more expensive to operate that gas grills. Wood pellets can be expensive, though with the growing popularity of this style of cooking, they have become easier to find. Natural gas, which is the fuel of choice for built in gas grills is relatively cheap, in fact it is the cheapest fuel for outdoor cooking. Gas, of course, doesn't provide flavor, however, wood pellets do.