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  • 22 Pellet Grill Recipes

    22 Pellet Grill Recipes

    These 22 fabulous pellet grill recipes for the beginner and advanced cooks!

  • About Us

    Mission Statement: Whether it is a person’s first cookout, first smoked brisket or their hundredth, it should be a great experience. It should work. My goal is to make that experience as successful as possible, every time. Satisfaction with all things Barbecue & Grilling is part of the outdoor experience. It is about friends and…

  • 10 Types of Ribs (Pork, Beef, Lamb)

    10 Types of Ribs (Pork, Beef, Lamb)

    Learn all about the 10 types of ribs, what to look for, and how to prepare them! If you own a smoker or grill, you will be familiar with spare ribs, baby backs, and perhaps beef ribs. However, did you know that there are more options out there, and even better, did you know that…

  • Best Grilled and Smoked Vegetable Recipes

    Best Grilled and Smoked Vegetable Recipes

    The best grilled and smoked vegetable recipes for year round meal planning.

  • The 12 Best Marinades

    The 12 Best Marinades

    Try these 12 marinades for all your home cooking needs. Use on meats and vegetables.

  • What is a Blue Steak?

    What is a Blue Steak?

    Learn how to make a blue steak with this comprehensive step by step recipe guide.

  • The Best Grilled and Smoked Appetizers

    The Best Grilled and Smoked Appetizers

    Try our best grilled and smoked appetizers at your next cookout or party.

  • The Brisket Buying Guide

    The Brisket Buying Guide

    This brisket buying guide will answer all your questions and help you select the best brisket for your cooking needs.

  • Weber vs Traeger

    Weber vs Traeger

    Money, Marketing, and Patents: Fighting for control of Barbecue On July 5th, 2021, the day after barbecue’s biggest day, pellet grill maker Traeger announced their filing for an initial public stock offering. Almost simultaneously, Traeger had issued a press release confirming their purchase of wireless thermometer company Meater. Six days after Traeger’s IPO filing, grill…

  • BBQ Online: The Early Years

    BBQ Online: The Early Years

    We often hear the story of the young pitmaster learning the craft at the knee of an elder and how barbecue traditions passed from one generation to another. Travelers to the barbecue belt brought back some tips and hints, but little in the way of comprehensive instructions. Occasionally, a book might contain a recipe or…

  • Steak Temperature Guide

    Steak Temperature Guide

    Use this steak temperature guide to help you determine the best steak doneness!

  • Traeger Über Alles

    Traeger Über Alles

    Does Traeger have a path to global domination? The pellet grill market isn’t just competitive; it can be downright ruthless. Companies fight for dominance, credibility, and the claim of authenticity. To gain the upper hand competitively requires a lot of creativity. I know most readers will agree on product innovation, but there are other forms…

  • How to Make Rotisserie Chicken

    How to Make Rotisserie Chicken
  • How to Make Barbecue Brisket

    How to Make Barbecue Brisket
  • Ban the Bristle

    Ban the Bristle

    Grill Brushes are sending people to the hospital. We’ve known about it for years. It is Time to Ban the Bristle!