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  • Traeger Über Alles

    Traeger Über Alles

    Does Traeger have a path to global domination? The pellet grill market isn’t just competitive; it can be downright ruthless. Companies fight for dominance, credibility, and the claim of authenticity. To gain the upper hand competitively requires a lot of creativity. I know most readers will agree on product innovation, but there are other forms…

  • How to Make Rotisserie Chicken

    How to Make Rotisserie Chicken
  • How to Make Barbecue Brisket

    How to Make Barbecue Brisket
  • Ban the Bristle

    Ban the Bristle

    Grill Brushes are sending people to the hospital. We’ve known about it for years. It is Time to Ban the Bristle!

  • Grill Brush Alternatives

    Grill Brush Alternatives

    Worried about wire bristles getting into your food? Try these grill brush alternatives instead.

  • Pellet versus Kamado

    Pellet versus Kamado

    Every time I read the marketing materials on a brand of a kamado grill, it boasts the same story of the 3,000-year-old design and ancient craftsmanship. This isn’t really true. In Japan, there are still old-style ceramic cookers used today for cooking rice. In the early days of the US occupation of Japan, servicemen removed…

  • Will Success Ruin Traeger?

    Will Success Ruin Traeger?

    Love or hate Traeger, you have to admit they have changed outdoor cooking forever. Certainly, many people make fun of pellet grills for not being real smokers or good grills.  I tend to be one of them. I don’t hate pellet grills, but given a choice between my various backyard cookers, I seldom fire one…

  • The Death of the Holland Grill

    The Death of the Holland Grill

    Somewhere in the mid-1970s, Brad Holland became frustrated with his gas grill. It flared up. It burnt his food. And in general, it angered him that such a simple device could cook so poorly. For 12 years Brad worked to improve the gas grill, and in 1988 he began selling The Holland Grill. It was…

  • The Pellet Grill Arms Race

    The Pellet Grill Arms Race

    By Derrick RichesUpdated: October 21, 2019 For over 20 years, people have been telling me that the pellet grill is the new gas grill. Those people are wrong. Completely wrong. Pellet grills, while easy to use, are mechanically complicated, occasionally temperamental, and above the maintenance habits of many backyard cooks. Oh, and they seldom reach…

  • BBQ & Grilling Gift Guide

    BBQ & Grilling Gift Guide

    You want to give the grill or smoker to that special someone, but you still want it to be a surprise. Certainly, hints have been dropped and you’ve caught them eyeing up a few models at the local hardware store. But how do you get them the grill they want without coming straight out and…

  • The Cookout Tariffs

    The Cookout Tariffs

    The outdoor cooking industry is unique in many ways. A handful of companies and even fewer retailers control the majority of the market. Of course, there are dozens of other companies making high-end stainless steel gas grills, pellet cookers, smokers, and everything else under the sun. The market is diverse and filled with manufacturers both…

  • What Consumer Reports Got Wrong about Grills, 2019

    What Consumer Reports Got Wrong about Grills, 2019

    Let me start by saying that not only do I respect Consumer Reports. I strongly support what they do as a consumer advocacy group. I have used their recommendations in the past while making purchasing decisions and found them very useful. On the other hand, they have a specific methodology that doesn’t always address the…

  • About Barbecue & Grilling Product Evaluations

    About Barbecue & Grilling Product Evaluations

    For more than two decades I have been testing, evaluating, and gathering information on every type of outdoor cooking equipment, accessories, foods, and, well, anything else barbecue and grilling. When I test a product, I look for not only how well it does what it is supposed to do, but also what is the value…

  • Santa Maria Barbecue

    Santa Maria Barbecue

    Santa Maria BBQ originated in the Santa Maria Valley, and renowned for its delectable grilled beef and standout side dishes.

  • Seeking a Definition of Barbecue

    Seeking a Definition of Barbecue

    As barbecue continues to evolve from a rural southern cooking tradition into a global cuisine, more attention has and needs to be paid to its origin and definition. Purists seeking authenticity find themselves hampered by a confused and often false history of the development of barbecue linking its roots to the early colonial Americas. As…