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  • Seeking a Definition of Barbecue

    Seeking a Definition of Barbecue

    As barbecue continues to evolve from a rural southern cooking tradition into a global cuisine, more attention has and needs to be paid to its origin and definition. Purists seeking authenticity find themselves hampered by a confused and often false history of the development of barbecue linking its roots to the early colonial Americas. As…

  • In Defense of Lighter Fluid

    In Defense of Lighter Fluid

    Charcoal lighter fluid is the big no-no of barbecue. It offers convenience and a bad aftertaste and yet remains the most popular way to start your cookouts. The people at Kingsford Charcoal tell you not to use it and then sell it by the tanker full. It has warning labels that talk of birth defects,…

  • Judging the Jack

    Judging the Jack

    When I tell people that I am going to be judging a barbecue competition, I always get that smile and a wink. Few casual observers of the strange world of competition barbecue think that judging is difficult or merits serious consideration. Try explaining that to the competitors, particularly those who make a living on the…