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  • BBQ & Grilling Gift Guide

    BBQ & Grilling Gift Guide

    You want to give the grill or smoker to that special someone, but you still want it to be a surprise. Certainly, hints have been dropped and you’ve caught them eyeing up a few models at the local hardware store. But how do you get them the grill they want without coming straight out and […]

  • The Cookout Tariffs

    The Cookout Tariffs

    The outdoor cooking industry is unique in many ways. A handful of companies and even fewer retailers control the majority of the market. Of course, there are dozens of other companies making high-end stainless steel gas grills, pellet cookers, smokers, and everything else under the sun. The market is diverse and filled with manufacturers both […]

  • What Consumer Reports Got Wrong about Grills, 2019

    What Consumer Reports Got Wrong about Grills, 2019

    Let me start by saying that not only do I respect Consumer Reports. I strongly support what they do as a consumer advocacy group. I have used their recommendations in the past while making purchasing decisions and found them very useful. On the other hand, they have a specific methodology that doesn’t always address the […]

  • Can Kamado Joe save Big Green Egg?

    Can Kamado Joe save Big Green Egg?

    The Kamado grill was not invented by Big Green Egg nor is it a 2,000 year old piece of Japanese cooking equipment. The Kamado grill is the fusion of Japanese tradition and the American need to grill a steak. Servicemen stationed in Japan after the war pulled out the bowl of a charcoal-burning ceramic cooker, […]