• Garlic Butter Turkey Injection

    Garlic Butter Turkey Injection

    This marinade imparts a delectable buttery flavor with a kick of garlicky goodness. Your holiday turkey will be a hit!

  • Pellet Grill New York Strip

    Pellet Grill New York Strip

    This luscious New York strip steak is deliciously smoky with a perfectly seared crust. Definitely a must-try recipe.

  • Honey BBQ Rub

    Honey BBQ Rub

    Easy, homemade honey BBQ rub with the perfect balance of savory, sweetness and heat.

  • Beef Rib Marinade

    Beef Rib Marinade

    This perfectly balanced beef rib marinade will help keep your beef ribs tender and flavorful..

  • Carolina Vinegar BBQ Sauce

    Carolina Vinegar BBQ Sauce

    Introducing a classic vinegar sauce from East North Carolina, made specifically for pulled pork. It’s simply unbeatable.

  • Chuck Roast on a Pellet Smoker

    Chuck Roast on a Pellet Smoker

    Try our amazing smoked chuck roast recipe and get ready to taste some phenomenal BBQ beef.

  • Grilled Lobster Tails with Pesto

    Grilled Lobster Tails with Pesto

    These grilled lobster tails with pesto are indulgent and gorgeous. Make a lasting impression on special occasions with this recipe.

  • Smoked Garlic

    Smoked Garlic

    Garlic lovers unite! This smoked garlic is a game changer, and so easy to make on your grill or smoker.

  • Smoked Gochujang Ribs

    Smoked Gochujang Ribs

    Tender BBQ ribs with the rich, umami flavors of Korean gochujang. A great choice for cookouts.

  • Smoked Chicken Halves

    Smoked Chicken Halves

    These smoked chicken halves are a mouthwatering delight that combines tender slow-cooked chicken with aromatic smoky flavor.

  • Easy Chicken Injection Marinade

    Easy Chicken Injection Marinade

    This three-ingredient injection marinade will infuse chicken with loads of flavor.

  • Smoked Pastrami Steak

    Smoked Pastrami Steak

    Pastrami steak is the perfect fusion of tender steak and bold, smoky pastrami flavor.