• Surefire BBQ Pork Injection

    Surefire BBQ Pork Injection

    This surefire BBQ pork injection marinade is your best bet for a delicious, juicy, flavorful pulled pork. Try it on loin roasts and chops too!  What is a pork injection marinade? Pork injection marinades are easy to make and include three basic items: acids like cider vinegar or fruit juice, a flavorful liquid like broth, […]

  • Grilled Keto Zucchini Skins

    Grilled Keto Zucchini Skins

    Easy, delicious, keto-friendly grilled zucchini skins. Perfect for any occasion.

  • Bacon Wrapped Green Beans

    Bacon Wrapped Green Beans

    Easy two ingredients bacon wrapped green bean recipe. Try this amazing vegetable side dish today!

  • Creole Butter Turkey Injection

    Creole Butter Turkey Injection

    Infuse fantastic flavor by using this homemade Creole Butter Turkey Injection.

  • Butter-Herb Rotisserie Turkey

    Butter-Herb Rotisserie Turkey

    Learn all the key steps for making the best rotisserie turkey.

  • Beer and Butter Turkey Injection

    Beer and Butter Turkey Injection

    This simple beer and butter turkey injection marinade will add loads of extra flavor to your oven-baked or smoked holiday turkey. Whether grilling, smoking, or baking, this injection marinade will help keep the bird moist and delicious during the cooking process. The beauty of the turkey injection marinade is that you can use it on […]

  • Easy Creole Turkey Rub

    Easy Creole Turkey Rub

    A flavorful and easy creole turkey rub recipe with just the right amount of heat.

  • Truffle and Herb Butter

    Truffle and Herb Butter

    Creamy, homemade herb and truffle butter recipe. Great for eggs and steaks.

  • Kansas City Barbecue Sauce

    Kansas City Barbecue Sauce

    A quick and easy homemade recipe for Kansas City BBQ sauce.

  • Twice Baked Potato Casserole

    Twice Baked Potato Casserole

    Creamy, delicious, fully loaded twice baked potato casserole

  • Herb-Butter Turkey Rub

    Herb-Butter Turkey Rub

    A quick and easy butter-herb rub for turkey.

  • Smoked Corned Beef Hash

    Smoked Corned Beef Hash

    Smoked corned beef hash cooked on the grill in a cast-iron pan, served with eggs.