• Smoked Beef Back Ribs

    Smoked Beef Back Ribs

    These fantastic smoked beef back ribs are tender, smoky, and spend a mere 3 1/2 hours on the grill.

  • Twice Baked Potato Casserole

    Twice Baked Potato Casserole

    This fully loaded twice baked potato casserole is creamy, delicious, and perfect for any occasion – be it a holiday, a dinner party, or Sunday dinner.

  • Walnut Compound Butter

    Walnut Compound Butter

    This simple herb infused walnut compound butter is perfect on main proteins and vegetables!

  • Smoked Au Gratin Potatoes

    Smoked Au Gratin Potatoes

    Smoked au gratin potatoes are the new and improved version of a comfort food classic. A delicious, easy recipe!

  • Flat Iron Tacos

    Flat Iron Tacos

    Tender flat-iron steak tacos with zesty marinade and fresh toppings. A delicious way to spice up dinner.

  • Grilled Coconut Curry Halibut

    Grilled Coconut Curry Halibut

    Grilled halibut bathed in an aromatic coconut-curry sauce. Simple, nutritious, and delicious!

  • Cajun Pork Riblets

    Cajun Pork Riblets

    These smoky Cajun Pork Riblets make the perfect appetizer for cookouts and parties. It’s easy to make, and the flavor is simply unbeatable.

  • Smoked Salted Caramels

    Smoked Salted Caramels

    With just a few simple ingredients and a stovetop, you can whip up a batch of these sweet and savory candies in no time.

  • Grilled Salmon Tacos

    Grilled Salmon Tacos

    Easy, homemade salmon tacos cooked right on the grill in a cast-iron skillet.

  • Brie and Apple Pizza

    Brie and Apple Pizza

    Delicious apple and brie personal pizzas cooked right on your grill! Homemade and super simple!

  • Smoked Venison Tenderloin

    Smoked Venison Tenderloin

    Smoked venison tenderloin served with pineapple, ginger, and rum sauce..

  • No Mayo Coleslaw

    No Mayo Coleslaw

    This is one of the easiest no mayo coleslaw recipes! It’s my ‘go-to’ slaw when I’m pressed for time. It’s versatile too and compliments so many grilled or smoked proteins! Serve this no mayo coleslaw with smoked brisket, pork belly burnt ends, pulled pork, or pulled chicken. This slaw has a bright, fresh flavor that…