• Chipotle Skirt Steaks

    Chipotle Skirt Steaks

    Delicious smoky chipotle grilled skirt steak. Great for tacos and fajitas!

  • Smoked Hummus

    Smoked Hummus

    An easy, delicious smoked hummus appetizer perfect for any party, potluck, or cookout.

  • Cast-Iron Jumbo Shrimp

    Cast-Iron Jumbo Shrimp

    These Latin-American inspired cast-iron shrimp are marinated in citrus, sazon, and garlic mixture, then cooked hot and fast on the grill.

  • Spicy Chicken Wings

    Spicy Chicken Wings

    Mouthwatering homemade spicy chicken wings cooked right in your smoker.

  • Moroccan Beef Kebabs

    Moroccan Beef Kebabs

    Spice up your meals with Moroccan beef kebabs marinated in earthy spices like coriander, cumin, and cloves.

  • Smoked Pumpkin Butter

    Smoked Pumpkin Butter

    A delicious budget-friendly smoked pumpkin butter recipe. Use as an ice cream, waffle, or pancake topping.

  • Cedar Plank Salmon

    Cedar Plank Salmon

    Three things that work together in harmony are scotch, salmon, and the grill.

  • Pellet Grill Spare Ribs

    Pellet Grill Spare Ribs

    Tried and true method for “fall off the bone” tender spare ribs. Smoky and delicious!

  • Pitmaster BBQ Rib Rub

    Pitmaster BBQ Rib Rub

    Flavor your pork ribs like an expert with this easy, homemade Pitmaster rib rub!

  • Ultimate Steak Rub

    Ultimate Steak Rub

    Try this ultimate steak rub for the best steak of your life. Easy to make with few ingredients,

  • Pulled Pork Spring Rolls

    Pulled Pork Spring Rolls

    Fresh pulled pork rolls served with a delicious mustard barbecue dipping sauce.

  • Peruvian Chicken

    Peruvian Chicken

    Learn to make rotisserie style Peruvian Chicken, also called Pollo a la Brasa. Delicious!