Category: Rubs

  • Citrus-Rosemary Turkey Rub

    Citrus-Rosemary Turkey Rub

    A butter based citrus and rosemary turkey rub. An easy, flavorful rub for your holiday needs.

  • Brown Sugar Brisket Rub

    Brown Sugar Brisket Rub

    Quick and easy BBQ brisket rub made with brown sugar and earthy spices.

  • Kansas City Rub for Pork

    Kansas City Rub for Pork

    A traditional Kansas city style rub that is great for pork roasts and ribs!

  • Hot n’ Spicy Hog Rub

    Hot n’ Spicy Hog Rub

    This Hot n’ Spicy hog rub will blow your mind! This rub is perfect for any cut of pork, including chops, smoked pork ribs, pork shoulder, and even a whole hog. Increase this hot n’ spicy rub recipe for larger items. I’m a firm believer in making my own rubs, and this recipe is among […]

  • All Purpose Poultry Rub

    All Purpose Poultry Rub

    This all-purpose poultry rub has all the goodness of a basic chicken rub, with a bit of chili powder for earthiness and a splash of paprika for color. Simple, unique, and delicious. You have the option of using this mixture as a dry rub, a wet rub, or adding this poultry seasoning mixture to sauces […]