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Chicken Wing Recipes for the Grill or Smoker

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Whether you’re having a cookout or game day event, what better way to celebrate than with these Chicken Wing Recipes for the Grill or Smoker! 

The best wing recipes

From the earliest days of fried and sauced wings to grilled and smoked versions, the chicken wing remains the go-to appetizer. Our best chicken wing recipes demonstrate the versatility of the chicken wing, and we all can use a little more crunchy, smoky goodness in our lives! Our wing recipes range from sweet and spicy to aromatic and savory, and are anything but bland! 

Wings are perfect for the grill or smoker, as they render fat during the cooking process and pick up all that divine live-fire flavor. We must admit that there are few things better than a perfectly cooked, smoky chicken wing. We aren’t saying that this beloved appetizer is strictly for game nights and tailgating events. You can serve them at cookouts, parties, and they make a delicious weekend meal. As always, we recommend having a reliable instant-read thermometer when grilling. If you’re looking to make tender, juicy chicken wings, then try placing them into a brine for 2-3 hours before cooking. Our Chicken Wing Brine is a great place to start! That way you can pull the wings at just the right time. Now, lets have a look at these Chicken Wing Recipes for the Grill or Smoker!

1.) Old Bay Chicken Wings

Old Bay seasoned chicken wings cooked in a pellet grill.

These Old Bay Chicken Wings are seasoned with an Old Bay seasoning rub, grilled to perfection, then coated in a fantastic honey glaze. They are delicious and make the perfect appetizer for cookouts, parties, and game nights. While this recipe is tailored for a pellet grill, you can cook them on any grill.

2.) Garlic-Pepper Chicken Wings

Chicken wings on a charcoal grill

These dry-rubbed, garlic-pepper chicken wings can be served with a dipping sauce or topped with a glaze right before coming off the grill. We recommend using a mild fruit-based glaze for these wings, but the seasonings will stand out on their own. These wings make the perfect appetizer for cookouts, tailgating, and Super Bowl parties.

3.) Smoky Szechuan Chicken Wings

Plated chicken wings with Szechuan sauce

These perfect Smoky Szechuan Chicken Wings start with a flavorful rub and are doused in a rich, slightly piquant Szechuan sauce. We recommend smoking these wings for additional flavor! After trying them, you’ll see why it made our Chicken Wing Recipes list!

4.) Spicy Chicken Wings

Lemon garlic wings on plate with

These mouthwatering spicy chicken wings have always been a hit at our parties. Despite making large batches, they are usually gone within minutes! Yes, that’s how good these spicy wings are. The seasoning is simple, and they spend a short time on the grill, which is a plus in our book. We usually serve these spicy wings with a blue cheese dipping sauce, but we recommend ranch dressing and our popular Comeback Sauce.

5.) Lemon-Garlic Wings

Lemon-Garlic Wings on the Grill

These grilled Lemon Garlic Wings are perfect for any cookout or game day get-together. The best part is that they go well with creamy ranch dressing or a blue cheese dip. Chicken wings work well with any flavor combination but shine coated in lemon and garlic. We recommend using a wing brine before grilling these lemon garlic wings.

6.) Hoisin Honey-Garlic Wings

Hoisin chicken wings plated with garnish

We had to add this to our list of the best grilled wing recipes! These Hoisin Honey-Garlic Wings are grilled to perfection and basted with a delectable East Asian-inspired sauce. If you are looking for a new flavor profile for Super Bowl or casual events, these hoisin honey-garlic wings are it!

7.) Tequila-Lime Wings

Tequila lime chicken wings on the grill

These wings are fantastic The earthy, pungent, spicy flavor combination is amazing! Get them marinating 2-4 hours before any gathering, and throw them on the grill right before your guests arrive. These tequila-lime grilled wings are so good; you’ll need to make a double batch!

8.) Tabasco Chicken Wings

Tabasco Chicken Wings plated with creamy sauce and garnish

These Tabasco Chicken Wings make a delicious appetizer for game days and cookouts! We take these tabasco chicken wings to the grill (or oven) to cook and crisp up perfectly, then I coat them in a tart, savory and spicy tabasco mixture. Oh wow, these wings are good! Serve with a big bowl of ranch or blue cheese dressing for dipping. Grab a napkin while you’re at, and dig in!

9.) Apricot-Balsamic Chicken Wings

Grilled Apricot-Balsamic Chicken Wings on metal tray

These Apricot-Balsamic Chicken Wings are grilled, coated with a delicious fruit and vinegar reduction, then topped with chopped onions and parsley. A perfectly delicious appetizer for any party, cookout, or game day event! Find the recipe

10.) Salt and Vinegar Grilled Chicken Wings

Salt and vinegar wings on wooden  board with dipping sauce

If you love salt and vinegar potato chips, you might love this delicious salt and vinegar chicken wings recipe. These grilled wings make the perfect appetizer for cookouts, game nights, and Super Bowl parties. They are served with a creamy blue cheese dipping sauce for the best grilled wing experience. Even better, these grilled chicken wings are low-carb and keto-friendly. You can’t beat that!

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