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DCS Series 7 Gas Grill Review

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Gas Grills were just black boxes sitting on posts when DCS (Dynamic Cooking Systems) had an idea. A professional quality, all stainless steel gas grill for the luxury market. Generally designed for custom outdoor kitchens, these are more than grills; they are appliances. DCS Gas Grills come in two models, the premium Series 9 and this, the more affordable Series 7. Read on to find out if the DCS Series 7 Gas Grill is for you.

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In 1989, DCS created its first professional quality home range. However, there was a problem in those days. If you wanted professional cooking equipment in your home, you had to do more than a modest remodel. Commercial cooking equipment has its own set of building codes. Bridging the gap between typical home appliances and professional ones greatly expanded the industry.

The DCS story starts with Surjit Kalsi, an engineer at US Stove, and his coworkers Roberto Bernal and Randy Rummel. They started developing cooking equipment in a garage in Southern California. DCS would grow and expand, making its way into the outdoor kitchen market. Over time DCS built cooking equipment for some of the most well-known brands.

Now owned by Fisher & Paykel, DCS builds grills and outdoor kitchen equipment exclusively. They make everything for a complete outdoor kitchen installation, from grills to cabinets to refrigerators. And they make some of the best and most popular high-end gas grills on the market. 

The Series 7 from DCS, sometimes referred to as the ‘traditional’ series, represents the lower price range line of gas grills. Of course, they can still reach prices of nearly $8,000USD. But don’t worry, you aren’t missing much by not stepping up to the series 9 ‘evolution’ series.


DCS has been a leading innovator in gas grills for two decades. They have innovated many of the features that have become the industry standard. 


  • Cast Stainless Steel Channeled Cooking Grates*
  • Heavy U-Type Stainless Steel Tubular Burners
  • Ceramic Bar Barrier in Stainless Steel Racks
  • Secondary Flame Diffuser
  • Seemless 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Continuous Spark Electric Ignition
  • Convertable between Propane and Natural Gas
  • Rear Mounted Infrared Rotisserie Burner*
  • 50-pound Capacity Rotisserie System*
  • Integrated Smoker Drawer with Dedicated Smoker Burner*

*Not available on the 30-inch model


The Cooking Grates

The cooking grates used by DCS are entirely unique. These are cast stainless steel and very heavy. This means they absorb a great deal of heat and are very good at transferring it to food. But this isn’t what makes them innovative. These grates are part of DCS’ strategy to eliminate the potential for flare-ups (which they almost do). 

The grates are channeled and slanted to drain grease from the cooking chamber into a trough in front of the grill. That means that less fat drips into the grill, where it could catch fire. All of this is part of what makes the DCS of the even heating grill on the market. Only one small problem. Put a hot dog on the cooking grate, and it will roll off onto the ground if you are not careful. 

These grates are reversible—one side for fattier foods and one side for more delicate items. Either way, they are among the heaviest in the industry. That is a good thing. 

The Cooking System

DCS builds a solid set of burners. They are not, as some of the competition, cast metal burners. DCS’ stainless steel tubular burners are massive and heavy, though. The top ported U-type burners are part of an overall cooking system that produces amazingly even heat. DCS has a reputation for even heating. 

Above the burners sit perforated heat shields that focus the heat straight up. These also prevent drippings from reaching the burners, keeping them clean and protected. Over these shields sit trays filled with ceramic rods. The rods absorb heat and then radiate it. This is part of what makes the heat so even. And again, this surface diverts and burns away drippings quickly and efficiently. The DCS Series 7 Gas Grill isn’t flare-up proof, but it is close.

Each main burner produces a maximum output of 25,000 BTUs. 


The Series 7 from DCS comes in three sizes and four configurations. All of these come as freestanding on a nice stainless steel cart or as a custom grill insert. I am going to be upfront with you. The 30-inch model in this series is a very basic grill. It contains simple cooking grates and no real features. I do not recommend this model, as there are many better grills in this size. 

In the 48-inch size, DCS offers two configurations. One is a full, four-burner 48-inch gas grill. The other is a 36-inch model with dual side burners built into the grill body. These are not set into a side table, and they are not just basic grill side burners. Your get a pair of 17,000 BTU power burners. These are the kinds of side burners you find in professional kitchens. Of course, not everyone wants or needs a side burner on their grill. The choice is yours. 

In the freestanding configuration, only the 30-inch comes with side tables, and it costs extra to get two. While DCS makes great carts, these grills were designed to be built-in like an appliance, which is what they are.  



DCS Series 7 Traditional 48-Inch Gas Grill
DCS Series 7 Traditional 48-Inch Gas Grill

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The DCS Series 7 Gas Grills come in standard sizes. While there is no industry standard for built-in gas grills, these are about as close as you are going to get. And while we are talking about it, when a gas grill says it is 36 inches, that is an ambiguous measurement. The 36-inch grill has a cooking grid width of 32 ¼-inches and a grill body width of 42 inches.

The Footprint for Freestanding Grills

Width45.5 inches42 inches53.5 inches
Weight 179 pounds 375 pounds 565 Pounds
Footprint 59.5 x 47 46 X 47 67.5 x 47

Footprint refers to the total space the grill occupies, including the safe placement zone. It is the depth and width of the grill plus 20-inches behind the grill and 7-inches on either side. These are the distances the grill should be placed away from flammable material. In the chart above, it is expressed as width x depth in inches.

DCS Series 7 Gas Grill Sizes

Built-in Installation

If you are dropping your DCS Series 7 Gas Grill into a custom enclosure, measure twice. There are exact cutout specifications available on DCS’ website. Here you will find all the information for power and gas lines. If you are using a contractor, make sure they have experience in this area. Gas Grill inserts are similar to kitchen appliances, but there are some special considerations to think over.

One of those considerations is the jacketed sleeve that the built-in units fit into. These are not necessary but are strongly recommended by the manufacturer. This is an insulated box mounted into the enclosure. The grill then drops into this space. These sleeves are all stainless steel and can cost nearly $1,000USD. This is one of the choices you need to make about a custom enclosure.


DCS 30-Inch

  • Two 25,000 BTU Stainless Steel U-Type Burners
  • 533Square inches of Primary Grilling Area/Total Cooking Area of 748 Square Inches
  • 50,000 BTU Maximum Output from the Main Burners

DCS 36-Inch

  • Three 25,000 BTU Stainless Steel U-Type Burners
  • 638 Square inches of Primary Grilling Area/Total Cooking Area of 897 Square Inches
  • 75,000 BTU Maximum Output from the Main Burners
  • 14,000 BTU Rear Mounted Infrared Rotisserie Burner
  • 3,500 BTU Dedicated Smoker Burner

DCS 48-Inch w/Side Burners

  • Three 25,000 BTU Stainless Steel U-Type Burners
  • 630 Square Inches of Primary Grilling Area/Total Cooking Area of 871 Square Inches
  • 75,000 BTU Maximum Output from the Main Burners
  • 14,000 BTU Rear Mounted Infrared Rotisserie Burner
  • 3,500 BTU Dedicated Smoker Burner
  • Two 14,000 BTU Side Burners

DCS 48-Inch

  • Four 25,000 Stainless Steel U-Type Burners
  • 855 Square Inches of Primary Grilling Area/Total Cooking Area of 1,182 Square Inches
  • 100,000 BTU Maximum Output from the Main Burners
  • 18,000 BTU Rear Mounted Infrared Rotisserie Burner
  • 3,500 BTU Dedicated Smoker Burner

Outdoor Kitchen Components

DCS Grills are just a part of this company’s product line. They are in the outdoor kitchen business, and while making great grills is a big part of that, it is just a part. DCS offers outdoor refrigerators, both in hinged draw and drawer configurations. These units have beer coolers, ice makers, and beverage coolers. All of them are designed for outdoor cabinet installation. 

There are also warming drawers, side burners, power burners, open grills, and griddles. Added to their gas grills, you have a cooking solution for every need. These come in a variety of sizes so that you can get a 70,000 BTU, 24-inch power burner. This will boil ten gallons of water in a couple of minutes. The open grills and griddles are simple, powerful, and elegant. 

On top of this are all the cabinet configurations you can imagine. This includes the doors and drawers and drop-in containers that can be used as ice buckets or condiment trays. All of these products are made with 304 stainless steel. 

Full Review – DCS Series 7 Gas Grill

DCS Series 7 Gas Grill Review

Derrick Riches

Even Heat
Construction Quality
Temperature Range


DCS literally created the high-end gas grill market. They took the backyard barbecue and turned it into a luxury appliance line. DCS was so successful at this that nearly half of its competition was started by former employees. DCS is a big, powerful brand that produces some of the best gas grills on the market. Yes, their days of cutting-edge innovation seem to be behind them, but their focus on customers and reliability is hard to beat. 

The DCS Series 7 Gas Grills are a good compromise in the outdoor kitchen market. You can spend a lot more, but you won’t get dramatic improvements in quality or construction. The DCS Series 9 ‘Evolution’ grills offer more features but the same basics. They also come in between $1,000USD and $2,000 more than these Series 7 grills. 

What makes these grills great is the attention to detail in the cooking system. DCS takes the designation of professional-level cooking equipment seriously. This is why the DCS Series 7 Gas Grills are both among the most powerfully built and the most evenly heated. Will there be flare-ups? Yes. Of course. Almost all gas grills have this. But DCS flare-ups are not serious or long-lasting. The grease management is extremely good.

Should you buy one of the DCS Series 7 Gas Grills? There is a lot of competition in this price and size range. One thing to remember is that DCS is the original. If you want more features like the capability of converting the grill to charcoal, look at Series 9. If you are looking for comparables, look below. If, however, all this sounds like the grill for you, you shouldn’t hesitate to buy one of these grills, just not the 30-inch model.



  • Excellent Cooking Grates
  • Very Even Heat
  • High Heat Output
  • Superior Construction


  • Slightly Higher Risk of Flare-ups
  • Not Very Innovative


Twin Eagles C-Series

This great-looking 304 stainless steel gas grill is not only beautiful to look at but a master of engineering. Twin Eagles manufacturers one of the best lines of outdoor cooking appliances and this is the cornerstone of that line. Every detail from the distribution of heat to the polished seams has been thought out with obsessive detail. This three-burner unit generally sells for a little over $5,000 and comes with a rear-mounted infrared rotisserie burner and any of the main burners can be swapped out with an infrared searing burner. There is a lot of versatility to this grill and a host of extras can be added on.

Read more about the Twin Eagles

Twin Eagles 42-Inch Built-in Gas Grill
Twin Eagles 42-Inch Built-in Gas Grill

Aspire by Hestan 42

Hestan has changed the game of high-end outdoor grills and taken the industry by storm in the last few years. They also build some of the most expensive grills on the market. The Aspire series is actually their ‘budget’ brand. At well over $4,000USD this doesn’t seem like a cutback in anyway. This big, powerful built-in gas grill is perfect for any outdoor kitchen. The 42-inch model has four main burners that can pump out a maximum of 92,000 BTUs under 774 square inches of stainless steel cooking space. There is even a full rotisserie system. No, this model lacks the weight and performance of Hestan’s main brand, but this is still a very competitive product.

Find out more about the Aspire by Hestan 42

Aspire by Hestan 42-inch Built-in Gas Grill
Aspire by Hestan 42-inch Built-in Gas Grill

Alfresco ALXE 36

Just as an example of how well this gas grill is built, the rotisserie is driven by a chain system that is completely invisible from the outside. Load up the rod with as much food as will fit (it can take the weight) and drop it into the unit and fire up the rear mounted rotisserie burner. The whole operation is seamless and easy as is the rest of this grill. This three burner model also has an integrated smoker box with a dedicated burner and any of the main burners can be swapped out with infrared. The standard burners, however, can pump out up to 125 BTUs per square inch (the same as the Fire Magic above). This is a well engineered and powerful grill that can last for years easily.

Read more about the Alfresco ALXE 36

Alfresco ALXE 36-Inch Built-in Gas Grill
Alfresco ALXE 36-Inch Built-in Gas Grill

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