Elevate Portable Gas Grill Review

Elevate Portable Gas Grill




Temperature Control


High Temperature




Construction Quality



  • Lightweight portable gas grill that can be carried with one hand
  • Heavy cast iron cooking grates good for transferring heat
  • Compact design
  • Two independent cooking areas


  • Base is largely plastic
  • Higher priced portable

Specifications - Elevate Portable Gas Grill

•Two 7,000 BTU stainless steel burners
•286 square inch total grilling area
•14,000 BTU maximum output
•24-pound total weight
•Enameled stamped steel construction
•Cast iron cooking grates
•Storage space for 1-pound propane bottle
•Electric (AAA-battery) ignition
•Folds closed for one-handed carry
•Used standard 1-pound disposable propane bottles
•Made in China for Point Elevate

Full Review - Elevate Portable Gas Grill

Portable gas grills are either very small or difficult to carry. I consider being able to be carried in one hand to be a must for portable grills. The Elevate Grill has a large cooking surface and can easily be transported. At 24 pounds this is light enough to be portable. And yet, the heavy cast iron cooking grates transfer heat and give this little gas grill, full-sized grill power.

One of the things that really makes this grill stand out is the dual cooking surface. Yes, it is more a design issue than a practical cooking one. However, the ability to cook a couple of burgers without heating the entire grill, or burning unnecessary fuel is a real plus. It also allows for two zone cooking with one side turned up hot and the other on low. This feature makes the Elevate Grill one of the most versatile portables on the market.

A few of the other features include removable drip pans for easy cleaning and a storage compartment for a one-pound disposable propane tank. The cooking grates lock in place but can be easily removed so it is possible to take them and the drip pans out for washing. Basic maintenance and cleaning are easy. One issue to consider is, that since the cooking surfaces will fold up vertical to the grill for transport any grease or debris can leak out over the base of the grill. This actually makes the removable drip pans very important since you will want to empty these out before folding up the grill.

All in all, this is a well engineered portable gas grill. The construction is good. I am not thrilled, however, with the amount of plastic used in the base of the unit. Of course, certain tradeoffs have to be made and I have knocked the unit around and it still works fine. For the person looking for a large portable gas grill, this is certainly one worth looking at.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.

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