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Global BBQ Recipes

If you enjoy the flavors of barbecue, you’re in for a treat! Explore what the world has to offer with these delicious global BBQ recipes!


We have everything from the mouth-watering flavors of Sinaloa Chicken from Mexico to Grilled Za’atar Shrimp from the Middle East, German BBQ Chicken from Europe, and so much more! These traditional and fusion recipes are perfect for parties, weekend cookouts, or any time you crave that flame-kissed flavor. So light up your grill or smoker and get ready to embark on a global BBQ journey!

Sinaloa Chicken


Sinaloa chicken is a popular Mexican street food chicken marinated in citrus juice and chilis, then grilled over coals. Traditionally, the chicken is spatchcocked, grilled, cut in half lengthwise, and sold. Our recipe calls for a whole cut-up chicken, but you can certainly use the traditional spatchcock method instead.

Smoked Gochujang Ribs

Smoked Gochujang Ribs

Our smoked gochujang ribs recipe marries the rich, umami flavors of Korean gochujang with the tenderness of perfectly smoked pork ribs. The sweet heat and captivating aromas make this a show stopping main course for any cookout or family meal!

German BBQ Chicken


This Dusseldorf-style barbecue chicken is bathed in a lager and mustard marinade, then cooked over charcoal. If you don’t have a charcoal unit, never fear. This chicken can be cooked on any type of grill or in the oven. Serve this delightful German barbecue chicken with a side of sauerkraut and grilled potato skewers.

Smoked Porchetta

whole porchetta on a cutting board

Porchetta is a savory Italian rolled roast with skin on pork belly with the pork loin still attached. This flavorful roast is salted overnight, stuffed with aromatic herbs and citrus zest, tied with kitchen twine, then cooked low and slow. This is by far one of our favorite global BBQ recipes to serve on special occasions!

Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Jamaican Jerk Chicken on a plate with lime slices

Caribbean cuisine is incredibly diverse, but one thing remains true, Jamaican jerk marinated chicken hits the top of the flavor list every time. The mixture of herbs, earthy spices, and piquant flavors is amazing.

Char Siu Ribs

Char Siu Ribs - Global BBQ Recipes

Char siu is Cantonese-style BBQ pork. It typically features pork loin, but some cooks prefer to use pork belly or ribs. The meat is marinated, grilled, and then finished with delectable sweet and savory sauce. This dish remains popular in most of Asia and is also available in Chinatown eateries across the United States.


Choripan Sandwich - Global BBQ Recipes

Choripán is a popular Argentinian sandwich that has taken South America by storm! The name choripán translates as chori, a shortened version of chorizo, and pan, meaning bread. The sausages are sliced lengthwise, grilled hot and fast, then served on bread with chimichurri. 

Easy Masala Chicken Breasts


These easy masala chicken breasts are marinated in a fragrant South Asian spices, creamy yogurt, and citrus juice marinade, then grilled to perfection.

Mexican Rotisserie Chicken (Pollo Asado)

Mexican Rotisserie Chicken

Pollo asado is a Mexican (and Latin American) dish where chicken is marinated in a citrus-spice mixture and spit roasted. This popular street food item and is typically served with rice, beans, tortillas, corn, and salsa.

Sri Lankan BBQ Ribs

Sri Lankan BBQ Ribs

These Sri Lankan BBQ Ribs are tender and delicious! They are marinated, cooked low and slow, then coated in a sweet tomato and mango chutney barbecue sauce. The flavors are subtly smoky and aromatic. While different from traditional North American BBQ ribs, these ribs are equally drool-worthy! 

Beef Suya Skewers

Beef Suya Skewers

These deliciously spiced, West African beef suya skewers have grown quite popular over the last few years. Hot, spicy, beefy, and oh-so delectable!

Cuban Mojo Pork Chops


Don’t settle for ordinary when you can make these delicious Cuban Mojo Pork Chops! The rich, bold flavor of the garlic-citrus mojo works beautifully on these plump, juicy pork chops. What’s even better is that you can grill them or bake them in the oven.

Grilled Za’atar Shrimp

Grilled Za'atar Shrimp

Enjoy the delicious flavors of the Middle East with this Grilled Za’atar Shrimp recipe. Seasoned in a fragrant blend of seasonings, olive oil, and lemon juice, gives it a slightly tangy, herbaceous flavor. The dish is quick and easy to prepare and is perfect for a weeknight meal!

Korean Flanken Ribs (Kalbi)

Korean Flanken Ribs

One of our favorite global BBQ recipes is definitely this Kalbi! Marinated in a sweet and savory blend of soy sauce, garlic, and brown sugar and then grilled to perfection, these succulent ribs will delight your taste buds.

Grilled Picanha Steak


Grilled Picanha Steak is a delicious Brazilian-style steak that is buttery and tender, making it a favorite among steak lovers! This must-try recipe is easy to make and calls for a few simple ingredients.

Achiote Shrimp Skewers

grilled-achiote-shrimp-featured - Global BBQ Recipes

These Latin-American inspired skewers will quickly become one of your favorite seafood dishes. The combination of the achiote, garlic, and citrus juice brings out the shrimp’s natural sweetness. Simply phenomenal!

Japanese Soy Braised Ribs

Soy Braised Spare Ribs - Global BBQ Recipes

These soy braised spare ribs are tender, flavorful, and overall one of our favorites, despite not being grilled or smoked. The braising process caramelizes the sauce and yields a sweet, rich, umami flavor. These soy braised spare ribs are comfort food taken to the next level.

Grilled Lamb Kebabs with Saffron

Grilled Lamb Kebabs with Saffron

Lamb kebabs are as equally flavorful as they are versatile. They can be served straight from the grill with a side of rice and salad, or wrapped in a warmed pita with a delicious sauce on top. You can even remove the cooked lamb and add it to your favorite soups and stews. If you’re not a fan of the flavor of lamb, you can certainly substitute it with beef or chicken.

Hoisin Honey Wings

Hoisin Honey Wings in bowl 1

These wings feature a delectable sweet and savory sauce. They make the perfect appetizer for any occasion. If you are looking for something unique for game days or casual events, these hoisin honey-garlic wings are definitely the dish to serve!

Spit Roasted Peruvian Chicken

Peruvian Chicken on the Rotisserie - Global BBQ Recipes

Peruvian chicken (Pollo a la Brasa) is a rotisserie-style chicken dish that originated in Peru during the 1950s. There is no argument that this famous South American chicken garnered global appeal, and rightfully so–it is absolutely delicious. Typically, this chicken is topped with a green sauce and served alongside rice and vegetables, but you can pair it with any preferred sauce and sides.

Easy Grilled Eggplant

Middle Eastern Grilled Eggplant

This Easy Grilled Eggplant works perfectly served as an appetizer, side dish, or main course. The zesty seasonings, and caramelized flavor, makes this a must-try eggplant recipe. If you’re a fan of Middle-Eastern cuisine, this recipe is for you!

Indian Spiced Pork Chops

Indian Spiced Pork Chops on a Plate

These delicious Indian-Spiced Pork Chops spend time marinating in a yogurt mixture filled with fragrant South Asian spices, the grilled to perfection, and topped with cilantro and chilies. Succulent, flavorful, and so easy to make, this global BBQ recipe is sure to please!

Smoked Hummus

Smoked Hummus

We are huge fans of hummus and often include some variation of this savory Middle Eastern dip to my appetizer rotation. We prefer to smoke the chickpeas first, and it’s absolutely delicious! You might be wondering if this will make the hummus too smoky. Not at all. Choosing the right wood and adjusting your smoking time will allow you to control the outcome.

Thai Coconut Curry Halibut

Grilled Coconut Curry Halibut

Get ready to experience an explosion of flavors with this Grilled Coconut Curry Halibut! This Southeast Asian-inspired dish features grilled halibut bathed in the aromatic flavors of a perfectly balanced coconut-curry sauce.

Moroccan Beef Kebabs

Moroccan Beef Kebabs - Global BBQ Recipes

This recipe takes kebabs to the next level. We start with an flavorful marinade made with earthy spices like coriander, cumin, cloves, then grill them hot and fast. The aroma is pure heaven. Serve them over couscous, or flatbread, potatoes, or rice.

BBQ Rissoles

Grilled Rissole Recipe - Global BBQ Recipes

Many different forms of rissoles feature on dinner plates worldwide. People often coat these patties in breadcrumbs and bake or pan-fry them. They can make them with vegetables, fish, or chicken. However, in Australia and New Zealand, people make rissoles with ground beef or lamb seasoned with a smoky barbecue rub. They typically serve them with creamy mashed potatoes and brown gravy.

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