Green Mountain Grills Ledge Pellet Grill Review

Green Mountain Grills Ledge Pellet Grill


Construction Quality


Temperature Control


Smoke Production







  • Full WiFi Capability
  • Several Available Accessories
  • Heavy Construction
  • Hopper and Cooking Chamber Windows
  • Good Cooking Chamber Height


  • Exposed WiFi Antenna
  • Bucket


  • 458 square inches of total cooking area
  • 180 to 550 F temperature range
  • 18-pound capacity side-mounted pellet hopper
  • Window in hopper and cooking chamber
  • Stainless steel cooking grates
  • Five-degree increment control setting
  • Steel powder coated construction
  • Wi-Fi enabled with proprietary app
  • Two ports for temperature probes
  • 184 pounds total weight
  • Made in China for Green Mountain Grills

Full Review - Green Mountain Grills Ledge Pellet Grill

Green Mountain Grills have proven themselves to be the little company that could. They started making pellet grills shortly after the Traeger Patent expires, opening up the industry to everyone. Green Mountain Grills, or GMG, has focused on building solid pellet grills and good customer support to build their business. And, they have also been innovative. Their pellet grills (technically two models) have evolved into some of the most functional pellet grills on the market.

Green Mountain Grills Daniel Boone Prime Plus Open
Green Mountain Grills Daniel Boone Prime Plus Open

The Ledge is the smaller of the Green Mountain Pellet Grills (not counting their portable model. The 458 square inches of cooking space is plenty for most cooks. The great thing, however, is the height of the grill. From the cooking grate to the top of the cooking chamber is over 13 inches. Want to do a beer can turkey? You could. This height gives you versatility. And it gives GMG space to sell some accessories. There is a pizza insert that focuses heat so you can get a proper pizza out of a pellet grill. Most can't do this. You can also get a rotisserie kit for this grill.

The other impressive thing about this Green Mountain Pellet Grill is the price. You can get this particular model for around $900USD. This is an amazingly low price for the full feature model. This model has full WiFi connectivity with the GMG App that allows you to monitor and control the grill from anywhere. There is also a window in the cooking chamber and the hopper. You can check on the pellets and the food without lifting the lid.

A Classic Pellet Grill

Aside from the features and the accessories, the Daniel Boone Prime Plus is a classic pellet grill. There is no direct flame access. The layout of the auger, hopper, and firepot is the same as most pellet grills. There is even that metal bucket hanging on the side of the grill to catch grease. But in this price range, the Ledge is hard to beat. The construction is solid, the customer service is great, and everything on this grill performs well. It is a pellet grill worth investing in.

You can also find this model with a stainless steel lid, or you can get the stripped-down, basic model for $300USD less. If you are shopping for a pellet grill for under $1000, I strongly encourage you to look at this Green Mountain Pellet Grill.

Green Mountain Grills Ledge Pellet Grill Review

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