Green Mountain Grills Peak Pellet Grill Review

Green Mountain Grills Peak Pellet Grill


Construction Quality


Temperature Control


Smoke Production







  • Large Capacity
  • Good Temperature Control
  • Fast Heat Up
  • Heavy Construction
  • Pellet Dump


  • Smaller Hopper


  • 600 square inches of total cooking area
  • 180 to 500 F temperature range
  • 17-pound capacity side mounted pellet hopper
  • Stainless steel cooking grates
  • Five degree increment control setting
  • Steel powder coated construction
  • Wi-Fi controller with proprietary app
  • Made in China for Green Mountain Grills

Full Review - Green Mountain Grills Peak Pellet Grill

Green Mountain Grills started out like many Pellet Grill makers. Pellet grills are cool. They burn wood, produce a smoky flavor, and can grill as well as smoke. Add in high-tech precision temperature control and computer management systems and it would seem foolproof. Unfortunately, most pellet grills do a pretty good job, but not a great one. Green Mountain Grills set out to rectify this problem.

In the early days, pellet grills could be adjusted to a temperature range. Depending on conditions they may or may not deliver that. Years of testing and development later, Green Mountain Grills produced a grill that could. Of course, every other manufacturer has also been working on this, but what Green Mountain Grills managed to accomplish was an inexpensive, reliable pellet grill.

From the appearance, the Peak doesn’t seem that much different than many other pellet grills on the market. It has a typical cooking chamber and a side-mounted pellet hopper with a WiFi-enabled controller. The hopper holds 17 pounds of pellets, which is enough, just not a lot. The temperature range runs from 170 to 500 degrees F. and can be adjusted in 5-degree intervals.

What some of the bigger names don’t seem to get right, is that it isn’t about the brand, it is about the customer and the product. Green Mountain Grills gets this. The Peak has a 700 square inch cooking capacity, grills well, and smokes very well. It isn’t a game-changer, but it is certainly one of the best pellet grills in the price range (this model starts around $1,100USD). This model also comes with a stainless steel lid, which doesn’t do anything but improve the appearance and it can be had with a Wi-Fi-enabled controller that connects to your smart device. If you are looking for an inexpensive pellet grill, this is one of the best of the least expensive.

Green Mountain Grills Peak Pellet Grill Review