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Grill Baskets

Grill Baskets are the outdoor cooking accessory you didn’t know you needed until now. Sure, you can use your grill to cook steaks, burgers, chicken, and chops, but a grill basket will let you do so much more! You can grill chicken wings without flipping them. Smoke small vegetables, roast coffee and peanuts, or keep fish from falling apart on the cooking grate.

Grill Baskets

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Grill baskets are available in a wide range of products, including rotisserie baskets, open grill pans, and enclosed baskets. With the right grill basket, you can grill or smoke numerous items. And yes, I really meant it when I said you could roast coffee on your backyard grill.

Weber Large Vegetable Grill Basket

Weber Large Vegetable Grill Basket 6434
Large Vegetable Grill Basket 6434

Weber is one of the largest grill accessory makers, and their square grill basket is perfect for even the smallest foods. The slots in the stainless steel allow fats to drain away and allow the fire and heat in. Basically, it is a pan for the grill and perfect for small items like shrimp or french fries. This product is four pounds of stainless steel, dishwasher safe, and durable.

Napoleon Stainless Steel Rotisserie Basket

Napoleon Rotisserie
Napoleon Rotisserie Basket

If you have a rotisserie, this grill basket is a must-have. Yes, it is made by Napoleon, but it will fit most grills. You will need a rotisserie kit attachment for automatic turning. You can use this accessory for small food items like smoked chicken wings. They will cook to perfection without you ever having to lift a pair of tongs. This is also a great chili pepper roaster.

Blazin’ Grill Rolling Grill Basket

Blazin Grill Rolling Grill Basket
Blazin Grill Rolling Grill Basket

Round grilling cages tumble foods for easy turning and even cooking. These units attach to a rotisserie system like the Napoleon unit above. However, not all grills or smokers have rotisserie kits available, and this is particularly true of smokers. Fortunately, these rolling units will allow you to turn the food as needed manually. It is also great for low-temperature cooking, indirect grilling, or smoking.

Universal Fit Coffee and Nut Roaster

Universal Fit Rotisserie Coffee Roaster
Universal Fit Rotisserie Coffee Roaster

As mentioned above, coffee beans can be roasted on your backyard grill (or smoker). Also, nuts like peanuts, almonds, and pecans. You’ll need a fine grate rotating basket to prevent small items from falling into the fire. Once attached to any rotisserie kit, this is an automatic process. Load the basket, fire up the grill, and start roasting. Note that this is a universal fit system, so that it will fit most rotisserie systems. If you have a specialized rotisserie system, then you should do some additional research before buying.

Weber Large Grilling Basket

Weber Large Grilling Basket
Weber Large Grilling Basket

This basket is basically a compression cage for food. Do you want to grill whole trout stuffed with lemons and herbs? Put them in one of these baskets, and it won’t move. The stainless steel wire mesh expands and conforms as needed. When it’s time to flip, you simply turn the whole thing over (using good-quality grill gloves). This basket makes grilling (or smoking) delicate items a breeze. When the food is done, open the latch and remove it. 

Onset Jumbo Grill Basket

Onset Jumbo Grill Basket
Onset Jumbo Grill Basket

Versatility is the key to this grill accessory. It locks into a closed basket so you can toss food items without worrying that they’ll fall out. However, the two parts also separate into two individual grill pans with removable handles. Place these baskets on the grill and then remove the handles so they stay nice and cool. The fine mesh is perfect for tiny foods, but the size lets you grill several items at a time.

Cleaning and Care

Spray oil on the surface of the basket before placing food into it. This will prevent sticking but also make clean-up a breeze. Over time, this will season the metal. Remember to wipe away excess oil and avoid excessive heat. Flare-ups or direct contact with burning charcoal will damage your grill basket. Use them as recommended by the manufacturer, and they will last for years.

Grill baskets get dirty. It’s part of the job. Heat, smoke, and food make for a mess. The best way to clean your grill basket is by soaking it. Yes, these are all dishwasher-safe, but precleaning by soaking in soapy water is your best bet. Be aware that fire and high temperatures will discolor even the highest grade of stainless steel. Smoke also discolors and is just something you have to accept. It typically isn’t rust, even if the color looks the same. Once cleaned, make sure to dry it thoroughly.

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