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Horizon BBQ Smoker 16-Inch Backyard Classic Charcoal Smoker Review

Horizon BBQ Smoker 16-Inch Backyard Classic Charcoal Smoker
Horizon BBQ Smoker 16-Inch Backyard Classic Charcoal Smoker

Horizon BBQ Smoker 16-Inch

Derrick Riches

Construction Quality
Temperature Control


  • 660 square inches of total cooking area with 450 square in the cooking chamber
  • Separate grilling space in the firebox allows for simultaneous grilling and smoking
  • Classic vertical, offset smoker design
  • Heavy gauge construction with durable high-temperature enamel black paint
  • Dual damper airflow design
  • Two chrome cooking grates in the smoking chamber and one in the firebox
  • Two 16-inch steel wheels
  • Front mounted work table with side and bottom storage space
  • Made in the USA by Horizon BBQ Smokers

Full Review – Horizon BBQ Smoker 16-Inch Backyard Classic Charcoal Smoker


  • Solid Construction
  • Large Capacity
  • Traditional Design
  • Can Burn Hardwood


  • Comparatively Inefficient

Once upon a time, there was a little company that made great BBQ pits by the name of Oklahoma Joe’s. These smokers were famous and the people who owned them would give them up for anything. Well, then came business and after a few business dealings, Oklahoma Joe’s was owned by Char-Broil and then taken off the market. Well, that didn’t last for long. The same factory that built the legendary Oklahoma Joe’s is now building the Horizon BBQ Smokers. Made from the same designs, with the same materials, by the same people.

The Horizon 16-Inch Classic is just that, a classic style horizontal offset smoker that is going to run you around $800USD. The solid construction is heavy and durable. The engineering and craftsmanship mean that the doors don’t leak smoke like many offset smokers and the damper and stack design gives you good airflow and temperature control. These are all the things you would expect from a good-quality smoker. This traditional charcoal smoker will have you building and tending the fire and smoking the old-fashioned way. The superior design of this unit will make that job easier than it would be on many of the less expensive (more mass-market) offset smokers.

The Horizon 16-Inch Smoker is the perfect size for the backyard cook who wants to make barbecue for the family or small gatherings. This smoker won’t feed an army, but it will take care of most people’s needs. If you need more space I suggest you upgrade to the 20-Inch version.

If you are serious about barbecue and believe that this is the smoker for you I suggest that you order it with the built-in Sliding Convection Plate. This accessory helps create a more even temperature in the smoking chamber. One of the main problems with offset smokers is that they run hotter on the firebox side than on the smokestack side. This means that if you are smoking a lot of meat you will have to move that meat around to get it cooked evenly. The Convection Plate helps reduce this problem.

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