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Memphis Elite Pellet Grill Review

Memphis Elite Pellet Grill
Memphis Elite Pellet Grill

Not all pellet grills have to look like a metal barrel with a pellet hopper stuck on the side. Memphis Pellet Grills have been building better, prettier pellet grills for years. The Memphis Elite Pellet Grill is the pinnacle of its product line. Constructed of all 304 stainless steel and designed to look like a piece of professional cooking equipment, this pellet grill is among the best of the best. It is also well over $5,000USD. This is the pellet grill for those that have money to burn and want superior engineering.

The Memphis Elite has a lot of cooking space. At around 840 square inches, this pellet grill has plenty of cooking space for even the most serious of outdoor cooks. Probably the most unique feature of this grill is the dual hopper/auger system. Wood pellets are loaded into each of the two side table compartments and fed to the firepot by two independent augers. You can switch between the two and load different types of wood into each hopper. Fully loaded, this grill will run without refueling for as many as 36 hours.

Part of the reason for this high level of efficiency is how this grill is constructed. The double-wall body and lid combined with the insulating gasket hold in heat and smoke. The pellet burn rate on this grill is very low despite of its large size. Yes, this pellet grill will save you money and it will hit its maximum temperature even on the coldest winter night.

Additionally, the Memphis Elite features a direct fire grilling space that can be removed when not needed. Over this sear section, the grill will produce temperatures up to 700 degrees F. Want a reverse sear steak? You can do it effortlessly on this grill. And it will hold a low temperature of 180 degrees. So this pellet grill will produce the perfect barbecue brisket as well as a restaurant-quality steak.


  • All stainless construction
  • Large Capacity
  • Very efficient
  • Excellent engineering
  • Very high maximum temperature


  • Expensive

Memphis Elite Pellet Grill

Derrick Riches

Construction Quality
Temperature Control
Smoke Production



  • 655 square inches of primary cooking space for a total of  844 square inches
  • 180 to 700 degree F. temperature range
  • Two 12-pound pellet hoppers
  • Nickel-plated steel cooking grates
  • Direct sear cooking area
  • Electronic temperature control system works
  • Insulated airtight lid
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity with a proprietary app
  • Two temperature probes
  • Self-cleaning firepot and pull-out grease and ash catcher
  • Made in China by Memphis Pellet Grills

Bottom Line

Yes, this is a luxury product. It isn’t as expensive as the nearly perfect Twin Eagles Pellet Grill, but it is very close. The engineering and construction quality is all top shelf. And it looks great. You can even get this pellet grill in a built-in version for your outdoor kitchen. If you have the money (and don’t want to spend $7,500USD for the Twin Eagles) this is the pellet grill to own. It puts those hardware store grills to shame and looks great doing it.

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