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New BBQ & Grilling Products for 2022

Every year, as Spring approaches, a slew of new grills, smokers, accessories, and other outdoor cooking products rush onto the market. In 2022 we are seeing some truly revolutionary products. Several offerings take grilling back to the basics in new and exciting ways. Below I have handpicked this year’s new BBQ & Grilling products that I believe deserve your attention.

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Burch Barrel

Burch Barrel BBQ Smoker Grill & Fire Pit Combo

Charcoal seems so simple, yet it is the most dynamic fuel used in modern outdoor cooking. A charcoal fire can reach temperatures that will melt aluminum or be held to a gentle, smoky smolder. It is this versatility that brings us charcoal grills in so many shapes, sizes, and capabilities. For 2022, we have the Burch Barrel cooker that capitalizes on versatility but adds that missing element of fun.

The main body of the Burch Barrel is a dual-layer pot. Vents around the top allow air to flow into the pot, down between the metal layers, and under the fire. A coal grate holds the charcoal above the ash to keep the fire fresh and alive. This coal basket can lift to a full 12 inches, so you can pull the fire right up to the cooking grate or drop it down for gentler cooking. 

The cooking grate is 18-inches in diameter or the same size as a large Big Green Egg. A lid sits over the top with vents that control the grill’s airflow. You can adjust the cooking temperature from smoking to searing with a little practice. The space between the lid and the cooking grate isn’t much, but there is a hook in the lid for hanging foods like a whole chicken.

The Best Part

Wait, we haven’t gotten to the good part yet. The Burch Barrel mounts on a tripod. This holds the grill body off the ground. Yes, you can use it right in the middle of your lawn. The lid hangs on a cable, and it can raise or lower via a handle that connects to a tripod leg. By locking the cooking grate into the lid, you can lift your food away from the fire for slower cooking or to attend to the coals. Drop the lid, release the cooking grate and lift the lid to get to the food. 

Look for the Burch Barrel online or in a small (but growing) number of retailers. Prices start at $1,200 for the grill and tripod. Accessories are available, with more on the way. 

Gather Grill

Gather Grills 46-Inch Reunion

First released in 2021, Gather Grill is making a big impact in the grilling and outdoor furniture markets. Put simply; this is an outdoor table with a charcoal or wood-burning grill mounted in the center. There is a cooking grate that can be rotated inside the table, making it easy to access the food. That might not sound like much, but the construction quality makes these grills/tables quite impressive.

Every part of this grill is made in the United States. The wood pieces are Brazilian IPE hardwood. The fire bowl is heavy cast iron, and the stainless steel components are laser-cut 304 grade stainless. If you get a chance to see one of these in person, you will be impressed with its quality and attention to detail. 

The modular design lets you remove sections of the table to get closer to the grilling surface or replace them with stainless steel sections for prep space. It’s interesting to note that one or more people can grill on this unit simultaneously. Also, the cooking surface can be traditional grill grates or griddle flat-tops. Add in domed lids and a host of other extras, and you have a complete outdoor cooking experience.

The Gather Grill comes in three sizes ranging in price from $3,000 to $10,000. Yes, this is a luxury grill and an elegant piece of outdoor furniture. You can also place a wood section over the grill to convert it into a solid table.

The Gather Grill tables are available for order online. The Gather Grill company is adding specialty retailers as we speak. 

Fireboard Spark

Fireboard Spark Instant Read Thermometer
Fireboard Spark Instant Read Thermometer

If you are familiar with Fireboard Labs, you know they make some of the best temperature monitoring equipment on the market. With the latest Fireboard system (Fireboard 2), you can monitor your cooking temperature and five different foods. That information uploads to the cloud, and you can access it via a smart device app from anywhere in the world.

The Fireboard Spark is something entirely new. It is an instant-read thermometer similar in performance and function to the industry-leading Thermoworks Thermapen, but Spark goes well beyond just giving you quick and accurate temperatures. It connects to the cloud and, therefore, to your app. 

Why do you need a WiFi-connected instant-read thermometer? First, this water-resistant thermometer has a little door, behind which is a port for a single wired temperature probe (and the recharging port). Plug a probe into the food you want to monitor, set Spark beside your cooker, and monitor that temperature on your phone. You will still be able to use Spark to spot-check temperatures like any instant-read thermometer.

Second, if you have a Fireboard 2, with its six ports set up to monitor your cooking, that displays on the large and friendly Spark screen. Now, you can see all your temperatures at a glance without pulling up the app on your phone. And, you can still use Spark as an instant-read thermometer at the same time. It is literally the best of both worlds in a small, handheld device.

The Fireboard Spark costs around $150USD and is widely available online and where better BBQ Products are sold. 

Fire Magic Built-in Pizza Oven

Fire Magic Pizza Oven

Does the world need another Outdoor Pizza Oven? Probably not. But when it comes to pizza ovens, there are two problems. They are either too complicated to use and sit idle in the backyard, or they are cheap and unreliable. You won’t have either of these problems with the New Fire Magic Built-in Pizza Oven.

I’m just going to start by saying that this is a built-in unit, so it needs a place to sit, and it costs nearly $7,000USD. Yeah, I know. Pricey. But if you are building an outdoor kitchen and want a pizza oven, this might be the perfect model. 

What Fire Magic, a leader in outdoor kitchen cooking equipment, has done is make an easy-to-use, intuitive and reliable pizza oven. This unit is gas-powered, so while not exactly authentic, it turns on with the push of a button and preheats in minutes. It is thermostatically controlled, so you select the temperature, and it stays there. Remember Fire Magic built it, so expect high-grade stainless steel, expert engineering, and reliability. 

The Fire Magic Built-in Pizza Oven is available online and through authorized Fire Magic dealers. 

Magma Crossover

The Magma Crossover

Magma has built the best marine-grade grills for decades. Now they are branching out into something entirely new. The Magma Crossover is a modular and portable outdoor cooking solution. These modules include grills, griddles, and pizza ovens (for all sorts of baking). More modules are in development. The burners can also be used as burners for heating pots and pans. 

The Magma Crossover comes in either a single or dual burner configuration. The two-burner model allows you to use two cooking modules simultaneously, side by side. Various mounting options include a tripod, trailer hitch, or wall mounting. Plus, these units can be placed on a tabletop for cooking.

Magma has a lot of experience in outdoor cooking, so in building this system, they thought of things many grill makers forget. For instance, the burners are adjustable to altitude for optimal flame regardless of your elevation. This is fantastic news for campers and the RV community who want consistent cooking no matter where they are. 

As a completely mobile outdoor kitchen solution, the new Magma Crossover has no competition. The construction quality is high, and the versatility is phenomenal. This system doesn’t come cheap. A single burner firebox without accessories starts at $550USD, so you can easily spend up to $2,000 for a full system. But since you buy what you need and can expand over time, this is a great investment, particularly for people on the go. 

The Magma Crossover is sold online and through authorized dealers. 

Pitt Boss Portable Gas Grill

Pit Boss Sportsman 3-Burner Portable Gas Grill

Pit Boss keeps on innovating. New for 2022 is their latest line of portable gas grills designed to take on the ever-popular Weber Q line. The largest model is the Sportsman 3-Burner Portable Gas Grill with a true three-burner grill. You can grill indirectly or have true two-zone cooking. You don’t get that with any version or size of the Weber Q.

The Sportsman also gives you a high dome height for grilling larger food items. This little gas grill will accommodate a whole chicken and grill it indirectly. As for portability, this is a heavy grill. At 62 pounds (without the optional cart) you won’t want to carry this far, but for RV camping or trips to the beach, it’s perfect. 

For $450USD this new portable gas grill has a cast aluminum body, porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grates, and 372 square inches of cooking space. A smaller, two-burner model is also available. 

Weber Genesis 2022 Edition

Weber Genesis SP-E-335 Gas Grill
Weber Genesis SP-E-335 Gas Grill

Periodically, Weber rolls out a revision of their popular Genesis Series Gas Grills. For 2022, Weber has made some of the biggest changes to its flagship grills in more than a decade. While many of the changes to the new Genesis are cosmetic, some real improvements stand out. 

First, the once optional sear burner is now standard on all new grills. This burner, which sits between the two right-side main burners, gets a serious power boost. For the first time in nearly 15 years, the Weber Genesis is again a powerhouse of heat. 

But the real innovation of the new Genesis is in the line of accessories built specifically for this gas grill. Weber’s Crafted Outdoor Kitchen Collection consists of sear grates, griddles, and more that fit into a special cooking grate (standard on some models and sold separately on most). 

The Weber Genesis Gas Grills are available practically everywhere. For more information, read my Complete Review of the New Weber Genesis

Char-Broil Amplifire Cruise 435s

Char-Broil Amplifire Cruise 436s Gas Grill
Char-Broil Amplifire Cruise 436s Gas Grill

I have always said that Char-Broil can be one of the most innovative companies in outdoor cooking. For 2022 it is the Char-Broil Amplifire Cruise 435s gas grill. This grill is entirely new, and only time will tell if it is revolutionary or not. 

Image a gas grill that you can set to a specific temperature—one knob that controls everything and an autocalibrating thermostat that keeps temperatures exactly where you want them. Char-Broil claims that the Cruise makes grilling as easy as possible. As simple to use as your oven. 

To accomplish this, the Cruise offers a single burner gas grill that uses Char-Broil’s infrared ‘Amplifire’ technology. It is efficient but still generates searing heat. And because the grill is computer-controlled, it does some interesting things. One of which is an auto-clean setting. When you are done cooking, set the grill to clean. It will heat up and burn away any grease or debris. It then turns itself off. 

The Char-Broil Cruise represents something new in gas grills. If it succeeds, it could change outdoor cooking for years to come. 

The Char-Broil Amplifire Cruise is available exclusively through Lowe’s Home Improvement stores.

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