Pellet Grills Made in the USA

Pellet Grills have taken the outdoor cooking world by storm. These must-have, grills are widely available and almost every major manufacturer has a model on the market. The prices of these grills range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. You will also find a number of variations. Some are better at grilling, while others are better at smoking. Regardless, almost any pellet grill will do both. When it comes to US-made pellet grills, you won't find many under a thousand dollars, but you will find some impressive units. I have compiled this list for those looking for pellet grills made in the USA. I have arranged this list by price, from the least to the most expensive.

Before we get to the grills, let's talk about what "Made in the USA" means. Legally, this is a dubious term. It is understood to mean made or predominately made in the US. If you are talking about a spoon, then it has to be made in the United States to make that claim, even if the metal is imported. When it comes to something as complex as a pellet grill, it generally means assembled in the US with a majority of its components of domestic origin. The only court case in the grilling market was leveled against Weber. They used the "Made in the USA" claim even though many components were imported. They are now required to include the phrase "with globally sourced parts" on their products.

The grills I have listed here are made in the United States. That means that there is a factory and that those grills are made there. It does not mean that 100% of the grill is US-made. These days, that doesn't really exist. I will comment on each individual grill below. Suffice to say, some Made in the USA pellet grills are more "made in the USA" than others.

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Smokin Brothers 20-Inch Little Brother Pellet Grill

This little pellet grill is the only portable unit to make this list. Smokin Brothers make a wide range of pellet grills and you will see them all down this list. If you want a tabletop pellet grill, then this is the unit for you. Like any little pellet grill, it won't handle a lot of food, but it also doesn't take up a lot of space. If you want a pellet grill, but lack the space for a full-sized unit, take a look at this one.

Weber SmokeFire EX4

Weber's launch of the SmokeFire Pellet Grill was the most anticipated in the industry. While there were certainly some hiccups, it is still a Weber. That means one of the best warranties in the market and excellent customer support. Of all the "Pellet Grills Made in the USA" this is the least made in the USA Weber has to say that this grill is made with globally sourced components. Which it is. If you want a very, made in the USA, pellet grill, you might not want to pick this one. Much of it is made in other countries. Still, it's a pretty good pellet grill.

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Smokin Brothers 24-Inch Traditional Pellet Grill

Smokin Brothers is a small pellet grill company, but they have the largest product line of all American made manufacturers. This model is their most basic grill. It is, in fact, a very basic pellet grill. The controller is a simple, multi-position dial system. There is no WiFi or meat temperature probe. While solidly built, if you are looking for all the bells and whistles, this isn't the pellet grill for you. If, however, you want a simple pellet grill, solidly constructed, from a small company, you should look at this unit. Look to spend around $1,000USD for this pellet grill.

Smokin Brothers 30-Inch Traditional Pellet Grill

While much larger than the model above, this is also, a very basic pellet grill. You get plenty of space though. In fact, this is a pretty big pellet grill for the price (around $1,200USD). With nearly 800 square inches of cooking space, this grill can produce a lot of barbecue. You should consider the pellet cookers from Smokin' Brothers as more smoker than grill, however.

Weber SmokeFire EX6

Much larger than the Weber SmokeFire EX6, this $1,200USD is probably the better choice between the two. For an extra $200USD, you get considerably more space for smoking. This is particularly true when you consider that this pellet grill only smokes efficiently when using the upper racks. Weber makes a great grill and the SmokeFire is a very good choice. The bugs have been worked out since this grill was first introduced in early 2020. You should certainly consider this grill them looking for an American made pellet grill, even if this is largely "assembled" in the US.

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Smokin Brothers 24-Inch Premier Plus Pellet Grill

As opposed to the other Smokin Brothers 24-inch pellet grill above, this model has a more sophisticated PID controller. This brings this brand to a much more modern design. You still get the solid, double walled construction, but with this controller, you can be much more confident that this pellet grill will hold a steady, accurate temperature. You pay around $1,250USD for this model, and while still small, it is a good pellet smoker for those not interested in cooking a lot of barbecue at one time.

Blazn' Grill Works Grand Slam

A favorite among purists The Grand Slam from Blazn' Grill Works is a heavy duty pellet cooker. Designed to be more smoker than grill you get a basic, but well built cooker for around $1,350. It is available in multiple colors, but you pay more for anything other than the standard red and black. Personally, I wouldn't pay more for a paint job, but at least there is an option. The controller is a basic PID unit. You don't get WiFi or a lot of extras, but if you want to do serious smoking over pellets, this is a grill worth looking at.

Smokin Brothers Barn-B-Que

Functionally, this is the same grill as the Smokin Brothers 30-Inch Traditional listed above, but with a unique design. Of course, at $1,500USD it is $300 more than that grill. If you are looking for a simple pellet grill that will be a conversation piece, then you might consider this one. Otherwise, I would recommend saving yourself some money and getting the basic black model. Or, for the same price, look at the Primer Pro version directly below.

Smokin Brothers 30-Inch Premier Plus Pellet Grill

Of all the pellet grills from Smokin Brothers, this is probably the one to look most serious at. You get the size and capacity with the more advanced features. Smokin Brothers have been working to improve their pellet grills for years, and this unit contains all their latest developments. If you are looking for a serious, "made in the USA" pellet smoker I would put this on my short list of the best pellet grills you can buy.

Yoder YS480S Pellet Grill

Let's be honest, if you are serious about barbecue and are looking for a pellet grill, this is probably the cooker for you. Yoder is legendary for the quality of its products. This, the smallest of their line runs $1,579USD and has a huge cooking chamber for its size. This is a serious, heavy grill. Well, to be honest, while a good grill, this is a great smoker. There are larger Yoder grills than this one, but for most people, this is all you need. Yoder also has great WiFi technology. If you buy this grill, tell them I sent you.

Blaz'n Grill Works Grid Iron

This is the larger version of the Grand Slam listed above. In every other way, they are the same.  It is the construction that makes this a stand out pellet grill. The double wall body holds in heat and the sheer weight of the grill keeps it hot in colder weather and helps to maintain consistency. This is a workhorse smoker though it lacks more modern technology.

Pitts & Spitts Maverick 850 Pellet Grill

Pitts & Spitts has been in the smoker business for decades. A huge favorite in their home state of Texas, they are known for their quality construction and now, the efficient design of the pellet grills. This is an old-school company that weld their grills and smokers from raw sheets of steel. This pellet grill has good features including WiFi connectivity. It is also very traditional in design so don't worry about innovations that don't hold up to their promise.

This unit is also available in an all stainless steel design for $3,000.

Smokin Brothers 36-Inch Premier Plus Pellet Grill

At $1,800USD this is a bit of an odd choice. It is a big pellet grill, or more accurately a pellet smoker, with nearly 1,000 square inches of cooking space. On the other hand, it is still a simple cooker. The controller is a good quality PID unit, but there isn't much else here. In this price range, you are going to either get heavier, better construction, or better technology. I am not saying that this isn't a good grill, but the competition at this price is very strong.

Yoder YS640S Pellet Grill

For $150USD more than the Yoder YS480S above, you get a good deal of additional space with this model. Costing around $1,800USD this is a big smoker with a great, heavy metal look. This is a 335-pound unit built to produce a lot of great barbecue. No wonder it is a favorite among those serious about hardcore smoking. If you don't need the large cooking chamber, you can save yourself some money by getting the Yoder above, but considering the price difference, I don't really know why anyone would dig a little deeper and buy this pellet cooker. It is one of the best in its price range.

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PG500 Fast Eddy's by Cookshack Pellet Grill

This unit, made in Ponca City, Oklahoma runs $1,815USD and is designed to be the everything pellet grill. It has a direct flame broiler for searing and a large smoking chamber for barbecue. It is also made entirely of high quality stainless steel. If you live in a corrosive environment, then this might be the perfect pellet cooker for you. On the other hand, this grill lacks modern technology. The controller is good and accurate, but you don't get WiFi or any type of connectivity you find on many other pellet units. This is a great grill from great people, but it is also comparatively basic.

MAK 1-Star General Pellet Grill

From one of the oldest Pellet Grill companies in the industry, the MAK 1-Star is basic but seriously built. What makes this pellet cooker stand out is the heat retention and temperature control. This is a high performance pellet grill, yet comparatively small and simple. While the design is great, connectivity to WiFi is an optional extra which seriously increases the $2,000USD price of this grill. This is a good option, but the competition at this price range is also very serious.

Pitts & Spitts Maverick 1250 Pellet Grill

As opposed to the Maverick 850 above, this $2,200USD pellet grill has a vast amount of smoking space. This is more smoker than grill, but no one should be surprised when talking about a cooker from Pitts & Spitts. Aside from the 1,250 square inches of cooking space, this is basically the same as its smaller, $1,750 cousin. You get Pitts & Spitts own controller and their superior welded construction. This is a serious smoker for those who want to make the pellet compromise.

This model is also available in an all stainless steel version for $4,000.

PG1000 Fast Eddy's By Cookshack Pellet Grill

The PG1000 is twice the grill of the PG500 listed above. It has the same stainless steel construction and direct flame searing capability, but also a much larger cooking area. Of course, at nearly $3,000USD this is an expensive pellet cooker. At this price range, you can get larger cooking space as well as better technology, but you won't get the corrosion resistant construction. If you live near the ocean, this is a pellet grill to consider.

MAK 2-Star Pellet Grill

At $3,000USD the MAK 2-Star has a lot of competition, however, this cooker is a fan favorite. There are years of experience in this pellet grill. This means it makes great barbecue. It hasn't, on the other hand, much to offer in the way of technology. Yes, you can get WiFi capability, but you pay extra for that. The construction quality is excellent though. If you are serious about the investment, you will want to consider this pellet grill.

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Yoder YS1500S

Consider this the ultimate competition pellet grill. At well over 600 pounds, this rig sits on large tires so it can be taken where it is needed. It has 1,500 square inches of cooking space so you can feed a small army, or cook plenty of barbecue for a full competition. Of course, at $4,000USD you are paying for all the metal and mobility. As with all modern Yoder grills, you get their WiFi technology and their excellent heat management system that keeps the cooking chamber perfectly even. This is a serious pellet grill for making serious barbecue.

Twin Eagles 36-Inch

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This is one of the most "made in the USA" pellet grills on this list. Twin Eagles is one of the top manufacturers of gas grills and outdoor kitchens. Their 36-Inch Pellet Grill is a marvel of engineering and, in my opinion, one of the best looking pellet grills ever made. Yes, it looks more like a gas grill than a pellet grill, but this is a pellet powerhouse. Capable of reaching temperatures of 725° F, it is the hottest pellet grill made. It sears without any special settings or accessories. And it also does low and slow smoking, all controlled by your phone. If you have the money, buy this pellet grill!

Popular Pellet Grill Brands NOT made in the USA

A week doesn't go by that I don't get at least a couple of emails asking if a specific brand of pellet grills is made in the USA. Below is a list of Pellet Grill Brands NOT made in the United States.

  • Broil King
  • Camp Chef
  • Green Mountain Grills
  • Grilla Grills
  • Louisiana Grills
  • Pit Boss
  • reqteq (Formerly REC-TEC Grills)
  • Traeger
  • Weber SmokeFire
Pellet Grills Made in the USA

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