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Saber Gas Grill Review

Saber Gas Grills are an all-infrared grill solution with high-quality stainless steel construction and a near-foolproof cooking system. A sister company of Char-Broil, Saber grills are part of a complete outdoor kitchen system and boast some impressive features. Read this Saber Gas Grill Review to see if one of these models is right for you.

Best Quality

Saber Elite 3-Burner Infrared Gas Grill Model R50SC1417
Saber Elite

Best Value

Saber Premium 500 32-Inch Infrared Gas Grill
Saber Premium


Saber Select 3-Burner Infrared Gas Grill
Saber Select

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Who is Saber Grills?

Saber Grills was created as a high-end series of products by WC Bradley, the company that started and owns Char-Broil. They use technology licensed from grill legend Bill Best, the inventor of infrared gas heaters, industrial dries, and grills and founder of TEC Grills.

Saber Grills were originally manufactured in the United States but are now manufactured in China. This move has not impacted the construction quality and was done to gain access to lower-priced stainless steel.

Saber Gas Grill Review
Saber SS 500 Infrared Built-in Gas Grill

What Makes Saber Grills Different?

Saber Gas Grills utilize a diffuser screen between the burners and the cooking surface to convert heat to infrared. This makes these grills very efficient and powerful. Saber grills can easily reach cooking temperatures of 700° F. So you get a powerful, fuel-efficient grill that is practically flare-up proof.

There are four levels of Saber Grills and prices range from around $900USD to over $5,000. This is based mostly on the amount of stainless steel used. The more you spend, the better the materials used to make the grill. Saber Grills come in both freestanding and built-in configurations. Also, in two, three, and four burners.

Saber Grills Cooking System
Saber Grills Cooking System

What’s the Advantage of the Saber Grill?

The heat generated in a Saber grill is very even. The design of the cooking grates and heat diffuser makes flare-ups almost impossible. What you get is a near-foolproof cooking system. You also get a grill that produces very high, searing temperatures with less fuel (propane or natural gas).

On most gas grills the BTU output per burner is around 12,000 to 15,000. On high-end grills, it can be up to 25,000 BTUs. All models of the Saber grill have 8,000 max BTUs. This is very low and yet the grill still hits very high temperatures.

Saber also offers a lot of extras depending on the model. For instance, the side burner (available on some models and as an add-on module for built-in units) is fantastic. This is a dual burner side that can put out up to 18,000 BTUs. It is one of the best side burners for the price.

Saber SSE 1670 Infrared Gas Grill
Saber SSE 1670 Infrared Gas Grill

Saber Grill Series

There are four levels of Saber Grills, with about 18 total models available. This accounts for the wide range in prices for this series of grills. However, the cooking system for all models is basically the same.

  • Saber Elite: At the top sits the Elite series. These are complete 304 stainless steel grills with lit control panels, interior lights, a full rotisserie system, and a high-grade cover included. And when I say complete 304 stainless, I mean right down to the nuts and bolts. While expensive, these are high-quality grills with everything you need included.
  • Saber Premium: Similar to the Elite Series, the big difference here is that the cooking chamber is enamel-painted steel instead of stainless. You also lose the control panel lights, rotisserie kit, and included cover.
  • Saber Deluxe: The Deluxe series (sometimes referred to as the Cast series) has black enamel-painted steel body parts and few of the extras. However, the price range (under $2000USD for all models) is much more affordable.
  • Saber Select: With prices under $1000USD, this is the much more affordable version of these grills. The Select series is similar to gas grills at this price and uses lightweight painted steel panels for much of the body. This grill is comparable to both the Weber Genesis and Napoleon Rogue. I suggest you consider those as well.

Saber Gas Grill Review

Derrick Riches

Construction Quality
Temperature Control

Saber Gas Grill Review

Saber Grills was created with a single mission. Built a higher-end, all-infrared gas grill. It would be priced well above its sister products from Char-Broil and complete with brands like Weber, Napoleon, and Broil-King. But it was also designed to be a complete 304 stainless steel grill. Then steel prices rose. Saber increased prices to stay profitable but also introduced lighter weight, lesser grills.

The infrared system on these grills is not revolutionary. It hasn’t changed in more than a decade. It doesn’t produce extreme temperatures. And in most ways, it is as good as a conventional grill. Grilling directly, it gets hot. Indirectly, it can struggle.

The Saber Elite line is good. It is very good. Particularly if you are looking to do some basic grilling and occasional rotisserie cooking, and you like a nice big side burner. By the time you get down to the select line, there is nothing that stands out.

The Future of Saber Grills

The story of Saber Grills starts with Char-Broil executive Rob Schwing. I knew Rob for many years. He was driven, but not easy. That doesn’t mean I don’t miss our conversations. It is he who insisted on making sure that every bolt on a Saber was 304 stainless. In fact, this grill is put together with one size bolt. It is a small marvel of engineering.

As the price for making these grills rose, manufacturing was shipped to China. I can’t believe that Rob agreed to this. Eventually, he was gone. Rob retired and then passed away in August 2021. With him, the passion that drove Saber was gone.

Saber is owned by WC Bradley, a family owned business that has existed for more than a century. They are not going away. However, if you told me tomorrow that Saber Grills were no longer being made, I wouldn’t be surprised.

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