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Spark Smart Charcoal Grill Review

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Spark Smart Charcoal Grill
Spark Smart Charcoal Grill

Spark Smart Charcoal Grill

Construction Quality
Temperature Control


  • 368 square inches of total cooking space
  • Cast iron cooking grates
  • Double walled steel construction with ceramic insulation
  • Temperature range between 200 and 900 degrees F
  • Bluetooth Enabled with a proprietary app
  • Two temperature probes
  • Forced air flame acceleration and temperature control
  • Uses proprietary charcoal ‘briq’s
  • Removable ash catcher
  • One side table
  • Two-wheel cart
  • Total weight (including cart) 105 pounds
  • Made in Thailand for Spark Grills

Full Review – Spark Smart Charcoal Grill


  • Convenient to use
  • Wide temperature range
  • Computer temperature control


  • Proprietary fuel
  • Expensive fuel
  • Basic looking design
  • Bluetooth

Ah, the improved charcoal grill! Many have tried, but few have truly succeeded. But there is the dream. A charcoal grill that is as easy to use and as reliable as a gas grill. With modern technology, it seems that such a grill is possible. Last year we got the Masterbuilt Gravity Feed Grill. And now, for 2020, we get the Spark Smart Charcoal Grill. The real question is, does this give the convenience that people are looking for in a package that is both functional and economical. For the Spark, that is a big question.

When trying to make a better charcoal grill there are a number of strategies. You add ignition systems to light charcoal, ash cleanout bins, or easy temperature control. The Spark Smart Grill, like some other recent products, does it all and then some. There is an ignition system to get the charcoal lite, a computer-controlled fan system to control temperatures, and clean-up features to make it easy to maintain. Of course, you pay for all this. The Spark grill costs more than a thousand dollars.

Charcoal grills are among the simplest devices ever created. You need a place for the fire, a place for the food, and maybe a lid. The Spark has a fan to stoke the fire, building up heat, and a fan to cool the grill, holding down the heat. There are probes for monitoring temperature. It also connects to a smart device via Bluetooth so you can monitor and adjust the grill remotely. It all sounds very promising, even at this price (after all you can get a great kamado grill in this range).

It’s really about the fuel

The real secret of this grill, and probably the big moneymaker, is the fuel. Spark requires a specialized brick (or briq) of charcoal made by the manufacturer in Boulder Colorado. There are actually several varieties of this brick depending on the flavor you want or the style of cooking you are doing. Yes, they offer a low and slow charcoal brick, a standard, and a quick burn brick. They cost between four and six dollars apiece. While this might not be the most expensive grill to operate, it isn’t cheap either.

So? Do you have to use this charcoal? Well, no. You can pick up a bag of briquettes at your local grocery store and use that. The problem is that this grill is designed and calibrated to use the charcoal that the manufacturer makes and sells. Most of the advantages of this grill are thrown out the window if you are not using the charcoal specifically designed for this grill. So, unless you plan on buying the charcoal to go with this grill, you would be much better off buying a less expensive charcoal grill.

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4 responses to “Spark Smart Charcoal Grill Review”

  1. I got one, was initially happy. Then the hinges failed after two high heat grills. The charcoal is expensive and you have to wait til it burns out, no reusing briqs. It didn’t deliver any charcoal flavor. I gave mine away.

  2. I just ordered mine after trying to get any (objective) information about the grill and its everyday function- how is it to live with? I live in a modern high rise with a large balcony. We are not supposed to have open flame on the balcony – gas was out, and charcoal is, too, really, but with ignition and a solid briq (how Spark spells it) I figure it’s arguably safe. Electric grills- they just don’t seem to work. So, I’m excited about the Spark, but have some concerns- some in the marketing. Some of the videos are crude for a modern idea-based product. We’ll see. I may have to take them up on the return guarantee: 100 days. Anyone else out there have a Spark and want to talk about their experience?
    I rated everything in the middle because I haven’t seen / used it yet.

    • Fantastic grill. I wanted the taste and cook of charcoal without actually having to deal with the pain of lighting it. The start up of the grill is amazing and they are really starting to make some briqs that you can do anything with. I love being able to set a temp and walk away knowing it will get to that temp. Temp ranges from 250-900 but I would say they are really 300-850. Very difficult for it to stay at 250 or get up to 900 but either way its pretty awesome technology to use. You think the briqs will be a pain only being able to use theirs but it really isn’t.
      I have had mine a year now and use it 2-4 times a week depending on how lazy I am feeling. The only thing I wish they made was a rotisserie attachment but I can deal without having it for now.

  3. It looks really cool but the specialized brick is a show stopper. I’m thinking someone will come out with a way to hack that if the grill succeeds in the market. Maybe crush some Kingsford briquettes with a little water in a mold or something. I’m not going to be the first Guinee Pig on my block to get one.
    I did see a pellet style grill that feeds charcoal instead of pellets. It was very cool but a little large and clunky. It is an exciting time for grill enthusiasts with lots of fun toys to play with!

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