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Super Bowl Recipes for the Grill or Smoker

Get ready for the big day with these delicious Super Bowl Recipes for the Grill or Smoker. Here you’ll find everything from appetizers to sandwiches to dessert. So light up the grill and let’s get started!

Super Bowl Recipes

With Super Bowl quickly approaching, we have compiled some of our most popular game day recipes. Here you’ll find appetizers, meals, healthy ideas, and dessert items alike. Get your Super Bowl Sunday menu together and use your grill or smoker to make the magic happen! 

1.) Smoked Meatball Subs

Smoked Meatball Subs

These smoked meatball subs are perfect for your Super Bowl menu. The meatballs are kissed with smoke and ready to eat in just 40 minutes. If you’re lucky, you might have leftovers too! We designed this recipe using a pellet grill, but any grill or smoker will do the job! Get the Recipe!

2.) Tabasco Wings

Tabasco Chicken Wings

These Tabasco Chicken Wings make a delicious appetizer for game days and cookouts! We take these tabasco chicken wings to the grill (or oven), which cook and crisp up perfectly, then coat them in a tart and spicy tabasco sauce. Super Bowl food never tasted so good! Recipe HERE!

3.) Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwiches

Nashville Hot Chicken

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried a Nashville hot chicken sandwich! Typically this sandwich is made of breast meat, but skinless, boneless thighs work just as well. We like to take our sandwiches to the next level and top them with Comeback Sauce and Fried Pickles. You can also add our popular Sandwich Slaw. After trying this you’ll see why it made out List of Super Bowl Recipes for the Grill or Smoker! Get the RECIPE!

4.) Grilled Jalapeno Popper Mushrooms

Grilled Jalapeno Popper Mushrooms

We love serving these grilled jalapeno poppers at Super Bowl parties and cookouts. They are easy to make, and if you’re already using your grill for cooking your favorite proteins, pop these bacon and jalapeno stuffed mushrooms in there too. It’s fast convenient, and you’ll have a perfectly grilled appetizer in just 20 minutes. Recipe HERE!

5.) Smoked McRib Sandwich

Rib Sandwich

We have taken this cult-like sandwich and turned it into one of our most amazing rib experiences to date. You’ll want to try our method for your Super Bowl gathering! This Smoked McRib is a game changer! Try it HERE!

6.) Kansas City Style Onion Rings

Kansas City Onion Rings

These crisp Kansas City Style Onion Rings are a popular menu item, and we can understand why. Some folks swear that these are the best onion rings they’ve ever had. This recipe is our take on these famous KC onion rings. Serve them with a half slab of smoked ribs and a generous helping of baked beans for the complete experience! RECIPE

7.) Flat-Iron Steak Tacos

Flat-Iron Tacos

Make it all about tacos on Super Bowl Sunday with one of our reader favorites! These flat iron steak tacos are marinated in an Aji (green sauce) marinade, then grilled hot and fast! While this recipe calls for flat iron steaks, you can substitute it with any flat steak including, flank, hanger, skirt, or sirloin flap steaks. MAKE IT!

8.) Grilled S’mores Pizza

Grilled S'mores Pizza - Cover

This pizza is pure ooey-gooey goodness and a favorite of both kids and adults. What’s great about this s’mores pizza is that it’s quick, easy, and requires few ingredients. This recipe makes enough for 8 people. Double the recipe to make 2 pizzas for your Super Bowl gathering. Recipe HERE!

9.) Easy Queso Dip

Easy Queso Dip for Super Bowl

Super Bowl and cheese dips go hand in hand! This queso recipe is easy, but the results are amazing. We like to use this recipe as a base and add extra ingredients like smoked brisket, corn, or cooked chorizo to change it up. However, it’s perfectly delicious as is! MAKE IT!

10.) Air Fryer Sweet Potato Fries

Air Fryer Sweet Potato Fries Super Bowl Appetizer

While not technically a grill or smoker item, this is one of the easiest recipes for sweet potato fries! These fries make the perfect side dish for grilled burgers and steaks. And they are accompanied by an incredible garlic-herb dipping sauce. Get the RECIPE!

11.) Choripan


If you love a good sausage sandwich, then Choripan is for you! Choripan is an Argentinian street food sandwich popular in most South American countries. The name translates as chori, a shortened version of ‘chorizo,’ and pan, which means ‘bread.’ These Argentinian chorizo sausages are sliced lengthwise, grilled hot and fast, and served on a hearty crusted bread dressed with chimichurri. Yum! RECIPE HERE!

12.) Avocado Red Pepper Chicken Burgers

Avocado Red Pepper Chicken Burgers

Want a lighter, healthier menu item for your Super Bowl festivities? This is the one. These Avocado Red Pepper Chicken Burgers are chock full of pure deliciousness! Enjoy burgers in a fresh toasted bun or nestled into a lettuce wrap for a low-carb alternative. Link to the recipe HERE!

13.) Grilled Potato Skins

Super Bowl Grilled Potato Skins

Can you have a Super Bowl party without Potato Skins? We didn’t think so! These grilled potato skins make a fun crunchy bacon and potato snack for game day. Get creative, and add your favorite toppings! RECIPE

14.) Garlic Pastrami Burgers

Garlic Pastrami Burgers for Super Bowl

Have you tried a pastrami burger? If not, you are in for a treat! Legend has it that the pastrami burger originated in California in the early 1970s then popularized in Salt Lake City, Utah, our hometown! To this day, these burgers remain a beloved fast-food item, and once you’ve tried it, you’ll understand why it made our list of Super Bowl Recipes for the Grill or Smoker. MAKE IT!

15.) Chocolate-Caramel Rice Krispie Treats

Chocolate-Caramel Rice Crispy Bars

Hello. Yes, we would like all of these, please. Our recipe takes rice crispy treats to a whole new level! These perfectly crafted bars are coated with a luscious caramel sauce and topped with chocolate. Each bite is pure heaven. Serve them up at your game-day gathering, and watch everyone come back for more. RECIPE!

16.) Bourbon Bathed Brats

Bratwursts on the Grill for Super Bowl

Bourbon, bratwurst, and Super Bowl. What more can you ask for? Well, besides your team winning, of course. Traditionally, grilled brats are nestled into a beer and onion bath until they are ready to serve. Our recipe steeps the uncooked brat in a warm bath before grilling, with the option of returning them to the liquid after. The reason for doing this is so the sausages can soak up as much bourbon flavor and aroma as possible. Fantastic! Get the recipe HERE.

17.) Pulled Pork Spring Rolls

Best Pulled Pork Spring Rolls for Super Bowl

Use up leftover pulled pork by making this cooling dish! These pulled pork spring rolls are crazy delicious, make a great snack, and are easy to assemble! RECIPE.

18.) Grilled Garlic Cheese Bread

grilled garlic cheese bread 2

We first developed this recipe years ago for a Super Bowl party. Since then, we have enjoyed multiple grilled garlic cheese bread variations. However, the original is still the winner! The best part? Few ingredients! You can’t beat that—link to the recipe HERE.

19.) Smoked Cream Cheese

Smoked Cream Cheese served for Super Bowl

This Tik Tok sensation is one of the easiest and least expensive appetizers you can make. If you love cream cheese in savory dips, you’re going to love this. We even have a dessert version that you’ll simply love! Give smoked cream cheese a TRY!

20.) Grilled Achiote Shrimp Skewers

Grilled Achiote Shrimp Skewers for Super Bowl

Make your Super Bowl Sunday a seafood fest with these grilled achiote shrimp skewers. They will quickly become one of your favorite seafood mains. We marinated jumbo shrimp in a flavorful citrus-achiote mixture, then cooked them hot and fast on the grill. Delicious! Get the recipe HERE.

21.) Jalapeno Popper Corn Dip

Jalapeno Popper Dip in cast iron skillet for Super Bowl

Super Bowl means cookouts, and parties, and this jalapeno popper corn dip is a game-changer. This dish is easy to assemble and cooks in just 30 minutes. Amp up your appetizer game and wow your guests with this fabulous dip!

22.) Smoked BBQ Meatballs

Smoked BBQ Meatballs in a bowl with garnish

Made-from-scratch smoked BBQ meatballs make the perfect appetizer or main course. These meatballs are smoked right on the grill or smoker, then bathed in a flavorful BBQ sauce.

23.) Texas Caviar

Texas Caviar in serving bowl with chips and garnish

Texas Caviar, also called Cowboy Caviar, is a delicious dip made of beans, peppers, corn, and a flavorful citrus vinaigrette. This easy, delicious bean dip is a Texan favorite. Once you try it, you’ll see why!

24.) Smoked Hummus

Smoked Hummus for Super Bowl

Pop the chickpeas into your smoker to make Smoked Hummus for your next cookout or Super Bowl party. We have to admit that this is one of our favorite appetizers!

25.) Smoked Sausage

Smoked Sausage

Can any game day be complete without sausages? Try smoking sausage low and slow to get all that great smoky flavor.

26.) Pellet Grill Pizza

Pizza on a Pellet Grill

Curious about how to make a delicious pizza on your pellet grill? We’ve tested and retested the right method to make the perfect restaurant-quality pellet grill pizza! You’ll need a pizza stone, a pizza peel, and some delicious ingredients.

27.) Butter Burgers

Butter Burgers on wooden table

These indulgent butter burgers are a butter lover’s dream. They are juicy and delicious and make a quick and easy meal.

28.) Smoked Turkey Burgers

Smoked Turkey Burgers

Yes, you heard that right! Take these delicious homemade turkey patties to the smoker for a fantastic treat. The low and slow smoke will increase flavor while keeping these turkey burgers juicy and tender. Serve them in a bun, or serve them wrapped in lettuce leaves for a hearty low-carb meal!

29.) Deviled Egg Dip

deviled egg dip 2

One of the best things about deviled egg dip is that it’ is so much easier to make than real deviled eggs. Plus, it’s versatile, gluten-free. Pair this appetizer with sliced vegetables, bread, crackers, or even potato chips. Easy and super delicious!

30.) Smoked Buffalo Chicken Dip

Smoked Buffalo Chicken Dip

If you haven’t tried buffalo chicken dip before, here is your chance! It’s creamy, delicious, and loosely based on the popular buffalo chicken wing. This savory dip is easy to make and calls for simple ingredients. The best part is that you can cook it on your grill or smoker, or in the oven. This is definitely one of our easier super bowl recipes for the grill or smoker.

31.) Smoky Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers

Bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers have the perfect flavor combination of spicy jalapenos, salty bacon, and creamy, decadent cheese. This homemade appetizer takes minutes to assemble, and are cooked and ready to serve in under an hour.

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