Top 10 Burgers – Best Hamburgers

The hamburger, sometimes referred to as the humble burger, is the world's most popular sandwich. In fact, it is half of all the sandwiches eaten on any given day. The reason for its popularity is in the versatility. It doesn't have to be two all beef patties on a sesame seed bun. Burgers can be any meat or no meat. It can be sweet or spicy or savory. It can be fancy and expensive, of cheap and easy. These 10 Burger recipes are a great way to begin a deep exploration of all things burger, so give them a try and build a better burger.


Best Pellet Grill Burgers

These burgers are kissed with a bit of smoke, then seared to perfection. This process brings out the natural beefy goodness of a burger and will keep you returning for more. When I first tried this method, I was amazed at how tender and flavorful the burgers were. Not only were they delicious, but the process was so easy.

Try the The Best Pellet Grill Burger


Ultimate Stroganoff Burgers

Take the mushroom burger to it's ultimate level. Out Stroganoff Burger is topped with mushrooms, swiss, and a host of flavors that make it one of our most popular and beloved burgers.

Try the The Ultimate Stroganoff Burger


Garlic Pastrami Burgers

These beefy patties are infused with garlicky goodness, grilled to perfection, and topped with warmed pastrami, a delicious sauce, and cheese. You just can’t go wrong with this burger in your mouth!

Try the Garlic Pastrami Burgers


Oklahoma Onion Smash Burgers

Oklahoma Onion Smash burgers are incredibly delicious and so easy to make on your flat top grill! This is easily one of my favorite burgers to make for a casual get-together or quick weekday meal. If you have a flat top grill, I highly recommend this recipe. It’s easy and so dang good, you’ll end up eating more than one burger!

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The Ultimate Stuffed Ribeye Burger

These burgers are made out of ground ribeye steaks and stuffed with a delicious mushroom and pancetta filling. Topped off with a French-inspired sauce, these decadent burgers are a must try!

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The Ultimate Brisket Burger

Most brisket burgers are made with ground brisket, but these meat lovers delights top a flavorful garlic burger patty with slices of barbecued brisket. Yes, it’s a messy sandwich, but you know that only means it’s going to be good.

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Avocado-Red Pepper Chicken Burger

These chicken burgers are chock full of deliciousness with avocado and red pepper just for starters. Enjoy these grilled burgers in a fresh toasted bun or in a lettuce wrap for a healthier alternative. Either way, they are fantastic.

Try the Avocado-Red Pepper Chicken Burger


Herb Pork Burgers with Tapenade Aioli

This is a great alternative to the standard beef burger. While this recipe calls for pork, you can substitute with ground chicken or turkey. The tapenade aioli adds a level of creamy deliciousness that helps to brighten the herbed flavor of the patty.

Try the Herb Pork Burgers with Tapenade Aioli


Easy Beef Burgers

Looking for a simple burger patty that you can dress up with sauces and other condiments? Well, this beef burger recipe is the place to start.

Try the Easy Beef Burgers


Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Forget fast food spicy chicken sandwiches, this recipe is fresh, flavorful, and much better for you. This recipe is quick and easy enough for weeknight meals but is a great addition to cookouts and game day parties. Served with a green onion aioli, this sandwich will win your heart over. If looking for an even healthier option, omit the bun and wrap in lettuce.

Try the Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Top 10 Burgers - Best Hamburgers