Top 10 Grilled Sandwiches

There is an art to the perfect sandwich. As varied as this dish can be, it should just be something smashed together out of whatever is laying around. These Top 10 Grilled Sandwiches start on the grill for maximum flavor and then pile it high with the perfect balance of ingredients. From a classic French dip to the better than fast food spicy chicken sandwich, here is where the journey begins.


Fully Loaded Flat-Iron Steak Sandwiches

A delicious sandwich that combines the genius of a fully loaded baked potato with a flavorful beef sandwich. Great for any occasion, but a really nice addition to game night.

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Grilled Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches with Roasted Peppers

This is one flavorful pork tenderloin sandwich. The pork is marinated in a sage and wine mixture, grilled to perfection and served up with roasted pepper and topped with an avocado sauce.

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Flat Iron Sandwiches with French Onion Au Jus

This recipe is for the serious sandwich lover. The steaks are marinated, then grilled to perfection, sliced and layered onto bread with onions from the au jus, Swiss cheese, and a mustard-black pepper mayonnaise. Dip this heaping sandwich into piping hot au jus for the greatest food experience.

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Mezcal Marinated Steak Sandwiches

Mezcal, an agave-based alcohol beverage from Mexico, is a perfect ingredient to add to marinades. The natural smokiness blends really well with red meat and really ties together on the grill. I recommend charcoal for this dish, but you can certainly use a gas range as well. This sandwich is served with sauteed onion and a creamy lime-jalapeno topping.

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The Ultimate Patty Melt

This patty melt contains a bit of stout beer in both the ground beef patties and the sauteed onions, giving it a rich beefy flavor. I recommend using a marbled rye for this recipe. If you are unable to find cippolini onions, any sweet onion will do.

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Herb Pork Burgers with Tapenade Aioli

This is a great alternative to the standard beef burger. While this recipe calls for pork, you can substitute with ground chicken or turkey. The tapenade aioli adds a level of creamy deliciousness that helps to brighten the herbed flavor of the patty.

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Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Forget fast food spicy chicken sandwiches, this recipe is fresh, flavorful, and much better for you. This recipe is quick and easy enough for weeknight meals but is a great addition to cookouts and game day parties. Served with a green onion aioli, this sandwich will win your heart over. If looking for an even healthier option, omit the bun and wrap in lettuce.

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Pulled Pork Sliders

We are all in agreement that pulled pork sandwiches are delicious, but these sliders are not only bite-sized and flavorful, but includes a lightly seasoned mini pork or beef patty with bacony goodness. This is a decadent sandwich, but small. So it all evens out in the end.

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The Ultimate Brisket Burger

Most brisket burgers are made with ground brisket, but this meat lovers delight tops a flavorful garlic burger patty with slices of barbecued brisket. Yes it’s a messy sandwich, but you know that only means it’s going to be good.

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Crab Stuffed Mushroom Sliders

What could be better than stuffed mushrooms? How about stuffed mushroom sliders? These portabella caps are stuffed with a creamy crab filling, cooked on the grill and served on slider buns. Make sure to find mushrooms that are just slightly larger than the buns as they tend to shrink during the cooking process. These sliders are great for any occasion, but I highly recommend them for tailgating and Super Bowl gatherings.

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