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Vision Grills HD1 Charcoal Kamado Review

Vision Grills HD1 Charcoal Kamado
Vision Grills HD1 Charcoal Kamado

Vision Grills HD1

Derrick Riches

Construction Quality
Temperature Control
Smoking Capability


  • 18-inch diameter primary grilling surface (302 square inches)
  • Cast iron and steel vents
  • Thick ceramic body
  • Stainless steel cooking grates
  • Two fold-down side tables
  • Spring loaded lid for easy lifting
  • Removable ash drawer
  • Made in China by Vision Grills

Full Review – Vision Grills HD1 Charcoal Kamado


  • Inexpensive Kamado
  • Easy to Use Vents
  • Stainless Steel Grates
  • Decent Cart


  • Lighter Weight than the Competition
  • Limited Quality components

Kamado grills started out as a relatively expensive, specialty charcoal grill. As they gained in popularity more companies started making them and they started showing up in all kinds of stores. The original makers stuck to a distribution system that favored small, local retailers and avoided the big box stores. This left the door wide open for Vision Grills.

These Chinese imported grills can be found in a wide range of big box stores. They are not the same quality as the older brands, but they are more budget-friendly. The Vision HD1 is comparable to the standard-sized Kamado grills from Big Green or Primo but lower priced. Of course, this comes at a cut in quality as well.

Now, for around $800USD you get the complete package. This makes this Kamado Grill much less expensive than the better brands. This model is cart mounted with fold-down side tables and comes with a basic set of tools. While not particularly bad, don’t expect the durability or quality of the more well-known brands.

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