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The New Weber Genesis Gas Grill

If you’re interested in the Weber Genesis Gas Grill, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn all about the key features of this product.

The Weber Genesis Gas Grill is a popular piece of cooking equipment and has been a cornerstone of Weber’s line for many years. Since its introduction in 1985, the Genesis series has undergone several design changes. In its 2022 iteration, Weber’s core strategy focuses solely on accessories.

Weber Genesis Gas Grills 2022

Years ago, Weber realized that while grills were a lucrative business, the accessories generated real profits. And I’m not just talking about basic tongs and grill toppers, but a comprehensive strategy of offering cooking options to cater to every need. The new Genesis was designed with the accessory market in mind. This grill underwent modifications, producing some much needed improvements.

Top Three Weber Genesis Gas Grills

Bare Bones


Fully Loaded




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Pure Gas Power

Fifteen years ago, the Weber Genesis gas grill differed greatly from what is available today. First, the burners ran side to side with the control panel mounted on the side table, a configuration that people either loved or hated. However, the old Genesis could reach 700°F in under 15 minutes. It also pumped out power and burned through propane.

In 2011, Weber made the biggest change in this grill’s history. They reconfigured the burner front to back, with the control panel up front making it similar to other grills. But they also cut the BTUs leaving the unit struggling to reach 500°F. There were complaints. 

To fix this, Weber added a sear burner between two of the burners on the right-hand side. This 9,000 BTU burner added the oomph needed to do some serious searing. However, this option was only available on some models.

Here, we see one of the problems with Genesis. Too many models. You could get a gas grill with three or four main burners, with or without the sear burner (technically making these four or five-burner grills). It contained the optional side burner and stainless steel or porcelain enamel versions. Add in the ‘special’ versions and ‘smart models’ in the last decade, and have as many as 20 models of Genesis available at any given time. And, you might have to hunt to find the right version to fit your needs.

The New Weber Genesis Gas Grill

For 2022, that sear burner isn’t optional anymore. It’s standard. And like the ‘ main ‘ burners, it is now a 13,000 BTU burner. Now you can choose between a four or five-burner version (though they still don’t count the sear burner as a main burner, so Weber calls them three or four-burner models). But if you crank all these stainless steel burners to maximum, you are hitting 51,000 BTUs on the smaller and 64,000 BTUs on the larger version. These are good numbers for the size of the grill. Of course, the heat is uneven, with the right side of the grill burning much hotter than the left.

But why? The right side of the 2022 Genesis grill has a special cooking grate, and that sear burner fits directly in the middle of this grate section. This means that Weber can now do things with this space, namely accessorize. But to see how we got here, we need to look at Weber’s attempts at making accessories an integral part of their grilling experience.

All About the Accessories

You might think that a thousand-dollar grill will generate much more profit than a fifty-dollar grill pan. But it isn’t necessarily about the total profit, but the profit margin. The gas grill market is highly competitive, and convincing a customer to choose your grill over someone else’s means keeping the price down while offering the features and quality that the customer expects. Consumers tend to have high expectations of Weber.

Weber Stainless Steel Rod Cooking Grates

But once the grill is sold, now comes the up sale of all the extras. Traditionally, this has meant items like covers, rotisserie kits, and grilling tools. But now, it also means cast iron searing grates, pizza stones, and griddles. The trick is this. If a consumer spent $1,000 on the grill, it is much easier to sell them a griddle for ten percent of that price ($100USD), as long as it is an exact fit, guaranteed to work, and a genuine branded product. After all, that griddle probably costs about ten dollars to make. The potential profit margins are staggering. Weber has been on this track for more than a decade.

The Gourmet BBQ System

Enter the accessory system known as GBS. This started with the popular Weber Kettle Grill, particularly the 22-inch version. Weber sold some models with the GBS grate, a standard cooking grate for the kettle with a removable center section. Take that piece out, and you can replace it with a small searing grate, wok, plancha, or several other accessories. If you didn’t buy this version, you could always upgrade later. Soon, Weber added this feature to their Spirit and Genesis grills in the European market. All in all, pretty successful.

The only problem was getting these accessories to heat evenly on a gas grill with the power one might need for various cooking styles. Stir-fry needs high heat, and GBS just didn’t cut it in some applications. The grill didn’t always fit the accessory. 


GBS was successful in some markets. But it wasn’t the complete package Weber had banked on. They sold some accessories, but they weren’t the must-have items, as most consumers purchased only one or two. Weber wanted accessory solutions that gave their grills unlimited cooking capabilities with lots of extras to help improve the bottom line.

Enter Elevations, Weber’s awkward solution. Elevations has a metal rack-mounted into the grill’s back, replacing the warming rack. This rack could ‘hang’ many accessories like grill baskets, warming trays, pots, etc. I was not a fan of this solution, and now it appears to be disappearing.

Crafted Outdoor Kitchen Collection

This brings us to Crafted, or more accurately, the Weber Crafted Outdoor Kitchen Collection. I’m going to call it Crafted to keep things simple. Crafted is the GBS system on steroids or the GBS without its biggest limitation. You see, GBS used a removable round grate section that was about 12-inches in diameter. If customers wanted to use this griddle accessory, they could cook at least three smashburgers or many small pancakes at a time. This heavy cast iron sear grate could handle a pair of New York Strip Steaks, whereas the GBS was limited by its size.

Crafted Means Less Size Limitations

The Crafted System is no longer limited by measurement. The main cooking grate for this system is three parts versus the GBS two-part configuration. The main section is little more than a stainless-steel rod frame. A large cooking grate with a removable round section in the middle fits into this frame. This section will accommodate all the GBS accessories. Now there is an option for large accessories like a large, 16 X 16-inch griddle, baking stone, or cast iron sear burner. Consumers can cook many large pancakes, several smash burgers, or sear a dozen steaks at a time. While not as large as most flat-top grills, the griddle accessory is large enough for most people’s needs. You won’t have to buy a gas-powered griddle if you have a new Genesis gas grill. The Crafted system is a definite improvement over the GBS design.

But this is about the up sale. Remember that. These large accessories sell for around $100USD a piece. The full line of accessories could cost you nearly the price of the base Genesis model (around $900USD). Of course, most consumers won’t buy them all, but there are already several options. Certainly, Weber will add more as time goes by. At the very least, you will know what to ask for when your birthday rolls around.

Other Changes to Weber Genesis Gas Grill

To get the power and even cooking needed to make Crafted work, the sear burner has been promoted to the power of a main burner. At 13,000 BTUs, the three burners that power this section are even and capable of pumping out a lot of heat. This means improved high-power searing and griddle cooking capabilities. It means that the baking stone will be heated to pizza oven levels. And it also means that one burner can fire up the wok and pans that fit into the round accessory section of the grill.

There’s more. Weber has altered the grease management system. In the past, drippings were collected into a tray in the middle of the grill. This grease collector is now on the right side, directly under the Crafted grate section. Grease from the griddle can drain safely away from the burners and out the bottom of the grill. This means that the propane tank can move inside the grill. Where it should have been years ago. It will no longer hang awkwardly off the side of the cart.

And the cabinet (now standard on all versions) has been arranged to make room for all the accessories. There are hooks to hold the main cooking grate on the back of the grill, and those large accessory sections can stand up inside the grill. You can get the full complement of accessories and store them inside your grill. The upper cooking grate or warming rack is also much larger. The older 3-burner models had a 156 square inch warming rack, the new models have 274 square inches of area.

Models of the 2022 Weber Genesis Gas Grill

Weber isn’t cutting the number of models down dramatically, though as of today, the line has been reduced. I suspect that we will see a few special versions popping up soon, but right now, these are the models that are available for 2022. Prices may vary by retailer. You can find the new Weber Genesis Grills at most major hardware and department stores, as well as Amazon and BBQGuys.com.

About the model numbers

First, a quick lesson in Weber model names. Weber gas grills have a similar naming convention starting with letters and then numbers. However, they don’t always stick to these rules, so double-check what the grill has before buying. “E” means enamel or the painted version of the grill. This is generally black, but there are other colors offered on some (few) models like blue or copper. “S” means stainless and this refers only to the hood and the doors on the cabinet as well as the cooking grates. With “E” version you get porcelain-coated cast-iron and stainless steel rod grates on the “S” version. All other parts are the same.

Smart, Enabled, and More

The “X” tells us that it is a ‘smart’ grill. This refers to Weber’s WiFi-enabled grills with temperature monitoring systems. You cannot remotely control the smart version of the Genesis Grills and they do not have thermostatic control. “P” refers to premium and for the most part, versions of the grill available through specialty retailers. You usually have to find these grills online. The “P” versions either have Weber’s stainless steel grates or the Crafted Grates included, so you have to see which configuration you are getting. I’ll make sure to specify it in the model list below. It does get confusing though. So an “EP” gets you cast-iron grates with the frame and an “SP” will get you the stainless steel version of the system.

As for the numbers, the first digit tells you how many main burners there are and the second number refers to the features. They all end with a third digit of “5”, which tells us nothing. Since the sear burner is now standard, a second digit of “2”, means without the side burner, and a “3” tells us that it does include the side burner. So the EXP-435 is an enamel (black) grill with and smart grill feature, a side burner, and the Crafted frame included.

Weber Genesis Special Edition

For many years, Weber has produced ‘special edition’ versions of the Genesis grill. They are designated by the “SP” or “SE” in the model name. This is not to be confused with the “S” for stainless, “E” for enamel, or the “P” for premium in the names I just talked about. Confused? Yeah, me too. The big upgrade for the special edition grills is in the cooking grates. They come with stainless steel grids, but the 9mm version instead of the standard 7mm versions found on the stainless steel versions of Genesis. These grates are a serious improvement to the cooking capabilities of the grill and something I recommend. The 9mm grates are five pounds heavier than the 7mm grates.

Special Edition Weber Genesis

Special Edition Genesis grills are available through select retailers and may not be available in all regions. Weber does release different grills in different countries.

This list is sorted by price.

E-325s Weber Genesis Gas Grill

Genesis E-325s

This is the most basic model of the new Genesis Grills. It is listed as a three-burner, 39,000 BTU gas grill, but if we include the sear burner it has 51,000 maximum BTUs for the 513 square inches of primary grilling surface. The expected retail price for this model is $999USD.

Model# 37310001

Available in Black and Copper.

Does NOT include the Crafted Frame.


Genesis SA-E-325s

This special edition grill is exclusive to Ace Hardware stores and comes in a special color, Ace Hardware Indigo. Under the hood, this is the standard E-325s with the special edition 9mm stainless steel cooking grates. At $1,069, this is actually pretty reasonable in price. You can compare it to the SP-E-325s model below which also has the LED grill lights built into the handle.

Model# 35373201

Available in Ace Hardware Indigo

Does NOT Include the Crafted Frame


Genesis S-325s

The stainless steel version of the E-325s above. I want to point out that the difference here isn’t huge. The stainless steel versions of the Weber Genesis have a stainless steel hood piece and doors. The rest of the grill is either cast aluminum or enameled steel. The stainless steel used on Weber grills is not, particularly of high quality. Personally, I recommend the porcelain versions over the stainless steel. This model retails for $1,129.

Model# 35300001

Does NOT include the Crafted Frame.

SP-E-325s Weber Genesis Gas Grill

Genesis SP-E-325s

Here we have one of the ‘special edition’ Genesis grills. In most ways, this is the E-325s with a few upgrades. At $1,029 you are paying more, but you get the 9mm stainless steel rod cooking grates versus the porcelain-coated cast iron ones on the E-325s. You also get LED lights built into the handle (the AA batteries fit into the handle as well). These are nice upgrades, but I will let you decide if it’s worth the price. This model sells for $1,129.

Model# 35313301

Available in Black and Blue.

Does NOT Include the Crafted Frame.


Genesis EX-325s

This is the least expensive of Weber’s smart grills in the genesis series. Identical in every way except that this model has the Weber Connect WiFi-enabled temperature monitoring system. For $1,179, you will notice that the Weber Connect addition increases the price of the grill by $180.

Model# 35510001

Available in Black and Blue.

Does NOT include the Crafted Frame.


Genesis SI-E-330 Gas Grill

Here we have the least expensive Genesis grill that includes the much-publicized Crafted Frame system as a standard feature. What you should notice is the cabinet extension on the left. This is storage space for the Crafted accessories as well as covering for the plumbing used for the side burner. This model does not have a side burner. At $1,299, this model is a $280 jump from the base model. You are paying a lot of money for access to an accessory system.

Model# 35913501

Includes the Cast-Iron version of the Crafted Frame.

E-335 Weber Genesis Gas Grill

Genesis E-335

Identical to the E-325 above, but with Weber’s 12,000 BTU standard side burner added on. This model has a retail price of $1,319USD.

Model# 35410001

Available in Black and Blue.

Does NOT include the Crafted Frame.


Genesis SX-325s

Again, we have the ‘smart’ version of the basic Genesis grill, but this time in stainless steel. You pay $120 for the upgrade to stainless from the enamel version. The Weber connect upgrade is adding $170 over the S-325s model. This model runs $1,319.

Model# 35500001

Does NOT include the Crafted Frame.


Genesis S-335

This model includes the 12,000BTU standard Weber side burner. Powerful enough to heat a medium-sized pot or bring a cast iron skillet to intense searing temperatures (as you might use for my Restaurant Steak Recipe). This model retails for $1,429, which is a serious jump in price over the S-325. This is a lot of money to pay for a side burner.

Model# 35400001

Does NOT include the Crafted Frame.

SP-E-335 Weber Genesis Gas Grill

Genesis SP-E-335

Yes, this is the $1,429 version of the new Weber Genesis gas grill. But it is loaded with extras. This special edition grill has 9mm stainless steel grates with the Crafted accessory frame and extra storage. It also has a side burner and grill lights in the handle. What you get is superior grates, access to all the accessories, and a nice side burner. If you have the money, I suggest that you buy this model. It will give you a lot of versatility.

Model# 35413301

Includes the Crafted Frame system.


Genesis E-435

The four-burner version of the Genesis line. This particular model offers the Weber side burner and a large cooking area. This model comes in at $1,649.

Model# 36410001

Does NOT include the Crafted Frame.


Genesis EPX-335

This is the premium version of Weber’s three-burner ‘smart’ grill in the black edition. With this model, you get all the upgrades without going to the stainless steel version. Of course, at a price. At $1,699 you are paying a lot for a side burner and the Weber Connect temperature monitoring system. But you do get the Crafted frame included with this model.

Model# 35810001

S-435 Weber Genesis

Genesis S-435

For $1,749 you can have the four-burner, stainless steel version with the side burner.

Model# 36400001

Does NOT include the Crafted Frame.

SPX-335 Weber Genesis Gas Grill

Genesis SPX-435

And here we hit the top. At $2,099, this is the most expensive of the Weber Genesis gas grills. With this model, you get the four main burners, sear burner, side burner, Weber Connect system, and the Craft grill frame. There is certainly a big price jump here. The previous generation’s version of this grill was $400 less than this model. Also, the addition of the Weber Connect device increases the price of this grill by $300.

Model# 36800001

The Problem with the New Weber Genesis

Weber has touted this introduction as “the biggest grilling innovation in decades”. They are pushing press materials through every channel to hype all the things you can do with the new Genesis Gas Grill. You can “roast, bake, steam, or even stir-fry” with the “custom-fit WEBER Crafted Grillware”. Any read of their big press release would make you think that you can pop down to your local hardware store, pick up a new Genesis grill, and be doing all these things that night. Unfortunately, the majority of the models of this grill do not come standard with the Crafted Frame. It is an optional accessory and lists for nearly $180USD. This is for the frame, not any of the accessories.

And as I have already said, these accessories can cost up to $100. So you spend $900 on the least expensive Genesis and now you have to pay nearly $300 more if you want to do some flat-top grilling. If you purchased all the accessories available, you could spend more than your grill originally cost. Weber is trying to lock you into their line of accessories. But it would make so much more sense to include the Crafted frame on every grill. The steep price of the frame is going to be a barrier to consumers who find they can simply place a $30 pizza stone or a $50 griddle on the existing cooking grates. The truth is, Crafted is overpriced. It would seem that yet again, Weber has overestimated the value of their brand.

Final Thoughts on the New Weber Genesis Gas Grill

I have criticized the Weber Genesis Gas Grill for being underpowered. Compared with similarly priced grills from Napoleon or Broil King, it just didn’t have the power. While the main burners on the new Genesis are just as powerful as last year’s model, the beefed-up sear burn certainly helps. It isn’t an even heat across the entire cooking surface, but the versatility is improved.

As for the accessories, you can do a lot with this grill. However, most people will fire up a gas grill for burgers, chops, dogs, and chicken. These extras are not for everyone. If, however, you are a connoisseur of the grill, you will want to look at the new Genesis. You can have a good gas grill, flat-top grill, and a pizza oven all in one appliance. The problem is the premium price for these items.

If the model of Genesis that you buy doesn’t come standard with the Crafted frame, then you are spending around $180USD to then have the opportunity to buy additional accessories. If you really want that 256-square-inch griddle so you can do some flat-top grilling, you will be spending nearly $300 on top of the price of the grill. And these grills are not inexpensive. They range in price from $900 to nearly $2,000USD. These are not prices that are accessible to many people.

The new Weber Genesis Gas Grills are being released over the spring of 2022. Check back soon, as I will keep this page updated with the current prices and purchasing options.

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4 responses to “The New Weber Genesis Gas Grill”

  1. The design issues you listed as improvements are the ones I hate. First, the propane tank looks great inside the cabinet but it is a PITA to get in there. Hanging it on the outside functions better though, admittedly, it looks less refined.

    The casters are a joke unless you have a full deck everywhere. Most people have a yard or gravel in places and for that, the casters are worthless.

    So I prefer the old design.

  2. Sorry guys the new Weber Genesis grill reeks of cost cutting. From the cheap pressed tin knobs, the thinner side panels, plastic connectors, etc. Comparing the 2021 to the 2022 is unmistakable that the newer model isn’t made of the same quality materials. It looks like a cheap China knock off. If you can get a 2021 I would get that before the new version.

  3. Derrick,

    This is an incredibly useful write-up of the new Genesis models and helps to clear the confusion on what model comes with what. I’ve had two Weber 3 burners in the past and would like to get a little more space this time so am looking at the 435 versions, but the options seem more limited than with the 335. I’m not seeing an option for the 9mm cooking grates and not seeing an option for an enamel top with standard stainless grates.

    Given that we can’t get stainless grates on the E-435, do you have a recommendation when comparing the E-435 & E-335? From what I see on Weber’s site, both have the Weber Crafted system.

    At the $1,600 for the S-435 I would think might be best to go with the SPX-435 ($1,900), but I can’t find when those will be in stock…So was thinking of using a separate probe system that isn’t mounted to the grill.

    Any thoughts are sincerely appreciated and thanks again for the great content!


    • Travis, If you really want to go all in on the New Genesis, I believe that BBQGuys can deliver in about two weeks on the SPX-435 (link: https://bbqguys.sjv.io/rn0MDv). When it comes to the four-burner model, the selection is very limited. It hasn’t been as popular a size as Weber expected when they first introduced it several years ago. It would be nice if there was a special edition of it with the 9mm grates, but that doesn’t look likely for the US market.

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