Grilling and BBQ Resources

You don’t have to take my word for it. The internet is loaded with amazing grilling and BBQ resources. After decades of working online and writing about barbecue, I have selected these resources as my favorite. Don’t worry about fake sites, scams, or bad content. Produced by people who care about making great barbecue, these sources are the best of the best. Look here for help whether you are a novice or an expert. Use these to up your outdoor cooking game.


  • Naked Wiz – The Ultimate resource for charcoal and wood for grilling and smoking.
  • Virtual Weber Bullet – This site, dedicated to the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker has been online as long as I have. It is THE source for this smoker.
  • Music City Metals – The best course for parts for virtual every grill or smoker ever built

Recipes and Cooking

  • GrillGirl – Robyn Medlin Lindars brings her unique approach to grilling and barbecue including hundreds of great recipes.
  • Nibble Me This – Chris Grove is the master of the Kamado Grill (and other equipment too). His site is a treasure trove of barbecue and grilling information.
  • BBQ Bible – This is Legendary Steven Raichlen’s full-service website with an incredible about of outdoor cooking information.
  • Cooking Outdoors – Gary House’s fantastic resource for all things outdoor cooking. I particularly love his work in Dutch Oven cooking.
  • FoodFireFriends – Mark Jenner from Bedford UK, has put together a huge site of equipment and cooking information that ranks as one of the most popular BBQ Websites in the World.


  • The Smoke Ring Forum – One of the oldest Barbecue forums on the internet. Have a question? Get all your answers here.
  • The BBQ Brethren Forum – The largest Barbecue discussion forum on the internet. You could be here all day if you are not careful.


  • The BBQ Central Show – The most downloaded BBQ-related Podcast in the world. You can catch me here monthly.
  • BBQ Beat – Kevin Sandridge has one of the best outdoor cooking Podcasts. I promise, listen to these, you will learn something.
  • Fire and Water Cooking – Dedicated to Sous Vide and Barbecue. This is a great podcast from Darrin Wilson.
  • Baseball and Barbecue – Jeff Cohen and Leonard Aberman’s fantastic podcast is dedicated to their twin loves of Baseball and BBQ.