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Best Gas Grills for 2024

Gas grills can be purchased for as little as $150USD or well over $35,000USD. They are one of the most diverse product lines in the cooking market. On the bottom end, the grills are small, lightweight, underpowered, with limited capabilities. On the top end, temperatures soar high, space is plentiful, and can accommodate several items.

Since price is the most significant consideration when shopping for a new grill, I have broken down my recommendations into ranges. Located the price area within your spending range and find the best grills in your budget. Remember, these lists are continuously updated as new products launch and existing ones disappear.

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What to Look For – Gas Grill Buying Guide

  • Size: The size of the gas grill you should buy depends on how many people you plan to cook for and how much space you have available on your patio. The cooking surface of gas grills is frequently measured by the number of burgers they can cook at the same time. Small grills hold 18 or fewer burger patties, mid-sized grills hold between 18 to 28 burger patties, and large grills hold more than 28. A typical three-burner gas grill features 450-500 square inches of cooking area which is sufficient for the average household. If you entertain often or have large families, you may want a grill with four or even five burners and 550-650 square inches of cooking area.
  • Features: Side burners, rotisserie systems, enclosed cabinets, and much, much more are available on gas grills. My rule is, if you want it, get it, but don’t pay for features you will never use. Side burners are great, particularly in a power outage, but most grillers never use the one they have, even for heating side dishes. The same for rotisserie burners and rotisserie systems. Not only do these, the most popular extras, cost more, but they make your gas grill more complicated and can give you problems down the road. Also, grills packed with extras for discount prices are almost never worth buying. They are cheap and only designed to convince the unknowledgeable into buying them.
  • Materials: The highest-end gas grills are built from stainless steel. But this is a very expensive material. Grills under $1,500 are probably not made with the best stainless. In this price range, stick to cast aluminum as much as you can. Cast aluminum will outlast any other material, without rusting. Also, porcelain-coated steel is better than low-grade stainless. Above this price, range, you want to see a transition towards stainless, and above $4,000 you are primarily only going to see all stainless construction.
  • Fuel: Do you want a propane or a natural gas grill? The choice is yours, if you have access to a natural gas line in your backyard. Natural gas (connected) is great. No more lugging that propane tank around to get it filled. And depending on the type of grill you buy, you have a choice. Though I would like to point out, many gas grills can NOT be converted between the two. Natural gas and liquid propane produce different BTUs (British thermal units) by volume, so your grill is one or the other. When buying, make certain you get the correct fuel type for your need.
  • Infrared: Some gas grills come as all infrared, while others offer infrared burners. This can be an infrared main burner, side burner, rotisserie burner, and any combination. Infrared generates higher temperatures. And often with less fuel. Infrared can give you better high-temperature cooking but can be limited for lower temperature or indirect cooking.

Buying Guide

I have broken down gas grills by price. In general, I don’t recommend gas grills under $250 (consider charcoal instead) but include it because of the sheer volume of questions I receive. At the high end, prices range widely, but these are luxury grills for people who don’t care too much about price.

Gas Grills under $250

There are not a lot of gas grills under $250USD these days. While these are the biggest sellers, stores, and manufacturers don’t make a lot of profit on them So they want to steer you towards bigger and shinier grills. Look for simple, small, and black if this is what you can spend. Avoid shiny stainless steel and extra features. Side burners can be a nice addition, but they won’t help you grill burgers and hot dogs. These are the two items that these grills are going to be cooking. Though relatively basic, they still get the job done. Don’t expect them to last long, or have even heating, or a lot of power.

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Gas Grills between $250 and $500

Broil King Gem 320 Gas Grill

Choices between $250USD and $500 can seem plentiful when looking around the hardware store. But there are many grills that are poor in quality and design. These tend to be impulse purchases for people who have not done their research. Big, shiny grills with five main burners and a host of extras don’t tend to last long, cook well, or offer a lot of power. The gas grills that I have selected in this price range tend to be relatively small and limited in features. The quality of the internal components and their ability to produce high temperatures and even heat makes for a good grill. Most grillers do not need a huge grill, but the size is a big marketing point. Avoid the biggest grills and stick with simple and avoid shiny.

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Gas Grills between $500 and $1000

Napoleon Rogue XT-425

Moving up in the price scale brings bigger, better, and more powerful gas grills. The models on this list produce even heating, little flare-up problems and can put a serious sear on a steak. While some units don’t include extra features, the accessories are plentiful. Here you’ll find additions like rotisserie kits that can increase versatility. I do recommend avoiding too much shiny metal or grills that are simply too big for their price tags.

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Gas Grills between $1000 and $2000

Broilmaster P3-XF Gas Grill

Now we reach the price range of gas grills where we see products that are much more like actual cooking appliances. Here the grills are bigger, more powerful, and potentially loaded with extra features. Don’t, however, believe that even up to $2,000USD is going to get a high-quality, all-stainless steel grill that will last for decades. So the question is, do you want an oversized grill loaded with extras or a grill that performs and lasts? The grills I have selected have high, even heating with a durable body that will eliminate the need to replace the grill in a few years.

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Gas Grills between $2000 and $4000

Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 Gas Grill

These are some serious gas grills. In this price range, it makes sense to consider all stainless steel construction because the price allows for the best metal. While these might not be the best of the best, they are some fantastic grills on this list. Many of these products come as part of a complete line of outdoor kitchen appliances, are powerful, and loaded with extras features. I have filtered out the knock-offs and focused this list on the grills that will do the job.

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Gas Grills between $4000 and $8000

Fire Magic Aurora A660s 30-Inch Gas Grill

Now we really move into the high-end gas grills. While these are not the most expensive on the market, they offer all the features, quality, and power that anyone could ever need. More expensive gas grills are something of a status symbol. These grills, between $4000USD and $8000, are among the best you can buy. They tell people that you are discerning, rich, and yet not overly ostentatious. All of these grills have plenty of size for any gathering. They all have rotisserie systems and the best quality stainless steel construction. You pay for these grills, but they all deliver.

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Gas Grills over $8,000

Kalamazoo K750HS Gas Grill

Here are the best of the best. Constructed with the highest quality stainless steel, these grills have an impressive array of extra features. These grills can feed whole football teams, reach incredible cooking temperatures, and do every task imaginable. All of these products are available as inserts for custom outdoor kitchens and come as part of complete outdoor appliance packages. While this list includes products priced above $8,000, the actual costs can exceed $35,000. Expect a lot of these grills, take care of them and many can last a lifetime.

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