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Bio:Derrick Riches

In March of 1997, Derrick Riches took the position of Barbecue & Grilling Expert for the then-fledgling Over the years, his site grew this into the internet’s most popular destination for outdoor cooking information, ultimately reaching a monthly readership of four million readers. He aided readers in everything from finding the perfect grill or smoker to mastering the art of barbecue and grilling.

This position placed Derrick Riches at the forefront of the outdoor cooking industry. He traveled the world, judged the most prestigious BBQ competitions, and cooked on more equipment than anyone alive. Derrick Riches has deep contacts within the industry and among the top barbecue chefs. He has consulted for numerous companies, advised trade organizations, and government policies.


Besides authoring the world’s most popular barbecue website, Derrick Riches is the author of two books on outdoor cooking as well as a contributor to works on outdoor kitchen construction, technical manuals, and numerous publications. Derrick Riches has written thousands of pieces on grilling and barbecue, including the largest body of grill and smoker reviews, as well as hundreds of recipes and cooking instructional articles.


Derrick Riches is cited as an expert source for articles appearing worldwide. These publications and information sources include The Washington Post, Boston Globe, BBC, SBS (Australia), LA Times, and Esquire Magazine. Derrick has been interviewed on countless radio shows, appeared on television, and contributed to top podcasts on the subject.