Category: Kebabs

  • Beef Suya Skewers

    Beef Suya Skewers

    Quick and easy beef suya recipe. Spicy, delicious kebabs for any occasion.

  • Grilled Lamb Kebabs with Saffron

    Grilled Lamb Kebabs with Saffron

    Succulent Lamb Kebabs with Saffron. Try this grilled lamb recipe at your next cookout.

  • Cowboy Potato Skewers

    Cowboy Potato Skewers

    Cowboy Potato Skewers make an excellent side dish for grilled or smoked proteins. While this recipe calls for bacon drippings, you can substitute it with olive oil for the vegetarians in your group. The two-step process of parboiling then grilling offers the ease of contending with these skewers while cooking other food items. In the […]

  • Grilled Bacon-Asparagus Skewers

    Grilled Bacon-Asparagus Skewers

    Easy, low-carb grilled bacon and asparagus skewers.

  • Bacon Wrapped Corn Skewers

    Bacon Wrapped Corn Skewers

    This is an easy recipe for preparing bacon-wrapped corn skewers cooked right on the grill. Cutting the corn in half and using a skewer makes it easier to move them around the grill and easier to eat. Use thin-cut bacon for this recipe, as it will cook a the same rate as the corn and […]

  • Moroccan Beef Kebabs

    Moroccan Beef Kebabs

    These tender and perfectly spiced Moroccan beef kebabs cooked right on the grill.

  • Cedar Wrapped Halibut Kebabs

    Cedar Wrapped Halibut Kebabs

    Cedar-wrapped halibut kebabs are easy to make and flavorful too! Halibut is a delicious fish, but it is prone to sticking or breaking on the grill. Using a cedar wrap will help contain the halibut while it is on the grill, and it imparts a hint of smoky flavor. These kebabs are brushed with a […]

  • Mustard Beef Skewers

    Mustard Beef Skewers

    Easy and delicious beef skewers marinated in a mustard-yogurt sauce, then grilled hot and fast.