Category: Plank Cooking

  • Cedar Wrapped Halibut Skewers

    Cedar Wrapped Halibut Skewers

    Delicate and slightly smoky, these cedar-wrapped halibut skewers are the right choice for any occasion.

  • Cedar Plank Salmon

    Cedar Plank Salmon

    Three things that work together in harmony are scotch, salmon, and the grill.

  • Plank Grilled Brie

    Plank Grilled Brie

    This Plank Grilled Brie is by far one of the easiest appetizers to prepare on the grill. The trick to petite brie is that they come in different varieties, so you can mix and match flavors. I suggest pairing different preserves with each type. Ask your local cheese-monger for a sample and some suggestions. You…