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Best Pellet Grills over $2000 for 2023

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Pellet Grills have taken outdoor cooking by storm and this included the high-end grill market. You can spend thousands on all stainless steel pellet grills, or you can get monster grills that will serve the neighborhood.

Best Pellet Grills Over $2,000
Best Pellet Grills Over $2,000

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If you are willing to make the investment, Pellet Grills can really do it all. The Best Pellet Grills over $2000 offer high-temperature direct grilling, wi-fi connectivity, fantastic smoke production and quality construction. While most makers of pellet grills are trying to find ways to make more for less, the grills on this list are pushing the boundaries of innovation. Trust that these grills will perform, whether it is grilling steaks or smoking brisket. In ordering this list I have tried to balance the appearance with ability. These offer a wide range of capacity and styling so you can choose whether form or function is your priority.

Memphis Elite

Memphis Elite Pellet Grill

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Definitely, one of the most attractive pellet grills on the market, this top-of-the-line model from Memphis Wood Fire Grills has complete 304 stainless steel construction, direct grilling capability, and a cloud-connected wi-fi app. The temperature on this grill can be monitored AND controlled from anywhere in the world (not that you would get quite that far away). This model also comes with everything you need to do it all, so there are no necessary add-ons to buy just to get a good steak. The cooking space is huge and though the $5000USD price tag is steep, this is the best of the best when it comes to pellet grills. If you have the money, you don’t need to look any further down this list.

Twin Eagles 36-Inch

Twin Eagles 36-Inch Pellet Grill

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This is it, ladies and gentlemen. The most expensive pellet grill on the market. At around $7,500 it is twice as expensive as its nearest competitor. From grill design legends at Twin Eagles, this unit is attractive, powerful, and filled with features. The problem is, it has to stand up against the Memphis Grill above and Memphis is a pellet grill company while twin eagles is a gas grill company. As good as this grill is, it doesn’t have the knowledge base to overtake the Memphis Grill. If you have unlimited money and want this one, who am I to argue? You could, however, do better.

Yoder YS-640 Competition

Yoder YS-640 Competition Pellet Grill

Where Memphis Grills turned towards elegance and a line of professional looking grills and MAK went to maximum versatility and technology, Yoder has focused their line of pellet grills on heavy metal and hardcore barbecue. This ‘competition’ pellet grill is huge, heavy, and mobile. Built like a tank and with more than a thousand square inches of cooking space, this pellet grill can cook for virtually any occasion. But while the capacity is vast, the grill (or smoker) is simple and straightforward to operate. The unit can be configured to work as a classic offset style smoker or converted to direct grilling, so one day it can be smoking ribs and the next grilling burgers, and I mean a lot of either. At around $2000USD this is a powerhouse unit that is perfect for catering, competing or just impressing the neighbors.

Traeger Timberline XL 1320

Traeger Timberline XL 1320 Pellet Grill

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At the top of Traeger’s line of pellet grills is the Timberline. This 1,320 square-inch cooking are monster has insulated dual-wall construction, advanced electronics that allow you to control your grill remotely (like virtually every other grill on this list), and an app loaded with apps. This is a very good pellet grill, but in this price range, there is some stiff competition. I do recommend you take a serious look at this model though. It is highly efficient and easy to use.

MAK 2-Star

Mak 2-Star General Pellet Grill

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Some would say that when Traeger’s monopoly of the pellet grill market ran out, they started the race to the bottom. MAK, on the other hand, took the pellet grill in the other direction. With some of the best technology on the pellet grill market, this model can grill, smoke, and be controlled from anywhere. MAK has pushed the envelope of innovation and worked tirelessly since their first days in 2009 to make the best pellet grill money can buy, and at around $2700USD, it is the best for the price. With one of the best pellet controllers ever built and even cold smoking capability, this grill can do everything, do it very well, and is built to last. In fact, MAK offers the best warranty on the market.

Coyote 36-Inch

Coyote 36-Inch Pellet Grill

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Like the Twin Eagles and the Memphis pellet grills above, this unit from Coyote seeks to put all the functionality and performance of a pellet grill into a package that is more appealing. With all stainless steel construction and some impressive cooking grates, the Coyote 36-Inch has advanced electronics and solid construction. This is a pellet grill that looks like a gas grill but does it all with real wood fire smoke. It doesn’t, however, have WiFi connectivity.

Cookshack Fast Eddy PG1000

Cookshack Fast Eddy PG1000 Pellet Grill

Ed ‘Fast Eddy’ Maurin is a grand champion of barbecue and one of the pellet world’s first advocates. Cookshack is one of the best manufacturers of electric, competition, and professional smoking equipment. Together, they have produces this stainless steel cooker that can produce extreme temperatures (for a pellet grill) has some great barbecue. The PG1000 is designed to do it all and do it very well. It has one of the best pellet controllers on the market, is insulated for maximum efficiency and it can cold smoke and comes standard with a warming drawer. Of course, at nearly $3,000USD it is also one of the most expensive pellet grills on the market when considering the price per square inch of cooking space.

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Find all the Best Pellet Grills in every price range. Research before you shop to get the right Pellet Grill for you.

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