Broil King Regal 500 Pellet Grill Review

Broil King Regal 500 Pellet Grill


Construction Quality


Temperature Control


Smoke Production







  • Solid Construction
  • WiFi Enabled
  • Large hopper capacity
  • Excellent insulation
  • Wide temperature range


  • Recommended pellets



  • 200 to 600 degree F temperature range
  • 22 pound hopper capacity
  • 14 gauge steel construction
  • Cast iron cooking grates
  • Full Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities with a proprietary app
  • 5-degree increment PID control settings
  • Two meat temperature probes
  • Full rotisserie system
  • Powder coated and stainless steel construction
  • Fire Pot ash clean out
  • Made in China by Broil King a division of Onward Manufacturing Company

26-Inch Version

  • 630 square inches of total cooking space divided between two levels
  • Total weight 225 pounds

32-Inch Version

  • 825 square inches of total cooking space divided between two levels
  • Total weight 275 pounds

Full Review - Broil King Regal 500 Pellet Grill

Pellet grills are hot. Okay. Not as hot as most other grills, but they are selling better than ever before. And now, you can't be a grill company without one. For the Summer of 2019, Broil King introduced their pellet grill. Weber would follow suit shortly after. There has been a pellet grill race and no one wants to be left out. Yes. Broil King rushed their pellet grills (there are two sizes) to market. There are reviews out there that reflect problems with the smart device app as well as the software that operates the grill. These issues are now resolved.

This pellet grill is solidly built. Certainly, it commands a higher price point, but it is heavier and more solid than most of the competition. While many comparable pellet grills have lightweight lids and bodies, the Broil King Regal 500 pellet grill has 14-gauge construction (that's 2 mm thick) and a double-walled lid. This unit holds in heat. It has too. The pellet system on this model is designed to reach cooking temperatures of 600 degrees. Furthermore, it is designed to do that in the middle of a Canadian winter. That makes this one of the most powerful pellet grills on the market.

But wait, there's more. Broil King loves engineering and features. So you get a full rotisserie system with this grill. You can smoke roast whole chickens easily. I know that a rotisserie on a pellet grill seems a little odd, but it does have uses. I would strongly encourage any owner to give it a try. The results are better for many larger roasts and whole poultry.

One feature I do like about this grill is how easy it is to clean out the firepot. A rotor breaks up the ash and lets it fall through into a small tray that simply pulls out. You don't have to remove the main diffuser plate to clean out ash and now you don't have an excuse to do it. Grease is handled in a similar fashion. In collects in a tary for easy disposal. You can even completely clear out the hopper to change pellets or for storage.

About the Pellets

Broil King spent a lot of time engineering their pellet grills. During this process they decided that a smaller pellet (smaller diameter) would work best. This isn't to say that the Broil King Regal Pellet Grills can't use other manufacturer's pellets, but it will work best with the Broil King brand. Now, most companies that make pellet grills and pellets would rather you used what they made, but I find this to be a bit of a problem. Broil King's pellets, being smaller, don't get caught up in the auger as easily. While this grill has a powerful auger that can chew through jams, it will be noisier with larger pellets. It should present a problem for you, but it is worth noting.

The Bottom Line

Broil King took time to think this grill out. It took a while to get the software working. This is an excellent pellet grill. It comes in 26 and 32 inch versions. Both have great capacity. The price ranges are higher than a lot of the competition, but most of the competition doesn't have these features or quality of constructions. Additionally, this pellet grill was designed to hit 600 degrees F in a Canadian winter. It can perform so much better than any of the cheaper pellet grills. If you are looking to buy a pellet grill, I really recommend taking a serious look at the Broil King.

If the Broil King Regal Pellet Grill is too expensive, consider the Broil King Baron Pellet Grill.

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