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Evo Flattop Grill Review

Evo Professional Flattop Grill Interior

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What you get with the Evo Flattop Grill is a 30-inch, 650-square-inch steel cooking surface. Underneath are two burners capable of producing more than 40,000 BTUs. You can use either or both burners. One heats the outer edge of the cooking surface and the other, the center. You can actually do indirect cooking on this grill with the stainless steel lid that comes with it. Surrounding the cooking surface is a trough that collects dripping and channels them to a dishwasher-safe collection cup. Clean up on a flat top grill is never very easy, but the Evo Grill does everything possible to make cleaning easier.

Why the Evo Grill?

Of course, you are going to pay around $4000USD for this griddle. It isn’t cheap, nor is it built cheaply. You can get this model in propane or natural gas, and it also comes as a drop-in unit for any custom enclosure. There are a wide number of accessories and this griddle does come with all the tools you need to do basic flat top cooking. There is even a nice recipe book included.

You buy the Evo Flattop Grill because you can. Evo has been making this model for more than a decade without any real changes. They got it right the first time. While it is true that this is a simple piece of cooking equipment, there is so much you can do with it. With a maximum cooking temperature of 700°, the Evo Grill is truly a professional piece of cooking equipment. It stands up to those used in the nicest teppanyaki restaurants in every way.


  • Maximum 40,000 BTU output from the two main burners
  • The ring burner design creates two cooking areas with outer and inner zones
  • 30-Inch/650 square inch cooking surface
  • 3/16-inch cold rolled steel cooking surface (pre-oiled)
  • 225° to 750° cooking temperature range
  • Battery-operated spark ignition
  • Removable stainless steel drip pan
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Cooking tool kit included
  • Available in a natural gas version
  • Also available as a drop-in unit for custom outdoor kitchens
  • Made in the United States by Evo America

Evo Professional Classic Flattop Grill

Derrick Riches

Evo Professional 30-Inch Flattop Grill
Construction Quality
Temperature Range

Summary of the Evo Flattop Grill

The Evo Flattop Grill is the ultimate in gas-powered griddles. The construction quality is substantially better than anything else on the market. The classic design means it can be used by one or up to four people. Whether you are using this as a traditional teppanyaki grill or for making pancakes in the morning you can’t beat the performance. This is one of my favorite pieces of outdoor cooking equipment. I know it is expensive, but if you are comfortable with the price, you own it to yourself to get an Evo Flattop Grill.


Evo Flat Top Grill Models

Evo Affinity 25G Drop-in

Evo Affinity 25G Drop-in Flattop Grill

The Affinity 25G is the smallest of the Evo Flattop Grill. This unit is a built-in model for your outdoor kitchen or grill island. When building an outdoor kitchen, you will typically center it around a large built-in gas grill. This gas-powered griddle makes the perfect accessory. You get everything that a great flat-top grill offers without giving up a lot of precious counter space. This grill costs around $4,000USD.

Evo Affinity 25E Electric Built-in

Evo Affinity 25E Electric Flat Top

Don’t want to run a gas line? Want your Evo Flattop indoors? Yes, there is an electric version of this griddle. The Affinity 25E is specifically designed for indoor use without a vent hood. You get all the joy of an Evo Flattop Grill without a patio. This does run on a 220 line, so that same that powers your oven. Keep this in mind for your kitchen remodeling. The Affinity 25E costs around $5,000.

Evo Affinity 30G

Evo Affinity 30G Drop In

The Affinity 30G is the built-in version of the main grill I reviewed above. This is Evo’s best-selling product. The 30-inch diameter gives you plenty of space for flat-top grilling and griddle cooking. This unit comes with all the features you would expect, having read this far. It is also, like all the gas-powered Evo grills, available in propane or natural gas. This is a perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen. This is such a great unit that you might just make it the star of your patio.

Evo Professional Tabletop Flattop Grill

Evo Professional Table Top

Cant’ decide where to put your Evo? Or, do you want to be able to put it wherever? The tabletop version of this grill is the full 30-inch unit with all the features. It comes on feet instead of legs and can be used on any flat surface. Now it weighs nearly 120 pounds and costs around $3,700, so I wouldn’t call it a portable grill, but if you need to take it on the road, you can.

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