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The Best Built-in Gas Grills


A custom outdoor kitchen can add real value to your home or it can become an albatross of problems. It is in the selection of the appliances, particularly the grill that the difference is made. Built-in gas grills can cost as little as $1,000USD or as much as $15,000. They can be small and simple or gigantic, powerful and versatile. Either way, when planning an outdoor kitchen project always start with the grill. It is the grill that, like the kitchen cooktop, will be the center of attention and the heart of the structure. Buying a cheap, poorly made gas grill will cause headaches for years. Getting a good quality, durable grill will make your outdoor cooking a joy. It is important to understand that the makers of gas grill inserts do not stick to anything resembling an industry standard. There isn’t even an industry standard. Replacing a grill with a custom enclosure isn’t like swapping cooktops in your kitchen. It might require a complete reconstruction of the structure so make sure you get the best built-in gas grill before you plan anything else. Looking for freestanding gas grills? See the Best Gas Grills List.

Best Built-In Gas Grills under $2000

American Outdoor Grill 30-Inch T-Series Built-in Gas Grill

It is possible to find a good quality built-in gas grill for under $2,000USD. There are actually a large number of good products in this price range. The key is to keep it small and simple and not to expect a lot of extras. This list contains a combination of stainless steel as well as cast aluminum models. While stainless steel is generally the more desired choice, it isn’t always the best. In this price range, stainless steel is going to be relatively thin and while the items I have chosen use better quality metal, the cast aluminum and less shiny grills are certainly worth considering. When building an outdoor kitchen, the durability of the grill should be the most important factor. There is, as I said, no industry standardization in sizes so replacing a built-in gas grill might not be as simple as replacing an indoor cooktop.

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Best Built-in Gas Grills between $2,000 and $3,000

Delta Heat 38-Inch Built-in Gas Grill

Once we get above $2,000USD for a built-in gas grill, the options improve. These models are all stainless steel and offer larger cooking areas and better features. While prices reaching up to $3,000USD might sound expensive, it is important to remember that these are still the lower-priced products. Many of the items on this list are brands that come from some of the highest-end manufacturers and while well made, they are smaller and feature fewer extras. Most of the gas grills in this price range have three burners and while a few offer rotisserie burners, many do not. There are a lot of products in this range and I have selected only the ones that I believe are worthy of inclusion on this list.

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Best Built-In Gas Grills between $3,000 and $4,000

Fire Magic Aurora A540S Built-in Gas Grill

In the three to four thousand dollar range, we get into the flagship brand names from some of the top manufacturers. We are getting towards the best. Here you will find midsized grills with a variety of features. These grills are large enough for anyone not cooking for very large crowds. You will see that some of these units are lacking features while others are loaded with them. There is a balance of quality with features going on here. I have selected a wide variety of grills, though they are all, solid stainless steel and look like what you typically see in outdoor kitchens.

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Best Built-in Gas Grills between $4000 and $6000

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond 36-Inch e709i Built-in Gas Grill

Now we are getting into the list of professional-level gas grills. These models are larger, better built, heavier, and possess much more in the way of extras and added features. This is a long list because this is where all the major manufacturers target their price range. These gas grills represent a serious investment and there are only a few models out there that don’t merit consideration (they are not on this list). Expect a lot of these grills. They are large, powerful, and have a wide versatility of cooking capabilities. Most are part of extensive lines of outdoor kitchen appliances and accessories. You will find that most of these products come with full rotisserie systems and infrared burners for extra searing power.

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Best Built-in Gas Grills over $6,000

Kalamazoo K750HD Built-in Gas Grill

These are the best of the best. The products I have selected for this list are luxury items and generally serve as the heart of outdoor kitchens costing up to a hundred thousand dollars. These units are large, powerful, and full of features. Expect everything from these models. I base my choices on the ability of these grills to do what they are designed to do, grill, grill well, and grill everything. You can be confident that these grills will last for years and produce only the best, professional, results.

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