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PK360 Charcoal Grill Review

PK360 Charcoal Grill
PK360 Charcoal Grill


Derrick Riches

Construction Quality
Temperature Control


  • 360 inches of primary cooking space (additional grate sold separately
  • Complete aluminum construction
  • Hinged stainless steel cooking grate
  • Four adjustable vents, two top, and two bottom, built into the aluminum casting
  • Grill body easily lifts off stand for easy transport
  • Two large side table
  • Made in the United States by PK Grills

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  • Extremely Durable
  • Highly Versatile
  • Large Side Tables
  • High-Quality Construction


  • Water Can Leak Inside The Grill

The Original Portable Kitchen (PK) Grill is a legend in backyard cooking. Originally designed in the 1950s there are models of this grill that have been in use for decades. Made from cast aluminum, this grill does not rust and can last virtually forever. The company did, however, go out of business, but has been resurrected. New models of this grill, made from castings of the older models, can still be bought.

The new company recently introduced a more modern version of the original grill. The PK360 is larger, has a back swing lid, and has an improved design. It is, however, still made from cast aluminum and the entire grill body is made to last as long as those first units. The PK360 is considerably more expensive than the original model. Selling around $700USD, this isn’t a cheap grill, but since it could last 70 years, it is a good investment, particularly if you have a will.

What makes both of these grills fantastic is that the cast aluminum body holds in heat and the excellent airflow control allows for both high-temperature grilling as well as low and slow cooking. The PK360, being the same size as a typical 22-inch Weber Kettle, has the space to produce a healthy portion of barbecue and with its more rectangular shape, it has better indirect grilling capabilities.

PK grills are favorites among the competition steak cooking crowd. The PK360 can hold extremely high temperatures for long periods of time so it is perfect for searing. The cast aluminum body holds heat, so the temperatures are very stable, even when opening and closing the lid frequently. This is one of the best steak cooking grills you can buy.

While the price is higher, given the durability, capacity, and versatility, the PK360 stands with the best of the best in charcoal grills as a product to own. There is also a wide range of accessories and this grill can be had in different colors or with options for side tables.

One note, keep this grill covered. Rainwater can leak through the top vents and if the grill is full of ash, it makes for a mess.

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